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Will Beckham star in a MOVIE

I'm very much up in knowing if Beckham will star in any movie in hollywood and if he does, do you think he'll make it as a vmovie star as he made it in FOOTBALL?
Post your view
That would be interesting, but I doubt he got the acting skill in him.

Maybe hes best left as an advertisement models. He will do hell lot better doing that by selling his looks Razz
In acting i think a ready made name can really make a movie sales hit the rooftop,look at what is happening in the WWE who would have thought wrestlers like The Rock, John Cena, would know anything about acting but they did and there movies really did sale more than considered,i think he'll be ok for the sales, about him acting it out,from 1-10 i'll give him a 4 i might be wrong though.
he was in a movie for about 20 seconds on the movie"Bend It Like Beckham" which is about an indian girl that loves to play soccer but is not allowed because of her religion. its a really good movie! you sholud see it
I've seen the movie, but i guess i missed the part of Beckham appearing, i'll see the movie again, and see what he does, yes the movie was very intresting and the ladies that stard in it where are very pretty also.
Silent part maybe, has he not already been in "goal" or "goal II", i know he's just doing what he does on a regular basis in the films, but doesn't it count.

Film with him in will sell, although looking at his speaking advets, he doesn't look comfaruble, and who can blame him, he's a footballer - and a world beater at that.
I really hope he will not. Wink
You cannot compare the Rock or Cena to Beckham when talking about potential movie careers.

THye both have a history of acting and stage fighting. They took that into action movies and it paid off.

Beckham does not have any of those attributes. If people want a "pretty boy" front man for a movie that will go with an established actor such as Brad Pitt.

And could you imagine how much Becks agents would charge for his fees?

No, lets keep him on the football pitch. IMO he does not have the charisma or magnetism needed to be a successful front man.
Id rather see him focus on the game more, and once he retires, I dont mind watching him in a movie or 2
beckham is CUTE!!!! i think he will act a spy and it will be great!!!!!!! but i dont think he will act in a comedy.... it would be WEIRD!!!! he is normally cool outside.... so it would seem weird if he acts in a comedy movie, or in that sense, a comedy romantic flick!!! LOL!!!!! that WOULD be funny, right?? i wonder how will Victoris repond to that!!!! maybe she will also grab the headline by trying to appear in a Spy movie, just to outdo his popular husband!!! LOL!!! obviously Tom would help beckham land a role in ANY movie he wants..... but it is just a matter of TIME.... and IF he succeeds in bringing LA G into victory!!!! well, who can blame him if he doesnt succeed in USA???? he IS a normal being... perhaps the movie would be called Becks The One-Person Only!!! LOL..... hey, who knows?? LOL.
wellbekham has already given a guest appearance in a movie named as GOAL ...

it was just 10 second appearance in the movie but that really filled the movie with some energy... it was great to seee him even for 10 seconds in thata movie...

and itself was very cool, passionate, ambitous guy in that movie... great movie
He will appear in movies, that will be his next move.

That's why he moved to L.A! Razz
Remember, why he came to L.A, you really think he likes the soccer here?
mattchun wrote:
Remember, why he came to L.A, you really think he likes the soccer here?

I bet hes regretting his decision deep down, since after a good display for Real Madrid late in the season they were intending to keep him. Ironically, when he signed that contract he was wanted by nobody. Guess Real make a mistake there and nothing they could do.

So its a hard question to answer. But considering the circumstances at the time he signed the contract, he might of thought his golden days are over but obviously he was wrong.

But perhaps the money still kept him attracted to move there and pretty sure Posh Spice also pressures him into it.
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