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English smoking ban.

1st July 2007 it became illegal to smoke in enclosed premises, or so everyone thought.

It appears that local authorities had to apply for the ban individualy!

Stoke-on-Trent didn't!

So now they can smoke until the council formaly agree the ban on 2nd August.

'Bureaucrats' is a word that springs to mind.
I think the ban is good.

It's nice to walk into the bar and not see a cloud od smoke wift from one side of the room to another.

And I hate the smell of it.

And to be honest I will never smoke and never have done.

Don't need drugs to blend in or make me happy Very Happy
Aren't there places where one can go to smoke? I assumed that the ban on smoking was in public-accessed places. I suppose one should have the right to smoke in some places... like a bar or a pub?
I agree everybody has thier own rights but unfortunately smokers inpose thier smoke upon us.

The smoker reduces thier chemical intake by having a filter to inhale through, but passive smokers endure the full un filtered smoke containing all 4000 chemicals!!!

And I don't wish to smoke so why should I be forced to breath in smoke when I don't want to? A pub is a public place I have the right to enjoy a drink without sore eyes, sore throat & stinking clothes.

I have nothing against smokers I just wish they would enjoy their habit in thier own homes.

Laughing Hey I enjoy masterbating but i don't do that in a public place. Laughing
Smokers are most welcome to smoke in public places if they are able to contain the smoke they exhale, maybe just wear some containment suit that keeps all the smoke in there. This smoking issues is an endless debate. We non smokers don't like the smell of smoke and having no say to others who slowly kills us, then we have the smokers that reply by saying why can't we smoke in public places? If a non smoker is has no objection to a smoker having a smoke in front of them then it's ok. However, places like my country, even with public smoking banned... still continues to condone smoking even in enclosed and air conditioned areas... even in restaurant. Even with the freaking BIG sign posted on the wall that says NO SMOKING with symbolic icons... people just don't give a damn. So places that are really able to implement such bans and having people adhere to it is good. If i were a smoker, I'll surely keep the smoke to myself or at most do it in a smoking area/premise etc. No offense to all the smokers out there, non smokers just dislike the smoke and smell.
Smoking is not good even to the persons who smoke so it should be banned everywhere.
I can't see it having a lot of effect. In London we have noticed the difference in bars etc in the past month, however, walking past a bar the other day I noticed a stronger smell of smoke than usual and it occured to me that people who would otherwise be inside in this particular pub smoking are now going outside and so therefore the smoke around the area is stronger.

However as the ban is in practise difficult to enforce, what's going to happen, particularly towards the end of the year as it starts to get cold and miserable outside (actually - its mid summer and it already is bloody cold amd miserable outside!) is that people will gradually start ignoring the ban and smoking indoors again.

Maybe I'm wrong- it hasn't happened in Scotland but I think people in England, particularly London, think differently.
{name here}
Smoking bans have been going okay here where I live in the US, though it could work better. Hopefully the smoking ban in the UK will do just as good as the one here, though I do have my doubts that both bans will go well at all.
Stoke-on-Trent's slip-up was just that. It'll be sorted out quickly.

What concerns me more than this short delay is that local authorities had to do anything at all to introduce this act within their jurisdictions. This is, after all, a national act imposed by central government.

Are we now seeing that LAs are able to pick and choose which national laws will be applied within their boundaries?

We might discover that laws criminalising the mugging of little old ladies have never been ratified by a particular LA. So now those who mug little old ladies within that LA cannot be prosecuted....
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