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.Com domain

i m new to this forum i bought a .COM from now tell me from this point onwards if i host my website with a FREE host like i think will my links appear in address bar when users visit my website would they b like e.g or my address bar will b having the address no matter to which part of my website a visitor is surfing.....

please help me regarding this i have been searching for this answer for ages , i hope sm 1 is kind enof to HELP that i stop losing more time n money and gono with my website plzz...
You gotta go to your domain's Cpanel and write down the Frihost's server name, which I think are and, on the appropriate places. Afterwards, you should be able to get it, I haven't done it myself, I just read Smile.

This is where I got it from:
Q: What are your nameservers and how do I use them? and are our main nameservers. You only need them if you want to host your domain(s) with us. To do this, simply go to your domain registrar and fill those nameservers in the appropriate entries.

... the FAQ Razz

If that doesn't work, sorry.. lol I haven't done it myself, just trying to help.
well thanx anyways , is there any 1 else to giv a bit more detail
I just registered a .be domain. here is what you have to do: (I'm at OVH)
First, you have to register your domain as parkde domain via the cpanel.
then, you have to point your domain to
so, i had to do : Cname

and now it works fine. I hope I could help you Wink
I also bought a domain from net firms, let me go into some detail on the main page after u sign in there will be little headers eg: account home, billing/renewal, DOMAIN NAMES ... click domain names it will show you your domain name and there will be a little thing on the bottom called actions under your domain. click DNS Admin. scroll down to domain locking which is on the botton, disable, then go to "manage name servers" and set it to fri host server. im transfering my domain hopefully bye today.
Afterwards, you will either need to park it with cpanel (it will have public_html as a root) or make it an addon domain(then the domain will have a subdomain as root).

And you will only see your .com website in the address bar.
well i didnt no exactly how to change it i just knew i needed to so i gave him a mini tuturail of it, its really no big deal.
ok thanx every 1. thanx 4 helpin
if any body else has a suggestion do post, n wats all this about parking my domain after i change ns1 and ns2 to fri host and disable locking , then wats to do with parking?
bluffmango wrote:
if any body else has a suggestion do post, n wats all this about parking my domain after i change ns1 and ns2 to fri host and disable locking , then wats to do with parking?

You shouldn't disable locking. An unlocked domain can be transferred to another registrar without your knowledge.

How someone connects to your domain:
1)He requests your domain name.
2)A root server responds, go to and (with ip).
3)You go to our server and ask for the domain.
4)Our server either says: "I don't know that domain" or gives back the webpage.

You need to let the server know that your domain is in here and what you want to do with it.
You can:
1)Request an account change from your subdomain to your new domain.
2)Park it. It will show the same thing as your subdomain now shows (the public_html folder).
3)Addon it. It will then show the contents of a folder in your public_html directory.
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