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Maroon 5


Anyone listen to maroon 5'S music? Anyone like their song makes me wonder? Talk about maroon 5 here.
they rock! i heard adam levine dating jessica simpson..?
Never liked them much.

I love Maroon 5! From their first song, "This love", I liked the way their music sounds. I don't really know what music genre are they singing, but I love it! Smile
I like them, but I can't stand them for too long Razz I like listening to their songs here and there.
I love lots of their songs, but others I don't like very much at all. I don't know why. However, I do like their distinct style and I wish the new album hadn't gotten rid of it as much as it did. It just sounded totally different. Except Makes Me Wonder; that song reminds me of their older ones.

Their first album was absolutely superb. I could listen to it on repeat for days and it would not get boring. Their new album is pretty good too although I'm not sure it holds up when compared to their debut album. The second album is definitely more of their own style rather than playing in the style of other influences and I respect that, maybe the first album was just too much to live up to.
This love and She ll be loved is perfect but makes me wonder is perfect too..

Maroon 5 is very very very precious for me... Smile
SimonWSTS wrote:
maybe the first album was just too much to live up to.

i agreed.. so many songs off the second album didn't have the good style from the beginning. but back at your door is a nice one to listen to..
I used to at least find them catchy even though they were poppy. These days i just find them annoying and unoriginal.
The mainstream kinda ruined this band, but they had a real good thing going in the beginning. Sunday Morning was pretty good too.
Lots of great songs... but like ddukki said, mainstream pretty much ruined them. Plus they were wayyy overplayed when they were first released. But after taking a break from them for a while, they are good tunes to kick back and listen to. Very Happy
I loved their first album, lots of great tracks I could listen to on repeat for a long time. Their new album took me by surprise since they switched up their styles but I eventually got to really like it. I could almost listen to all the tracks on the new album "It Wont Be Soon Before Long" now. Always nice when a group can re-invent themself and still make good music.
I used to love Maroon 5 when they first came out...

Nowadays I can only listen to them sporadically, because they just don't suit my mood very well half the time.

And when I heard them live a couple times I was disappointed by Adam's voice... to me he didn't sound much like himself on the albums. Yes, I know that most people don't sound the same as they do recorded, but when it's that far off I draw the line. Probably why I don't like a lot of new artists nowadays...

I also heard that Adam's kind of a jerk. It's not really a reason I don't like the band as much, but it seemed kind of disappointing, because you hope that artists don't become jerks when they get famous. Just a tidbit of info that I heard... somewhere. Heh, wish I could remember where.
Maroon 5 is one band you cant give a miss and it really makes me wonder how they come up with such fab music.
Maroon 5 is good, their new single is good too. My favorite song from them is "She Will Be Loved", I just love it, it reminds me of me, lol, the lead singer Adam Levine is known for sleeping around with a lot of celebs but he's a cutie so it's okay, lol.
My favorite song from them is "She Will Be Loved", "Make me wonder" and "Wake up call" Very Happy
Not a bad band, to be honest. Although they are not my exact match in music... I still enjoy their music. I liked the new song, Makes me Wonder. Very funky.
Great band, listen to "Wake up call", very wonderful. Very Happy
ve not bored to listen them... Very good band
Maroon 5 isn't a band I absolutely hate, but they kind of annoy me. I will listen to them, but I probably won't buy their cd's.
oh i like it its a good singer
Shnelby wrote:
Maroon 5 isn't a band I absolutely hate, but they kind of annoy me. I will listen to them, but I probably won't buy their cd's.
I have to agree. I liked them when they first came out, because the voice was different than most of the other bands on the radio, but after hearing them over and over again, it got to the point where all the Maroon 5 songs, even the new ones, gave my nerves a twitching.
All I know is what they have released. All I want to know is does hae have trouble with all women or just one really bad one. Every song is about a women who treats him bad. This dud must have very bad luck with women.
I was gladly surprised by "Sngs about Jane". I thought they were going to be yet another one hit band and they have some fine rock music in that CD. They are pretty good musicians!!
cool songs .. but live a desaster -
They caught my attention since "This Love" and "She Will Be Loved". Their also looking good with their new album. "Won't Go Home Without You" is the song I like from their new stuff so far.
I have Maroon 5 music on my PC and I like "This Love" and "Makes me Wonder". Very Happy
I've never heard of them, who are they? and what music they are playing?
This is Maroon 5 with "This Love"
mattchun wrote:
I've never heard of them, who are they? and what music they are playing?

You might want to check out their official website at:, as well as their Wikipedia page at: Hope it helps.
I personally strongly dislike their music. It's very annoying...

But opinions vary.
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