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How to enjoy the Human condition

How are you towards life?
Trying to evolve in a complete way
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trying to evolve in a particular aspect
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Just trying to be enough
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just letting life pass by before death
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I passed my eyes throught the various posts and I'm happy as I notice everybody's will to take more advantaje of the human condition. We are top class animals, we have the abillity to judge what food is better, what's the better way to stretch the body, we can reproduce and create an infinite range of sounds and we take advantage of the laws of nature intelegently for our necessities But! many times we could do it 1000 times more intellegently whith regards to our planet, to our body and to our mind and spirit.
Humans must eat food that promote our grouth in body mind and spirit, not just body.
if you are afraid of turning vegetarian because of nutricional lack forget it, Im vegan and i started 8 years ago and I'm very strong, also I take efforts for longer periods as my muscles don't start fermentation so soon. I eat 60% whole cereals 20% Bean kind of food (In Portuguese we call it "leguminosas") and 20% dry fruit. aside I also eat lots of seeds and alghaes( I learnt to cook them in delicious ways wich I will post somewhere) wich give humans many oils and proteins rare in earth foods. These foods have increased my strength and intelligence. ALSO, this saves lots of lives, lots of blood from going to rivers and watertreatment plants that carry antibiotics and all kinds of substances used in the caddle. ALSO, it saves a lot of pollution as Refrigerator cameras are only needed for fish and meat and dont forget about refrigerated transport. Dont forget the gloves employes need to wear and packages for individual stakes. Dont forget the waste of water in the washing of all this mess and specially dont forget it's all comming at you.
So be intellegent and turn VEGAN , save our children and our planet.

Humans must make exercise, we are animals made through ages of evollution and we need locomotion and exercise in order to keep our bone and muscule structure healthy and in its position.
If we don't make exercise we should have problems in your structure at sometime believe me.
So we must make an exercise that won't be good for one part of our body and bad for another... forget about violent sports like soccer, forget about sacrificing sports like the marathon, ONE MUST practice something intelligent! Yoga has been develloped through thousands of years! For Thousands of years that yoggis devellop the best and most proper way of Humans to stretch! Dont look no further... I practice yoga for 3 years now and I'm stronger, taller, I have more ballance (i can ride the subway or the bus on foot with no support) I much more concentrated and conscious. Im almost the double of what I used to be and the most important is that everything got closer, the whole world got more intimate to me.Do it! we are all the same entity, but we are divided in many to help each other out and to REMEMBER each other that we must evolve!

Also one should sing and make music, if you look at it, sound is the difference that comes first to mind if we compare ourselves to other animals, we are the only ones that can make all kinds of sound and all kinds of music and we should sing happy for that consciousness
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