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Setting-up a localhost on my computer

hey.. i dunno if the topic makes it clear enough, but i want to set-up a host on my computer so i can locally test my scripts and stuff ...

well i had this already, i got a CD burned by a friend who gave all the essential stuff and instructions on how to do this... but i misplaced that CD, and when i tried to upgrade php, i messed the whole thing up...

well in am attempt i downloaded all the stuff again and randomly installed them, but it doesnt seem to work, as i cannot get MySQL to work... Here is all the things i got :

Oh and my OS is Windows XP Pro

Apache 2.2.4
MySQL essential 4.1.18 AND MySQL 5.0 ( I dunno which to use )
MySQL connector/odbc 3.51.16
PHP 5.2.0

All are installation files except for phpmyadmin, that is in a zip file..

I installed them all and got apache to work fine.. it opened all html files, when i installed PHP with installer, it auto configged and that to started to work fine, but my scripts had connections to mysql databases, and ther gave errors of connect_to or something... meaning that they werent able to connect...

If someone can help me through this, i will really appreciate it and even offer Frih$'s ..

Thank You !
It is far, far easier to either:
  • Use an integrated installer (Google WAMP installer or so on)
  • Use linux where you can install all this very easily with one or two lines of command
I would suggest using wamp server:
It has (as far as I know) all of things you want, though I'm not sure about the apache version.

As simplyw00x said, its much easier to use one of these, as it allows you to manage all of the servers and their components under one app.
It makes the whole issue of trying to get apache and php etc. working together much easier.
Or just make sure MySQL is set up right and you have created a user. Try MySQL command line and see if you can connect. Of course this is all really hard, but I've done it before.
THanks for the link to

donwloading it now ! Very Happy
Does anyone know of anything similar to Wampserver for Mac OS X?
You can also google XAMPP, I think it is for Mac OS as well.
Yes, for those seeking a simple answer, I'd recommend XAMPP. It features PHP (4 and 5), MySQL, Perl, Apache 2, and a very nice web-based control panel. It's available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. You can find it at

Hope it helps someone!
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