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Hi. I seem to not be able to connect to on (west) or (east) servers. I tried all the games I have and I get a message like this:

Unable to Connect to

If you are connected to a modem, you may need to connect with your internet service provider before connecting to For more information please visit

I tried Warcraft III, Diablo II. can't connect to the 2 servers. So.. I got the stealthbot thing and loged on to my diablo II account and I got this message:

[BNET] You appear to be IPBanned. The bot will attempt to reconnect again in 20 minutes.

I don't know how this could happen.. I didn't break any rules at all. And it is only on west/east servers. Does anyone know how I can get back on my original server (east)? PS: I could get on these servers a week ago. Also, my internet server provider does automatically give me an IP. My IP changed recently.. if that might be the problem?
Yes, this could be a problem, you may have been switched to a bad IP, try turning off your modem for about 30 mins, then start it again, you should have a new IP, if this does not work, you can call or e-mail your ISP and tell them you need a new IP address. if these dont work, e-mail bnet. they are actually rather nice.

IF all of these dont work (which i know they will) there is a Command prompt command that will reset your IP. but i dont remeber at the top of my mind, ill re-find it if you need it.

Ok let's see. I've already played this games before I quit!

Generally, you get this IP Ban error message when you log on (Swich character) too much fast and/or make games too much fast.

Then you have to wait for maximum 1 hour to correct this problem...
If it still continues... Just download a proxy and IP hider programm that will change your IP adress and you can log on as much as you want!

One of Blizzards bot prevention method is temp banning people for Creating/Exiting games to quickly and swapping between characters and accounts to quickly.

When you get a temp IP ban it's usually only for 5 mins, but it does increase the more you try to log on during the ban as it looks like a bot trying to reconnect to their system.

But yea, don't worry. Is a minor annoyance that goes away after an hour at most (unless you keep on trying to log in...)
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