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Recycled- Ozzfest - Pictures

Since this topic didn't seem to be big 'round here....I didn't want top start a simillar one...
So I've just recycled again...Ozzfest related propoganda!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures of the camp n concert:

OLD TOPIC:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I'm going to OZZ FEST!!!!! - dances around like a maniac -

I've never seen Ozzy live, and I'm excited to do so before he kicks the bucket!
Static-X is gunna be there too! and I am soooooo damn happy right now Very Happy

Have any of you ever seen Ozzy live? Let me know how your experience was?

and I'll let ya know about mine when I get back!

otherwise, what is the BEST concert you've ever been too?

First...was the tent...we DID put it up, but got blown down by the EXTREME winds...
never operate tents under teh influence children..........

next...we have the facilities...which were IMPOSSIBLE to find......

Then we got teh day started right, with a wholesome breakfast!

FINALY....we were ready to rock.

and we're off! to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of Ozz-Y.
thank goodness the lines weren't long or anything......

what better way to start the concert fun than at the side show?

we headed off to score ourselves a spot with a view

the concert history

thanks for lettin' me share eh...OZZY RULES! Twisted Evil
ive never seen ozzy but the best concert ive ever been too was probably The Acacia strain with see you next tuesday and psyopus
I can't believe no one had some ozzy stories for me?!

Dude.....this concert was AWESOME! Ozzy is old school but he broke it down like no other!

It was in the Gorge, Washington State USA....and it was the MOST beautiful place I've ever seen
a concert (outdoors). Nile was there, Hatebreed, Static X --- it rocked! and ozzy...well he is like
the king of hard rock...and I F*(&*(&(*)(* LOVE HIM! so muches....

The guitar player was bad ass too! he could play behind his back and with his teeth and and and!

yyyyeaaahhh! OZZAFEST ROCKED!

the concert was free too...I wish more people would do that....

not to mention the security was lax so you could bring in just about anything.....

anyway....OZZY RULES! and I'm still interested in all of your concert stories...
so c'mon! give me some stories =o)
why? because OZZY RULES! so says me. Wink
Frick, i wish. Although i wasn't too impressed with the lineup this year. I'd love to see Ozzy though.
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