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Melting USB cable. Motherboard failure?

Arno v. Lumig
Hello everyone!

When I was using the computer today an USB cable that was connected to a hub suddenly started melting. Nothing was connected to the USB hub, so it wasn't "busy". I immediately unplugged the PC, but it wouldn't boot again. The BIOS screen won't even show up after a reboot. No BIOS beeps or anything either. Even the fans won't work. The melting cable hit the power cable, which of course started melting aswell. They might've been connected (e.g. the copper in one cable hit the other), but I'm not sure about that.
Is it possible that this USB cable (it was a rather thin cable) started melting because it was short-circuited? I assume that USB can do 5V with 0.5A max, which would be 2.5 Watt. I don't know if 2.5 Watt is enough to trigger such an melting of a wire.

What do you think that is broken?

Thanks in advance,
unplug the computer, HOLD the power button to drain power and wait a minute, replace the power cable and try to bootup

but this assault to PC has perm damage so you're lucky if you get running again but not sure how stable it can be! or your system is already fried and I'm sorry to hear that Sad
Arno v. Lumig
Doesn't work. Doesn't even get into the BIOS. Only the led that shows if the PC is turned on will start glowing, the PSU works (PSU fan works, and the lights work too).

I guess we'll have to buy an new PC then...
i think u r mother board may be problem.. or check usb port cable pluged correctly..
how much current will it take to melt a cable? just wondering..
Yes unfortunately I would suggest you require a new PC.

You may also think of replacing the USB hub, because a short between the mains cable and your USB cable probaly provided mains current to to both the moterboard and the hub (niether is likely to survive such a jolt).
I have never heard of that happening. A lot of time when something melts, burns, or smokes it is the PSU. If you have a spare try trading it out and see if you can get your system to boot. the only way I can see the USB cable melting is if you have the feed crossed or the back shield is connacting both a power feed and the usb cable.
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