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French is killing me!

I really cannot study French. It is my Cross Disciplinary Subject, and I am forced to study it. The spelling is very difficult to remember, even in english it is hard for me to rember the spelling of some words.Then I also have to know which is masculine and which is feminine, for which there is no rule, just have to know it.
For the writing test and llistening test, I just pass only.
Now the speaking test is going to come. Can anyone help me to find the best place(free) to easily learn how to speak French? I specificaally want it to be EASY.
I think the better thing you can do is to go on holidays in France !

Courage notre langue est dur apprendre ! Wink
Hi neosree,

There are actually lot ways to learn french but the best is to go to a school where you can mostly practice to speak it...

Once you can moreless freely speak it and understand what somebody tells u in french, you can start to learn the grammar and it will be much easyer to learn it, because you already know how it should sounds and in french, generally not all the time, if you know how it sounds, you should know how to write it Rolling Eyes .


Je suis tout fais d'accord avec toi Laughing .

I found French pretty easy when I took it in high school but I think that's partly due to my knowledge of Spanish. I studied it for three solid years and then took a break before enrolling in a French literature class at university and I was surprised to find that my comprehension was okay but I had a really hard time speaking it. I'm not taking anymore courses in French but I like to hold onto it just in case, I keep fresh by listening to a lot of French music. It's hard to understand at first but if you find a song and print the lyrics and follow along it definitely helps, or at least it does for me!

If you can't get your hands on any music, the website for TF1 has tons of streaming video. It's mostly news but there are some entertainment pieces on there, too!

Bonne chance!
I think there may be something wrong the way my lecturers teach us. Its too difficult to learn like just reading the words and its english translation! may be i will try to find somthing from some website, but i still cannot figure out any website teachig french systematically and easily. Anyway I totally disagree one thing that for Cross Disciplinary Subjects French should not be included. It should be optional. After the results I am very disappointed that I am having a D grade for french while all other subjects are going well with all A-grades and some having chance for Distictions. My gpa is going to be affected just because of french. It is damn bullshit Sad
Granard wrote:
I think the better thing you can do is to go on holidays in France !

Courage notre langue est dur apprendre ! Wink


as you can see, even French people make mistake in writing french ("dur" -> "dure") (OK it could be a typing mistake
Very Happy )
So one thing is sure, if you want to have a good level in writting French it will not be easy (of course I don't know what are the requirements for your exam, but anywayit is not easy even for French people). Writting is much more difficult than speaking. For speaking you just need a lot of practice.
As you sayed for gender you have to know it by heart, there is no way to deduct it because it doesn't follow any logic.
So good work!
fx-trading-education wrote:
Granard wrote:
I think the better thing you can do is to go on holidays in France !

Courage notre langue est dur apprendre ! Wink


as you can see, even French people make mistake in writing french ("dur" -> "dure") (OK it could be a typing mistake
Very Happy )

haha yes I don't read what one has written Laughing . It was a careless mistake Wink
I used this method a lot when studying English:

Buy some DVDS in Friench, and put the subtitles in your language, then see the movie again, but with the subtitles in French. Do that several times.

Then try another DVD.

If you do this, you will need to studywith some grammar books and dictionaries.

This site recommends some resources for learning French:

The quick-reference card for genders is especially useful.
The best way to learn French is to find a French girlfriend. That's the way I learned Portugese!
Going to France isn't so good, because only few people speak English.

Manuel has a good point, put on a DVD and choose French subtitles is a good way to learn a language. That's the way I've learned English and works good for me.

I speak 5 languages : Dutch, French, English, German and Portugese. To keep up in Portugese, I've put my forums in Portugese .... To keep up in German, I watch the news in German; Dutch, no problem, it's my native language; French : no probs aswell cuz half of my family is frenchspeaking; and English .....

Good Luck!!

Le Mac

There's nothing like total immersion.

As it's been said before with the DVD and subtitles thing, you could also listen to some french songwriters/bands, find some french speaking people around your location, chat up and set up video conversation through MSN with french people...

The idea is to share, not to stay in your corner grumbling about the fact that this topic is gonna take its toll upon your results.

There's always a language harder to get on with. For instance, in Europe, Polish is damn hard to learn (grammar, genders, phonics...) , even harder than say, russian, although one may think the opposite (because, at least, of the cyrillic alphabet).

My only advice would be to choose carefully your sources, as it seems that everywhere in the world, languages (at least) are changing for the worst, due to mass media and the so-called "instant communication" : the vocabulary gets poorer, the grammar as it never existed, the spelling awfull...yuk !
Merci, merci
for all of your helping mind. Now I am preparing for my speaking test, and i have to prepare a conversation between a visitor and receptionist at the hotel reception desk. It must be between 4 to 5 minutes conversation. Can someone here help me to have one, anyway in the end I have to byheart the conversation with my partner, so if possible give me simple words on it.

I have some idea about the conversation. It goes as follows::

Receptionist: Bonjour, How can I help u sir?
Visitor: Bonjour, i am looking for a room here.
R: Do you have any reservation sir?
V: Non, I dont have any reservation.
R: For how many people you want to book the room?
V: For two people. My wife will be reaching here in an hour.
R: Sure sir, Do you prefer a room nearby the pool, or prefer a room at the top floor?
V: I prefer a room nearby pool.
V: I would like the room to have a bathroom attached with shower and toilet.
R: Certainely sir, all our rooms are equipped with these facilities.
R: What other facilities you like to have in ur room sir?
V: It will be nice if there is a Television.
R: Sure sir, I will arrange a television for you.
V: How much is the price for the room with these facilities?
R: Only 100 euro per day.
V: Wow, that is affordable.
V: Does it include room service with meals?
R: Yes sir, it includes room service, and free breakfast. But you have to pay extra for Lunch or Dinner.
V: Its ok. Is there any restorent nearby?
R: Oui, there is a restorent nearby this hotel.
V: How to get there?
R: You have to walk straight thorugh the road infront of the hotel in the left direction and cross the bridge. Just after the bridge there are many restorents.
V: Thank you vary much for the info. Is it possible to pay by credit card?
R: Certainly,You want to book the room for how many days sir?
V: Just one day.
R: Please give me your Name sir.
V: Sreekanth
R: Your address:
V: BLK 601,Bedok Reservoir rd, Singapore(470601)
R: May I know your mobile phone num?
V: Oui, 91639205
R: And your home phone num?
V: 62346434
R: Her is your bill, can I have your credit card?
V: Sure. here it is.
R: Please giveme a sign.
V: Sure.
R: Thank you sir, here is the key to the room. My assistant will show you the room. Thank you sir
V: Thank you very much.

And you can make small changes to the sentences as I only want something that look like this conversation which will last for 5 min!

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