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who wins English Prmieship 2007/2008

Who do you think will win the 2007/2008 English Premiership.
I'm a fan of the english football and manchester united is definately my team and i hope they win the english football this season again.
With the likes of Chelsea and liverpool i know it's giong to be a high fight to the finish, i think Arsenal is out of the contention this season not with the selling of Henry to Barcelona.
Whats your view and chances of other teams.
Patriot Players
As a chelsea supporter I have to say that I hope it will be Chelsea. With any luck Sheva will come into his own this season, and combined with the new purchases and Joe Cole being able to return full time and hopefully get back into form, Chelsea could be a force to be reckoned with. Even if they dont win it, they should be more entertaining to watch than last season.
It must be Chelsea!

Go! Chelsea!
arsenal loses henry, will chelsea lose jose? jose is interested in going to USA. but fergie says that arsenal will be better off without henry! wow. such drama!! no wonder the premiership is ringing in CA$$$$$H!!! LOL. but if i were to choose, i think, or rather hope, that newcastle will get into the finals of Premiership 2008!! but the winners would be chelsea!! cuz united has been, done that, been there and win so many championships... i think they lose the fire already..... how much more is fergie willing to stay with united??? when will he retire?? goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think that fergie may quit in 2008.... LOL!!!! my personal view here... but i really wonder can a person have so much fire even after all these YEARS with the same club?????? i think he will do something different this year..... arsenal?? i dont think they will win this year.... too many competitors in chelsea and united... hopefully there is hope... LOL....
I think that it will be Manchester United.

I think and hope that Spurs qualify for the Champions League ...
Both man utd,liverpool and spurs have spent lots of money during the summer,chelsea have added a few,but mostly on free transfers,arsenal are the only one of the top 4 who havent really added that much,yet they have lost both henry and ljungberg.

I predict man utd to win it,and maybe spurs could push out arsenal for the 4th champions league place.
I think it will be Manchester United who win the title again this season. They had a very good team last season, and have improved it with a couple of key signings during the summer. At Chelsea, meanwhile, there is a lot of unrest - still a good team, they'll challenge Man U all the way, but I don't think they'll have what it takes to last the distance. Arsenal, without Henry, aren't going to challenge the top 2 any more than they did last season; while Liverpool have signed lots more players who are going to need time to gel together.

I reckon the same top 4 as last season. Though Spurs, Villa, Man City, have spent plenty of money on new recruits, I can't see any of them having what it takes to break into the top 4.
I think this will be Chelsea or MU year. Liverpool might challenge them too but I have not been too impressed with the friendlies they played recently. However, friendlies by no mean are accurate measurement.
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