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The best image processing software

What is the best image processing software available?
I have to use several softwares because all of them lacks some tools. For exemple: when I need to use the mode filter or RGB/IHS transform, I can΄t use Photoshop. But maybe there are plugins to do so. If I need the scratch remove filter, then Photoshop do better then the others I know. I know these:
- Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, Gimp, RSI ENVI, INPE SPRING.
Well, I use Photoshop, and I am more than satisfied. Of course there are always things that could be done simpler etc, but of those applications I've tried Photoshop is the best Very Happy
I used to swear by Paint Shop Pro.

But now it's got to be Photoshop.
I used to use Paint Shop Pro, and then Photshop 5.5. But the best I have used is Photoshop CS2. However, I do not own a full copy of this, so at the moment I used Paint.NET (freeware - which is an excellent OpenSource program and far easier to use than the extremely confusing "The GIMP", which I do not like at all. I also own Adobe Web Standard CS3 so am also using Fireworks CS3.
It must be Photoshop.
I think Photoshop is the image process software,isn't it?
Definitely Adobe Photoshop CS3. It s a real good program, 999 $ cheap..
Well the best would have to be Photoshop. But its not very affordable.
Coclus wrote:
Definitely Adobe Photoshop CS3. It s a real good program, 999 $ cheap..

As good a program as it is $900 is not cheap (it costs £570 in the UK).
Well, the pros when it comes to photo editing and image processing are PhotoShop and GIMP.
PhotoShop has the downside of being Shareware while GIMP is Freeware.
Either way, these are the pros.
Corel Draw and other programs (PainShop, etc) are either for multimedia graphics (magazines design, pamflets, banners, etc) or are intended for the unexperienced users.
Well, I do like Photoshop as it display engine are faster and tools are handly. (Easy to know and use)
And currently using the CS version due to compared with CS2 version.
It is not much more different.

Also may be upgrade to CS3 if I have got a new machine.
OS Master
I use GIMP because I am saving for Photoshop. If you are an experienced graphics designer I would pick Photoshop, GIMP, or Paint Shop Pro.
Coclus wrote:
Definitely Adobe Photoshop CS3. It s a real good program, 999 $ cheap..

Yepp CS3 -> ownage. Everyone here should try it Smile By the way, it doesn't cost that much more likely $649 Very Happy
Photoshop CS3/Flash CS3 -->PURE ownage.

Conclusion: PhotoshopCS3/FlashCS3.
Da Rossa
If GIMP is that Pro as you claim, why don't I hear about more people using it professionally? It seems that Photoshop is, for now, superior. It SEEMS, only. I'm with Photoshop CS, not CS2 or 3, and it's just fine. There's no need for CS2, if I upgrade, it will be straight to CS3 or the next one, or even GIMP.
Well both Photoshop and GIMP are excellent software.
BUT one main advantage for GIMP over Photoshop is: IT IS FREE
Da Rossa
rafifaisal wrote:
Well both Photoshop and GIMP are excellent software.
BUT one main advantage for GIMP over Photoshop is: IT IS FREE

Yeah, but there's only a little problem with it: The professionals don't actually care about paying a license, if the amount is not high, if they prefer Photoshop, photoshop will be. Again, I've never heard about a professional that claims to use GIMP. Moreover, I've never heard about a website (please tell me one, if you know) in which the designer claims to have made the editions in GIMP instead of Photoshop.

Then, I again make the question, because it's really needed, but I have no conditions of knowing it myself: These 2 programs can't have the same power. There are differences. What does Photoshop have that GIMP doesn't and vice-versa?
GIMP looks and feels much like Adobe Photoshop. Unlike Photoshop, the GIMP is free (as in free beer) and does not need to be registered or activated.

Moreover, GIMP is Free as in Open Source Software. That means that you can customize the GIMP to your heart's content and the full extent of your coding abilities.

There are desktop and user interface (UI) differences between GIMP and Photoshop that take some getting use to if you already are familiar with Photoshop. Traditionally, Photoshop has had an easier to use desktop and user interface. However, the GIMP 2.0 desktop and UI changes all that. GIMP now is as easy to use as is Photoshop -- perhaps even easier.

GIMP does not have all the advanced, commercial, pre-press features that Photoshop does have. However, it comes pretty close to Photoshop with actual photo editing and image manipulation. Moreover, GIMP has some features that Photoshop does not have.

So basically I am saying GIMP does not come near Photoshop BUT for the more than average home user it does offer nearly all Photoshop features. WITHOUT having to pay for it.
Da Rossa
Thanks for the answer! Smile I liked so much your answer that I going to install GIMP, again, for the third time, just to try it out.

But I still don't know about a professional or webdesigner that users GIMP...

One little thing: many of the users, just NOOBS like me, don't know how to code. This means that even if I want to, I can't modify the program at my desires.

And, finally, what is the GIMP CPU/RAM consumption? Is it indeed lighter than PS?

Thanks man!
Well maybe you are right about the modification to your own wishes part...
As for the CPU usage of the software I am sure it will be way less than that of Photoshop.

If you are going to install GIMP (maybe you already have done it) I have found a usefull site called GT (which stands for Gimp Talk)

Try it out as it contains loads of info, tutorials, plug-ins,...

Have fun and maybe show us some of your GIMP created art Laughing
Da Rossa
Thanks for the info! Wink
Da Rossa wrote:
Thanks for the info! Wink

No thanks mate
I prefer Adobe Photoshop CS3 and it is, in my opinion, simply better than Gimp. But the only problem here is it's price which can be a serious problem for companies and schools where a lot of licenses are needed. Then Gimp comes ahead, like in our school Smile
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