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Does anyone notice FTP slowdowns and timeouts on Server 2?

I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these problems.
Yes, I've noticed slow downs and timeouts. When I first uploaded files here, it took me maybe 5 minutes. (They were 120 files or so, average size being 5kb) This was back when I first signed up. Now I tried uploading those same files, but updated (testing something), and it took 10 minutes or so. And I also got disconnected twice and couldn't reconnect for a while.
I've also noticed time-outs, but this is usually after a set period of inactivity. Also, it can be quite slow if you're uploading lots of small files Smile
In comparison to other web spaces I've uploaded images to I think Server 2 at FriHost is very, very fast and reliable. Yesterday I managed to upload 396 jpgs with no problems whatsoever. Compared to past experiences with other hosts (mainly space provided with ISP accounts) this is unheard of!

Perhaps I've just been lucky to hit quiet times and those with problems have had bad luck? Or possibly it's general internet traffic causing problems for you?
There are a small problems with it , than if I have to upload more files (like a forum or Joomla) than I just use FileZilla insteed of TotalCommander Smile

FileZilla is able to renew transfer than even timeouts are not a problem Smile Try this software - it should be OK ...

But ... maybe some day there will be a future to extract zip files in DirectAdmin ...
I only get the problems while i use Dreamweaver to upload my website. I just recently found a FTP client that will work quite well. It somehow gets out of timeouts very well, its called FTP Surfer.
FileZilla is what I use and also works quite well for uploading files. I've always used it and I like it. If you get disconnected, the file can get its status reset so you can re-try to upload it. Of course it does have a limit of re-tries, but just reset it and it'll keep trying.
I have to that why I only do 10 files or 1 folder at a time.
I used to experience this problem around a year or two ago, and yeah i used to just upload a few files / folders at a time. But i uploaded a whole CMS the other day and i've not had any problems recently.
bondings said its normal. and asked us to put up with it!!! Crying or Very sad guess we have to !
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