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What do you prefer? Myspace or Facebook?

Facebook or Myspace?
 67%  [ 55 ]
 32%  [ 26 ]
Total Votes : 81

Well, I started out using Myspace because most of my friends used it so I tried it out. It was good for awhile, but some peoples pages were really tricked out with cool graphics and stuff and it got sort of annoying.

So then I tried out Facebook and it was a lot more user friendly and it has a really clean look. You don't see crazy looking pages on Facebook so thats kind of better. I also found out the mobile phone messaging service on Facebook that Myspace also had, but you have have to be in the US to use it. The Facebook one works with Canadian and US cell phones.

So I prefer Facebook over Myspace, what do you think?
Facebook definitely.

Although it was a lot better when it was restricted to college students only, no extra applications, and advertisements. It's becoming more and more like myspace now that it has opened up to the public.
I never got into myspace I really like facebook I like the privacy aspect of it and as well if I don't want someone to be a "friend" I don't need them to be. As well the look and ease of it is much easier and cleaner. I also llike the apps. It really makes you feel like a community and give you that "network". One thing is the addictiveness to it. I find that people facebook me instead of email me and so on and so forth.
{name here}
I'm not really one for social networking, so I would prefer to be part of neither community.
neither, Bebo is what I use.

I'm not all hard out on the whole social networking, but Bebo is very easy to use and it is what most of the people in New Zealand use!

Go Bebo, Bebo rocks Wink
neither, facebook is at least ok... i guess, but myspace is just so duuuummb. Needless to say tho, i dont use either, if i need to have a site about myself, im going to make my own site to give information about myself where i could do w/e i want on it.
Ya Sad Where's the niether option? .. I've never wasted my time on any of these kind of things on the internet.

Neither: 4 votes.

Please tell why people use them things? Sad i dont get it, wouldnt it be easier to talk to someone in a chatroom rather than finding some random person on myspace, saying hi, then adding them as a friend... Quite simply because the higher number of friends it says u have, the better you feel?.. I duno Sad.
Well Facebook is NetLog now !!!

I like using NetLog !! instead of MySpace !!! Arrow
I used to like hi5 a lot and at that time I did not use myspace and facebook at all. I got sick and tired of hi5 and then I tried using myspace and I did not like it. When facebook opened to the public a lot of my friends joined facebook and at first even after getting so many invitation I did not join it for weeks and then finally joined it. People of my country upgrade from hi5 to facebook when they go to the US for studies and so a lot of my friends were on facebook. So I finally joined facebook and I prefer it more than myspace.
Hammy wrote:
Ya Sad Where's the niether option? .. I've never wasted my time on any of these kind of things on the internet.

Neither: 4 votes.

Please tell why people use them things? Sad i dont get it, wouldnt it be easier to talk to someone in a chatroom rather than finding some random person on myspace, saying hi, then adding them as a friend... Quite simply because the higher number of friends it says u have, the better you feel?.. I duno Sad.

It allows you to keep in touch w/ friends; has live feeds to show what they've been up to, and provides easy planning to invite people to events, easy to share pictures, etc.

It's helps a lot, especially when I was in college and met tons of people all the time. It helped strengthen my relationships with people.
theem wrote:
Well Facebook is NetLog now !!!

I like using NetLog !! instead of MySpace !!! Arrow

You scared me !!!
Facebox is now Netlog. Facebook is still Facebook. Two very different sites.
Sheesh. Very Happy DO NOT EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT hehe :p
Facebook. I dislike all social networking sites, but I hear (and get annoyed by) Myspace much more often than a do facebook. Razz
I didnt even bother to register in myspace. It looks such a pile of crap.
myspace definitely.
It has a bigger range and you have total control over what you want your page to look like.
I prefer it a lot. Also i get annoying emails from my friends every day requesting to add me as a friend on facebook ( havent even got an account). I think its an automated thing and its annoying.
Myspace anyday.
Hello all,

I prefear facebook over myspace, because on myspace you are making your own site and it looks too much ''kid'' like sites...

On facebook, its all standard and you can see lot stuffs, events invitations, groups etc its pretty nice I find and I can have a nice contact with my long time friends.

Also, it has a chat that saves!

Anywyas cya.

I listen to music at MySpace. I havn't used the community though. Havn't heard of Facebook before.
I prefer neither.
However, I use MySpace, only because "everyone else" is using it (heaps of people from my school use MySpace, and almost none use Facebook). Their site is absolutely horrible, though (really, if you're a HTML/CSS coder, just look at the code Razz). << Me Very Happy
I'm on Facebook only, because that's where all my friends were, but now I'm getting on MySpace, because everyone at my new job are there. The great thing about these things are that we can stay networked and connected, but it sucks because there will never be one unified space. Oh well... hopefully MySpace and Facebook will be sufficient.
I've never used facebook, i've never even heard of it
While I do not have an account on both community sites, I will have to say that I prefer Facebook. MySpace has never really appealed to me, especially since a good portion of the user profiles I have seen and/or visited are overloaded with bandwidth-eating embedded flash files, many of which play at once. Long story short...I have never had a good experience with MySpace. This is especially true of the people that log on at the library where I volunteer - almost all the teenagers on the computers are visiting MySpace.

I also agree with what a few people have said about Facebook - I think it was partially ruined when registration was opened to the public. While I was only able to join afterwards (since I was not attending a college in their network when they were "private"), the applications are starting to clog up a number of my friends' profiles. On the bright side, Facebook's interface is very clean; the ads are not intrusive, and you don't see what you don't want to see. The overly extensive newsfeed can be a bit annoying sometimes, though.
i like facebook better!!!

not only does it look better, have less ads, and have more features, it also has less random strangers!!!
and i actually use it to talk to my friends and see what they are up to.
like its actually USEFUL!!
i like myspace. Got loads of friends on there. Only thing i hate about myspace is the spam. But they seem to be getting rid of that now. So it looks like its getting back to normal.

Their new profile editor is sweet, lets people customise their profile without stupid banners everywhere.
myspace is fine, never used facebook, myspace suits my needs and more of my friends use it.
meet in rio
Facebook. I love sharing photographs on it, and it makes it easy to invite 200-odd people to a party at short notice. The privacy controls are also far more precise rather than the 'all or nothing' of MySpace. Plus, it looks nicer and you don't have to put up with a huge, graphic-intensive, horizontal-scrolling page covered in animations and slideshows.
i dont really know facebook.
i use myspace (personal and bands).
Used to be a lot into MySpace a in the past, but lately it's become so low that I quit it >.>

Facebook, it's pretty interesting, and if it won't go the same way MySpace did, I'm pretty content with it as it now.

But as I've only been using it for a short while I didn't have time yet to get really into it the way I hear others or the way I used to be with MySpace before...but still exploring XD
MySpace is to ad-ridden and spammy these days. I liked the page customization, but some people have no idea what looks good or is readable. I stick to a plain black or dark gray background myself.

Facebook has better interactions, a cleaner look, and there are more ways to communicate to your friends. Some of the apps are pretty cool, too.

I use both, but I prefer Facebook. I just wish you could at least change the background color or something.
hlavco wrote:
some people have no idea what looks good or is readable.

The exact reason i've never used Myspace.

Myspace was never big where im from. Nexopia was the big one here for a while but things are shifting over to Facebook. Although all the applications on facebook are starting to get out of hand. Most of them are just annoying
I don't know what Facebook is, so I'm not using it. I don't use myspace either, not for me... if I want a page on the web I'd rather make my own site and stuff.
Woops. Started a thread about this in SEO and then I noticed this thread. (Deleted the other one).

In my humble opinion, MySpace kicks Facebook's ass. Sure MySpace is ugly but it has a much wider reach and networking is a whole lot easier. Facebook sucks with the networking thing. Like, I can only network with people in my region? What if I have family in one city but I live and work and have friends in another? And what if I'm self employed or work for a small company not in the Facebook database? Been out of school for years? Pffff!!.. So much for networking.

Also, I find the Facebook user interface clunky and confusing. Even after reading the help files, I'm still unclear on exactly what "tagging" a photo is. And 'Poke'? Gimme a break. Even Facebook admits it has no real purpose.

And I like to be able to customize my page. I have to thank the owners for the whole Facebook developers thing. At least now with all these new applications being developed there are some redeeming factors to the Facebook experience.

All in all, give me a wide open network with big ugly-ass 3000 pixel wide horizontal-scrollbar profiles and 10 tons of glittery garbage and 18 videos and a dozen music players all going at the same time on the same page any day. I'd rather have that than be fumbling around with a hopelessly generic looking page in my little predesignated corner of a cliquey little college club wannabe-social network.
I like Facebook a lot better. I was originally an anti-Facebook, anti-MySpace person, but after a friend convinced me (with great frustration) to make a Facebook page, it's not as bad as I thought. It's allowed me to stay in touch with a lot of my college friends who moved back home for the summer. For me, that's great because I've never been great at making and keeping friends. You obviously don't need to be socially awkward to use Facebook, but for people like me, that just makes it more worthwhile.

Of course, MySpace has the same benefit, but as was already mentioned, some of those pages just look ridiculous. The ability to customize is great, but the majority of MySpace users tend to abuse that ability. Of course, there are some great pages on there, but they're outnumbered by those that are annoying to look at. I just hope that Facebook doesn't continue to go in that direction with the addition of applications crowding up everyone's page...

The last thing I'll mention is the main reason why I prefer Facebook. During times of boredom, I've tried to find the MySpace pages of my friends, but I had so much trouble! It's really hard to find someone you know when they can use any name that they want, and then change that name any time they want. Facebook is so much easier simply because it encourages a person to use his or her real name. That way, besides being able to easily find friends, I don't need to stare at a blurry picture of the top of someone's head to help me find out who xBloodyTearsxxx84 is.
Ghost Rider103
Myspace, even though I don't really use it at all.

I simply just don't like facebooks layout too well. It's been a very long time since I was last there, so it could have changed. And most of my friends only use myspace too, so I just stay on myspace and use that.
I actually prefer Facebook's layout compared to MySpace. MySpace gives too much freedom to alter the layout of your profile - which might sounds like a good thing - but it inevitably leads to poorly constructed pages from people who have no experience in design (or a good eye, for that matter). Facebook looks much more clean, much more professional. Plus, with the new apps that have been added, it has much more features like games, music, and drawing.
I like neither, they are both troublesome! Bebo is the in thing here and I fully agree
I definitely prefer Facebook over Myspace. Myspace is very unprofessional looking and it's kind of hard to navigate through. Facebook has a cleaner layout, easier navigation and it even has numerous applications.
Ghost Rider103
I actually found a website similar to myspace, but it was for Programmers, and Graphic Designers. Which I was actually thinking about making a site like that, but I googled it before I took any action.

Surprisingly, I found one. I absolutely loved the layout, very nice clean professional look to it, and you can't customize your own page too much, not as much as myspace. The only thing was, it wasn't very active... It looked like it was once active a long time ago, but now it seems to just be dead.

I still love the idea, and hopefully I come across one the same that is active.

Doesn't have to do with the topic, but I just wanted to point out the idea.
i only use myspace so i can't tell whichi better
I definitely like Facebook. Aside from all of its technical advantages, it's obvious that myspace is past its prime, and Facebook is taking over. Almost all my friends are on it. Therefore, even if it weren't so superior in terms of features, I'd use it anyway.

Almost all my friends are on it.

<sarcasm>oh well that settles it... MySpace is dead.</sarcasm>
Is that a serious question? Razz Facebook is way better then myspace, for many reasons. My favorite reason is that I can read my friends pages without going blind! Surprised
I haven't used facebook yet, but with my short stay at myspace, i ended up deleting my account with th convenient option placed in my profile?

The reason being too many people with too much free time sending me too many messages!

GOOD forums are a great place to spend time on (no fancy glitters or music as soon as u open a link!)
Facebook every time; although I never actually signed up to MySpace, I've seen too many of my friend's pages to to like it at all... trying to view pages with a slow connection or old PC is a nightmare too! Also, once a long time ago I tried to customise a friend's MySpace page and delved deep into the the source code - uuurgh!! No wonder pages are so bloated, with nested tables and contradictory coding, took me a good couple of days to get the page looking decent Smile

In contrast, Facebook is much more accessible, as many people above have said. The ability to find old friends and the tangible links to the real world in all the groupings - both the regional networks and the user-defined groups themselves - mean the site's format entices people to browse, explore and 'make friends'. Plus the setup is a lot less intimiding to the less tech-savvie user, and attracts a wider age range and demographic then MySpace ever will... It's impact on the general population and increased references to the site, in print, at the office, and of course down the pub, testify to that!

Another real plus is the tagging of the photos - not altogether original but implemented really, really well! If I was to highlight the biggest reasons for Facebook's exponential growth, my money's on the photo tagging!

I only hope people will get bored of most of the more puerile and pointless add-ons which seem to be creeping into a lot of Facebook pages, and this should ensure its popularity for a good long while yet!

both are nearly useless... only few does have a myspace account, i have it too but i havent used it for long time... i don't even remember the password. Embarassed
i have both but since i just opened up an account with facebook and i haven't really used myspace account which i have had for ages i can't really comment, but myspace does have a lot of ads and because of the colours of some peoples layouts they tend to clash with their text which makes them unreadable not to mention give you a headache.
I have both, and both of them have good and bad points.

With MySpace, some people have created some really ugly pages, and I do agree it is a turn-off. But with MySpace, at least it is an open slate, no networks of any sort that can tie you down.

With Facebook, at least it uses a nice and clean interface, and it's sort of nice to keep things to people you know. But sometimes, when you want to join a group, they tie it down to a network and you're barred from joining that group unless you're in that network. Also, they need to respond to requests to create MORE networks, such as high schools and the like. My high school isn't there, and I have continuously pestered them to create one, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

I guess it's what you want out of a social networking site and who is there that you know that determines your preference. I know people at both sites, so I use both.
piczo.....piczo is better then that two websites
I never got into Myspace, but enjoy Facebook. Facebook has one simple template on every page, and doesn't have goofy looking templates which won't work in Firefox and show white text on white backgrounds. Facebook pages also don't play god awful songs on people's pages when you first visit them.

Facebook is just one big organized community and actually has the NAMES of it's users. I like it's organization and it's groups. Everything about Facebook blows Myspace out of town.
Both, definitely both. They're like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP - uncomparable because they're so different. Facebook is for connecting with people you know - communicating, sharing pictures, etc. MySpace is for connecting with anyone - communication, sharing pictures, going wild with crazy profiles and such, etc. I use Facebook to keep track of all my real-life and college friends, putting faces to names and names to faces. I use MySpace to talk with people, through blogs and whatnot, not really humanizing the other people, because their MySpaces are so ambiguous compared to their real self. I do like Facebook for its clean look and ease of use (MySpace profiles are a pain to look at and navigate, when they're not done right (which they usually aren't)). I like MySpace for other reasons... mainly the customizableness, personalization factors, and because my friends use it.

So in my eyes, they are equals in their own respects.
I prefer Facebook! MySpace is a little too flashy I think.. But then I'm using both, since I've got friends on both communities and join two virtual communities is probably the only way to stay in touch with them, who happen to be on the other side of the world.. Laughing
Well I use both (as well as Bebo) but not that often - just for talking to old school friends, rarely-seen family members, etc. I think Facebook definitely looks better from a designers perspective. Some of those MySpace page layouts.. yuk!

But then the design of your Facebook page can be rather dull - when everyone's is pretty much the same. I love the applications though. I'm a zombie, a vampire, a werewolf, a pirate - I can even 'throw sheep at' and cast magic spells on people!

It's all a bit of fun, I can't honestly say that they aren't a waste of time... but hey, what's the Internet for?!
All my friends and family use MySpace. I hadn't even considered the other one, but theres' really no point in it.
i like myspace.
facebook is boring, and i can make layouts for myspace. Plus, i think its a little more complicated, and i like that.
When I started out with myspace I loved it but then got annoyed with all the big graphics and glittery gifs that people always post. Its nice though if your in the entertainment industry because it has millions of users and it gets your work more exposure easier. On the flip side there are also alot of spam, fake accounts and people trying to phish your accounts all the time. You just gotta know how to protect yourself though and know whats good from whats not. I signed up for facebook and I love the simplicity of it and the best feature is probably the tagging of pics. Very cool to keep up with your pics. Lately though its turning to be alot my myspace with all the applications that are about. Making some users pages takes a while to load =(. Right now though i'm more on facebook though, much easier on the eyes until another one comes up lol
I never liked myspace, and until I found out about facebook, I refused to join any online community. Other than its more clean and neat look, I like facebook's privacy options, and that you can now also remove features from your profile and add them if you wish without changing the layout of your profile. So even though new features have come out, they've done it so that its basic layout is still maintained. Facebook > MySpace
I like Multiply better than those two. The My Multiply function rocks!
Facebook is a lot better: It has a cool, plain and functional interface, and Myspace is completely taken over by spammers and hackers who ruin everything..
Facebook's much more user friendly in my opinion
Whatever happened to friendster? >w>

Hehehe I just got a myspace for my doll, and my gawd.... even among the doll community there was enough emo and drama to poison a dog! D:

It frightens me to look outside the circle and see what the REAL people on myspace are up to >_>

it's about as dramatic as livejournal XD
First i was in love with orkut, but as more n more users started joing it... it begun to suck

then ity was orkut and the same case was with orkut... never liked Myspace though i have a account on it.... but Facebook surely rox
Havn't even been able to Sign Up to Facebook -.- It's to complicated and irritating...
I started off with a MySpace a few years ago and it was great fun customising it etc.

Then I got a Bebo account (Bebo is rubbish, never use it) - Obviously I still have the MySpace account and sometimes use it.

Then this year I got a Facebook account - Big Woop!!! - Fantastic stuff - when I joined there were no adverts or annoying applications and not many of my friends had it so I didn't have so many status updates, photo uploads and additions of applications by all my friends within 3 seconds of each other!

Facebook is the most tidy out of the three, I believe. However some people on there just go crazy with the applications. I think I have, at the most, three.

Bebo started mirroring Facebook with the Status Updates thing - which is just annoying and bad! But I don't care for Bebo.

I use Facebook the most and almost everyone who I went to school with in my last year is on it. Also, on Facebook, the groups are easy to understand and move around in, which is always good!

The original features of Facebook are the best. I don't really like all these applications because they're all getting a bit repetitive and boring.
i thought facebook was better cause u can find ppl in ur school only and random ppl cant join for no apparent reason. but now that they have district and work and country networks, it basically means that anyone can join. NO FUN any more... aw... but myspace probably has way more ppl and it prob has security problems too. i feel like facebook is much better still cause u can add basically whatever u can add for myspace. And, u can find ppl by schools where as in myspace ppl can change their names or register different schools. i used to like myspace for music but now that facebook has music too its just as good ^^
I like Facebook better because the profiles are heaps easier to read and the design of Facebook is so much better than Myspace. True, Facebook is harder to get into, but that limits the creation of junk accounts and stuff like that. Facebook also has applications and Myspace doesn't.
Hi everyone,

To be frank I don't know what facebook and myspace is but after reading all you people's posts I assume it to be some kind of community building site.

As far as community building site goes there is no one that comes close to orkut. I am in love with orkut because of it's easy interface, huge base of people on it's network, easy creation of communities etc. And nowadays we are also allowed to post images, multimedia, blog, etc.

Thus If anything ever comes close to me for community building site there is none other then okut.

I have heard about facebook and myspace in a computer related magazine but they were down in the list an orkut topped. But at the same time I also feel that spam is also increasing on orkut and also increasing is the number of fake profiles and shameful incidents. But at the present sitution orkut is growing strong and I don't need to register myself on any other site, because I feel It would be just a waste of time as we would be wasting a lot of time talking at both places as those who will be at facebook and myspace would most probably be also on orkut!!
Facebook by far. 99% of the user pages on MySpace are a design nightmare and are hard to look at. Facebook remains clean, clear, to the point...there's little wrong with it from a design standpoint. Too much junk is on MySpace. I do agree with some of the other poster's comments about it having changed somewhat since it was opened to non-collegiate students, but what are you gonna do. /shrug
I started with myspace, but it became pretty trashy. I think facebook was better without all the applications, also.
I like Facebook, all my friends use it. It's a lot easier to use compared to myspace IMO. I also like how the layout is unified on everyone's profile page!
I have seen some really nice myspace pages too, but I would never be able to understand how to mod my own profile from its default layout.

Myspace serves more for those who are trying to put their music out there. I find that people on myspace are there to hunt for friend adds, comments and so on.
raine dragon
To be perfectly honest, I have little to no interest in either of them. I've had people bug me to sign up for facebook, and I did so just to stop the nagging, but I don't really use it. I have no real reason to. ^^;
I guess they both have their good and bad points. Facebook has apps down and facebook is arranged in a more user friendly control. But it's bland. the fact that I can't even change my own profile's background bugs me. But I still do use facebook. There are some cool apps (and some lame ones) for facebook. Being a developer I defanently like that aspect of it.

Myspace will almost always have the bigger network. It was first so more people are there. Plus facebook doesn't have the buzz that myspace still has. Everyone asks if you have a myspace... not a facebook, not even a xanga, etc. Myspace has better searching for people but it's alot less organized. People are in one big network instead of based on the college/high school that he/she happens to attend. Myspace is BIG for being almost totally customizable. And some myspaces are elegant with a clean crisp design that gets straight to the point. Others (like most of my hs friends') are slow and are stuffed w/ every flash widget, slideshow, quiz, playlist that they could find on the internet. Oh I almost forgot about the epileptic inducing glitters that girls stuff their myspaces with. All in all it's got almost everyone on it, from presidents to you elderly neighbor on it (hey it has my elderly neighbor on it!).

Overall It depends on which you're friends have. After all the whole point is "Social" networks.
Oh and Facebook was so much better without a thousand "dumb" applications clogging it up.
I use MySpace. It has a lot of drawbacks, (like the hideous, garish graphics and illegible type so many users seem to be fond of, for example) but I use it because my friends do. I've actually been able to get in touch with several people that I hadn't seen in years, which I was utterly unable to do with Facebook.

That's probably due to the fact that most of the people I went to school with graduated college almost twenty years ago, and the internet as we now know it didn't exist at the time, but that doesn't change the fact that I haven't found a single person on Facebook that I actually care to associate with.

I only have a few "friends" on MySpace that I haven't met in real life, and they're just a few people with whom I have common interests and enjoy messaging back and forth. And Weird Al Yankovic, Elvira, and Alice Cooper, who are people I would LIKE to meet. Yeah, I'm weird. Rolling Eyes
I like face book. Its a lot cleaner then myspace as you have stated. Also its a lot more user friendly. I also like that Its not as popular as myspace. Popular isn't always better in my mind.
I have only really used facebook and I don't seem to really understand it. All of these sites seem to just be people showing off their egos... I don't think it is for me.
tijn01 wrote:
I have only really used facebook and I don't seem to really understand it. All of these sites seem to just be people showing off their egos... I don't think it is for me.

Not always. Yes, there are people who are desperate to look popular by adding as many friends as they possibly can, but I just use it to keep tabs on my friends who I haven't gotten the chance to talk with lately, as well as find friends from my past that I stopped keeping in touch with. It's surprising how many people you can find from your past on Facebook.
I hate some of the Applications on Facebook. Some of my friends have a ridiculous amount of apps on their page. It just looks rubbish and makes the page load longer and it's annoying navigating around the page if you just wanna leave a message on their wall....

I started with MySpace, then got a Bebo account (dont really use that, it's rubbish), and I mainly use Facebook - it's more honest and you can find more people that you went to school/college with etc. I've found SOOOO many people I went to school with, it's amazing! Thank you Facebook!
For me, it's Myspace. I just browse through Myspace music to listen to artists/bands songs. Never tried using Facebook.
I don't like online social communities very much (don't misunderstand me. I think Frihost is great, but it's something about all these other type of communities like Facebook and Myspace that I do not like somehow...)

...but I have made myself make a facebook account, after all Razz
I generally prefer MySpace over Facebook because I'm more expericed with it and it's what I signed up for first. I actually don't even know how to use Facebook that well and I just signed up for it awhile ago. I never could before because you have to be invited in or something and no one would ever invite me in, I guess because of the schools or something... not sure? I just don't understand the whole concept. I like MySpace better though. I don't like how people make their pages on MySpace look like crap, but I use many different FireFox extentions to block tons of stuff on MySpace to make it look a WHOLE lot better :]

Facebook is kind of cool, but I will probably always prefer MySpace... it's more compatible for people to use... since a lot of older people use it now, they probably won't even like Facebook! You gotta think about other people too, hahah, jk :]
Both have their ups and downs, so I will list my personal pros about each.

I love the wall-system as well as the groups. I think the groups are what make Facebook much more of a social networking system than Myspace. I love the photo album, upload system, as well as the tagging system. Facebook is also much more secure than Myspace.

I really like the way you can seriously customize your Myspace, much more than Facebook. It truely is a representation of yourself. Other than that, MySpace lacks many of the security features of Facebook and has a relatively primitive uploading system. I like the 300 picture limit!
Uhm. probly neither, in all honesty im against those sites, they can be a waste of time. Both me and my dad agree that some Facebook addicts, are worse than World of Warcraft addcits, and both me and my dad know about WoW addictions Wink I mean, myspace is just..... pointless, and facebook is basically a suped up version of myspace, or at least in my eyes it is. But facebook is useful if you wanna find old school mates and such.
I prefer myspace than Facebook. Because I don't know about facebook .. Rolling Eyes
I do not want to judge between myspace and facebook

I can only say that some like facebook and some like myspace according to their tast and usability.

Both have their + and - points in themselves. Obviously myspace is used widely but the facebook is also being popular and people are using it.

We can see people who use facebook have their accounts in myspace and vice versa.

I dont hate any of the service between myspace and facebook.

Finally i want to say both are good in their own style
My preference in neither. Dagnab Web 2.0. Let just anybody get on the web.

Back in the day, you had to earn a spot on the interwebs. Had to find yourself a host, had to learn some HTML and mebbe some server-side scripting, and had to post that website while trying to earn enough money to pay for it all.

Now any five year old kid can gets himself an online journal and earn ad revenue.

I havent made an account on either myspace or facebook, however i have thought about using myspace, and ive never heard of facebook.
My siblings all use myspace so i think it it more popular
I don't use either, but I would say Facebook is the lesser of two evils. I think Facebook when it wasn't open to the public and only students yt was better than it is now, but facebook now is still better then myspace ever was.

While I think the idea of social networking is great, I hate what it has become. A lot of people putting up a front to try to look cool. The only thing worse then trying to look cool, is trying to act cool and fooling yourself to think that you are.
my space is the original idea, but facebook did great job, they add a lot of great and useful items, so i like facebook right now Smile
i don't know ANYONE who uses facebook. what are the advantages over myspace?
MySpace all the way!!! It's just so much easier to use, and ALL of my friends have it... none of them have a bebo or facebook, so I'm sticking to MySpace!
Myspace simply because facebook is more school oreinted.
I just signed up for Facebook last week, and... wow Surprised. It's so much better than MySpace. I love it Very Happy

And their developer API is quite good. I've already written one Facebook app: An app to embed a Flash animation on your profile Smile
Facebook all the way!@#!@

Myspace is home to 8 year olds, crack addicts, serial killers, and people who can't code if their life depended on it. Every time I go there, I have to wait a minute for the page to load only to hear crappy music and gaudy graphics. Facebook is (used to be) for college/high school networks. All my friends are on Facebook; few are on Myspace. Of course, now that they're myspacing themselves as well, they'll have lost that professional look they once had. Blah.
id say myspace. Because iver never used facebook and ive never really had any problems with myspace.

I think myspace is much bigger, as every music artist i know is on there. Cant believe that geeza named tom made that website. Well used a pre made script lol what is now myspace.
yeah i also started with myspace, i like the one the most. I looked at face book and i never really got into it. I may just like myspace because my friends use that more.

There are pro's and con's to both, but because most of the people i know use myspace and not as many use face book, i doubt i'll ever like face book all that much. At least not until more people start to use it.

MYSPACE RULES AND Loryl = lies lol.... but wait, if he was telling the truth that'd make me a serial killer :O Obviously i'm not an 8 year old, and if i was a crack head i doubt i'd be on this forum :p as for coding...

... well i could put code in here but any decent code would take up too much room :p
I've been on MySpace for awhile now and it's pretty good. At least they have a place where you can copy and paste html codes so you don't have to it yourself. Everybody i know is on this site. My sister is on myspace and so are most of my cousins but you have to be careful with who you talk to because I only talk to people I know or that are in my age bracket. I also use facebook though but I am on myspace all the time. I'm on it everyday. Very Happy
It's better looking, has more to do, and more of my friends use it. I really like it alot.
Neither. They're both gifts from the devil. Blasphemy I say.

I was part of friendster a long time ago before social networking was the norm for "teh internetz". I think its great to communicate with people, but also it kinda crappy that you can be communicated with people you may have blocked out for years.

It fun and all, but I don't see how people can spend every 5 mins checking their page. Sometimes it like, you need some time away from your computer with your friends, in real life.
Here is a entertaining article about myspace, facebook, youtube, etc. called "What your favorite website says about you":,39029477,49292669-1,00.htm

(Myspace is on page 2, Facebook on page 8 )
Facebook is ok, but I think Myspace is beginning to catch up.
Both suck. I don't see the point of these websites, we don't need to make virtual friend. Of course it's good for the work when you need to meet people but again, it can be done without myspace. Do you remember Skyblog? Well imo, Myspace, Facebook and Skyblog are all the same crap.
I always hated orkut but had to stay there coz of my friends and classmates. but facebook is way better. Much to do and versatility. Haven't used my space, because i dont find any reason to quit facebook and dont have time to use both. Smile
Facebook is infinitely better than MySpace. MySpace was never actually intended for the vast majority of the public. It was created as a place for Indie bands to gain publicity and some recognition without selling out. It became mainstream and high-school students pretty much destroyed it's original purpose. Facebook was created as a social networking site. It's being used for what it was meant. It's cleaner, more user friendly, more stable, oriented towards the actual networking aspect of it all, and so on.

I also love the fact that the owner of Facebook is this really young, poor public speaking college student-esque character. Make him more real than any corporate face Microsoft or Apple could pull out.
I tried using myspace and did not like the layout. I've heard that there are better features and networking opportunities, but I can't seem to function with the unfriendly layout of it. Thus, I removed my account.

Recently I joined facebook cause a friend sent me an invitation. I have been using it almost everyday now and I absolutely love it.
I prefer facebook. Orkut is cool 2 Smile
I thought myspace was mostly for bands and stuff... Confused
obviously i prefer facebook. There are lots of different funny applications that other similar sites cannot provided. And the most important, my friends use facebook but none of them use myspace. i once tried to make myspace become active. But i dont think the interface and other functions are attractive to me. After a while, i abandoned it. So the info in my myspace is not updated anymore, haha.

i think facebook will become popular for 2-3 years. Then something new will replace it, just like friendster some years ago.
The terms of service (yeah, I actually read them) were way too scary on Myspace, and I really don't have many friends on either Facebook or Myspace, so I have neither and I have no intentions of creating accounts in either place. You want to contact me? Hit me up on AIM or e-mail me. I don't need a "social network" to keep me close with friends. I actually *talk* with them...
I'd prefer facebook for simply not being myspace. In truth though my vote goes for neither.

I prefer deviantart for anything internet community related.
Why did that make me laugh?
Facebook is the king of all social networking websites.
All my friends use myspace so I like that site better. I also like used to be called cherrytap.
Customized myspace pages and spam made me leave. Customization is all and good, but when you can't even find any of the nav buttons at the top because the background is the same color as the links its getting pretty bad. Also, if myspace were to change anything, it should be to ban transparency. It brings my relatively modern computer to a crawl when the entire page is transparent on about six different levels with video and audio going at the same time.
I prefer Facebook, maybe just because ive never tried myspace..
But on Facebook i love the game named PETS, it΄s funny as hell!
You create a little kindly rabbit that you fight with and gain exp and gold that you can buy weapons and armors, and when you kill monsters you have a chance of gaining an item, sometimes its good as hell!

Try it, its funny when you have some sparetime to kill, like me, i played that game 3-4 hours in a row, just because i hade nothing better to do! Rolling Eyes Very Happy

Hope you like it!
I personally prefer MySpace. I don't know, Face Book just looks too... plain. It just doesn't interest me a all for some reason. MySpace is fully customizable and I enjoy using it (although the constant phishing can get annoying at times). Plus I like the music page style. And it's definitely not for kids, since it was designed for adults. It just all of a suddenly became a teenager fad.
My girlfriend is absolutely addicted to facebook. I used to have a my space account, but couldn't really be bothered after a while. Face book look alright, but can't say I love it
I would have said Friendster as it is the most popular here in my country. But I answered Facebook cause I also have a current account there. I used to have MySpace but had it deleted. In my opinion, MySpace is kinda messy and not as user-friendly as the other sites I have mentioned, at least at the time I tried MySpace, which was about around 2 years ago already.
myspace has gotten better because of all its apps and games
I prefer myspace better than facebook Smile
Facebook. Mostly because that's what most of my friends use. I'm too lazy to customize my page on MySpace, so it just isn't the same for me. The apps are both annoying and addicting when I do use them. <.<; MySpace.. I always get random friend requests, but not so much on Facebook, which is nice.
I prefer Facebook a whole lot more than MySpace. Facebook's profiles looks a lot more organized than MySpace and you don't have to mess up with a lot of CSS coding in it. You could even find the applications added by the user through the icons under the user's picture. Even though Facebook may have useless stuff like the 'Poke' feature, it can be fun once in a while for some users.
Facebook is surely much much better than Myspace. I started out with Orkut initially, which was amazing fun, then i bumped into Myspace. It was all jazzy and funky and cool, but its kinda get annoying after a while, looks very very childish... kiddish rather. The UI of myspace sucks, its more for kiddish girls. Facebook meanwhile has the best UI, especially the latest looks. Completely clutter free and loadsa free apps. Facebook rules!!!!!!!!
I use both normally, but I like facebook better.
I like Facebook better. It looks cleaner, and the apps sometimes are interesting.

As well, the whole experience seems more social than that of Myspace. Especially if you have the app for iPhone or iPod touch. Right now I think Facebook is leading the way by making their whole experience more mobile and on-the-go, which is good in this fast-paced, high tech world.
I have tried both, but hated them equally.

I ended up being forced to use Myface because my little sister had a baby and was posting her photos on there, so of course I had to create a profile in order to see them.

I do liek the fact that facebook seems to be private, and that you can grant access levels to people in order to see your profile, or parts of it.

I am also pleased to see that the default settings are private and secure. All too often it seems with chat rooms, profile sites and the like that the default settings are to shout your personal details out to the world.
Facebook definitely! In my opinion myspace is MORE for the perverts of the world, and facebook is MORE for the non-perverts. That is only my view on the matter. I have a facebook.
Facebook. It used to be My Space, but the neater cleaner feel of well as it being more popular amongst everyone I know makes Facebook my choice.
I prefer " facebook" rather than "myspace" because the looks of facebook profile are much better than myspace. Most of my relatives and friends are on facebook. The games in the facebook are awesome and interisting. The quiz section of facebook is very good. It is more convenient than myspace.
I say myspace because it gives you enough space to get ALL your friends. And then you cna chat. Isn't that great?
I prefer much more Facebook. Wink
Myspace has way too many advertisements and "mainstream" stuff. >.>
{name here}
Eh. Social Networking. I don't really like either of them. MySpace lets people that shouldn't design a web page design a layout that could crash browsers. Facebook clogs my browser up with AJAX and it also likes to keep information for itself even after you delete the profile. Honestly I've made better, smarter, friends on IRC channels and Forums than I've made when I've tried social networking, and I don't even like using them to send messages to my real life friends when I can draft up an email on Seamonkey in half the time.
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