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South Park

Hi there! Anybody watching South Park??? Those cartoons ROCK especially Eric Cartman( He is BAAAAD Twisted Evil ) .Who's your favourite character?? and which are your favourite episodes? The one with World of Warcraft is sooo NICE Very Happy
I'm saving the world....of warcraft.

I like Kenny.

The most disturbing episode ever....Cartman makes some kid eat his own parents. Also...some guy has several small animals shoved up his butt and the hamster was on a quest or something being guided by a fish, a frog and something else.
South Park is awesome. The WoW episode is funny and hopefully scares people so they don't become like that Razz
jharsika wrote:
The most disturbing episode ever....Cartman makes some kid eat his own parents. Also...some guy has several small animals shoved up his butt and the hamster was on a quest or something being guided by a fish, a frog and something else.

Surely the most disturbing episode has to be the one with "The Butters Show"... That kid was tragic enough as it was, but some of the stuff that happens in that episode is just brilliant.

Who are your favourite characters? I have to admit that I love Tweak, the kid permanently overhyped from coffee.
South Park is one of the best shows ever. Cartman is my favourite charcter since he's racist. I think that's hilarious Very Happy
As you can probably tell from my avatar, Cartman is definitely my favourite character! He says the funniest things in the funniest ways - especially "respect my authoritah"! I also see a lot of myself in him in some of the older episodes, so he's just awesome!!

I do like Towlie quite a bit too, but he's no Cartman :p lol
Cartman is way too funny. He always makes me laugh in all the episodes he's been in. I'd said my favourite episode so far would be Cartoon Wars Season 9 part 1 and 2. Another episode I really enjoyed was Awesome-O and Good time with weapons season 8. Towelie I admit was quite a unexpected addition to the already funny South Park cartoon. It's a shame they didn't add more of him in present episodes=p. Anyways I hope South Park continues to make good episodes^^.
South Park is more clever than people think, this part of show is the reason I like it. In my honest opinion it's the best parody of society that there ever will be.
I like this show it's really funny. My favourite character is Eric Cartman too.
I like the Make Love, Not Warcraft episode, Child Abduction is Not Funny and The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers. Those are awesome!
Yeah 'Make Love, Not Warcraft' is one of the best south park episodes also the last which is 'Night of the Living Homeless' .
My favourite episode is the one where Cartman desperately wants a Nintendo Wii and can't wait the 2 months or whatever for hte release date, so he freezes himeself but something goes wrong and he wakes up 500 years in the future.

He calls himself and Stan on the special time travelling telephone to try and prevent himself (unsuccessfully) from freezing himself, all the while inadvertantly changing the future as he does this.
This had me in stitches.

Some aspects of the cartoon are in really poor taste, however, (eg Steve Irwin, the vomiting episode etc) I think its fair to say for a given individual, that no matter how broadminded, bizarre or jaded their tastes are, there's going to be at least 1 maybe 2 episodes (not the same episodes for everyone), where they'll say, hang on a minute - they shouldn't have done that - that's going too far.
Dude Very Happy That sure is the BEST cartoon ever! My favourite character? I think it's that "m'kay" teacher Very Happy he's so lame and funny Laughing From episodes I prefer 10th and 11th season, those two rocks! Especially that one With Apologize To Jesse Jackson Very Happy

Principal: "Does anyone of you know what a little person is??"
Butters: "A Midget?" Laughing Yeah, butters is funny too

But a lots of you say you like Eric? Rolling Eyes I think he's lame... really, nothing funny on him at all!
the ebst chapter EVER is the one of the lord of the rings... it's just hilarious, i'd never laughed so much in my life before! Laughing
my favourite character is kenny... don't ask why, but i love the way he dies all the time Cool
My favorite character is Cartman, because he's the funniest. My favorite episode is definitely the otters one, although there are so many I love and so many more I haven't even seen.....
South Park is great. Especially because the episodes are mostly about things in the real world. I like it when they make jokes about that. And when cartman plays "lambs" Razz That's really funny.
The earlier seasons where more about weird jokes and stuff.
Best character has to be kyle, he gets bullied but totally owns Cartman.

lets not forget TIMMY!!!
I've seen the movie "South Park" once and found it's interesting. Holy God, it's too *** to me.
I like Cartman and kyle only because there funny.
jharsika wrote:
I'm saving the world....of warcraft.

I like Kenny.

The most disturbing episode ever....Cartman makes some kid eat his own parents. Also...some guy has several small animals shoved up his butt and the hamster was on a quest or something being guided by a fish, a frog and something else.
I second that, those episodes sucked. Although most episodes were plain awesome Smile Cartman is indeed my favorite.
SP is cool and now they are making new season 12 ! Smile
I have seen the film only, but I've few friends who have seen all seasons. They are crazy Very Happy

Get out of my as*, you stupid rainbow! Yeah.... South Park is Total Ownage,

Cheers Very Happy
ummm, it's been a while since I have last seen south park. I love the show though. It entertains me with its special humor. I do really like that episode of world of warcraft.
'D-yikes!' is one of my favourites.. the one about 300.. cartman finds the mexicans and make them do their homework.. lol
Cartman = Legend... presidential candidate

I love South Park (though, for various reasons, I have completely missed the last couple of seasons!)

- something I intend to rectify soon ... =)

Cartman FTW!

Favourite episode is HARD! Nearly all of them fall into that catagory.
De Beste Aflevering; Make Love, Not Warcraft Very Happy

Beste mannetje.. Maak Je Zelf xD
Klik het mannetje om er zelf een te maken Very Happy

Gotta love South Park...One of my favourite shows...

Fav Episodes:
SCott Tenerman Must Die
Cartoon Wars Pt 1 & 2
Butters Very Own Show

Fav Character is Butters
i've seen every episode! i love it, especially the episode "Go God Go" with the Wii and the religions
I've only watched the movie version, I like the song "*** Canada, *** Canada"
I dont have a favourite character but i like the Oprah episode with Towelie when he wrote a book and the other episode with Sexual harassment Panda that was god damn hilarious.
hey im a big south park fan and south park is become my favorite cartoon,
its much better than simpsons.
I mean like simpsons is okay, however southpark is in a league of its own.
every episode is unique in its own way(although there are some duds)
Terrible episodes of south park
All of dem with the devil in in like Hell on earth and the one with saddam hussein

Best southpark episode
most of them r hilarious, rite now i can only recall pre school, special olympics , paris hilton and scietology episodes Razz
life is really fun with southpark around

The Movie
The movie sucked badly, the entire terrence and phillip shit, any episode is much better than the movie.
Southpark should release a new movie and this time it shud have the tue southpark style

wot say guys
South park is awesome.. they don't have any taboos and just talk and make fun of everything!
Man i love those guys lol they make me ROFL
those guys are the best!
I can't say it's the best cartoon for me, but it's definitely funny. Nobody can be safe of this guys, as someone said, they are egalitarian offenders Razz
Jeah South Park is really awesome.
I especially like Eric Cartman too.
And the wow episode is the best for sure Cool
The character Cartman is like every man in the world's worst thoughts carried out. The episode about gingers is so funny! The very end where Kyle confesses to Cartman that he isn't really ginger just as they are preparing to eradicate all non-gingers! Priceless!!!
Southpark is one of my favorite shows...

Cartman is probally my favorite character..... maybe Randy or Butters

I didn't watch it when it first came out.... I think i started watching around season 6 or 7..... but now i never miss an eposode.... and now that I have watched the begining seasons, i have no idea why i didn't start watching soone...
YOU KILLED KENNY! Ahh! I love South Park, Cartman is my favourite Laughing
I thought it was ironic that the creators of the show were getting threats about showing/joking about Muhammad. In some weird way it actually made those episodes funnier. I saw a video clip of some guy who outright makes threats against Americans (from within the US) and he was encouraging people to take action against the creators. Just crazy!

Love that show!
cartman!!! oh i hate him so much that he actually makes me laugh alot
yeah, the wow episode make love not warcraft is the one of the best episode ever
along with lord of the rings and you have 0 friends
lol xd
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