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Link exchange.

The World is Yours
I am looking for someone to trade links/posts with. I am mostly interested in "Tech" sites/forums. My site is still brand new (open to the public 11 whole days now!), so anyone expecting pr from it, don't count on it! However, if you are looking for a friendly link/post exchange (affiliate?) then let me know.

The site is located at and the is a link to the forums on every page!!

Please reply here or pm me if you are interested.
Happy to add you to the GSIS catalogue.

Hope you don't mind - I pinched the penguin out of your banner to make a nice sized image.

I've put you under Get Someone In \ IT \ Support.

Once GSIS starts growing I'll have to think about a fee structure but , as with all the early entries, you're there free-of-charge as long as both our sites exist or one of us decides your link shouldn't be there.

Added - GSIS hasn't been around long either so don't expect PR from my link!
The World is Yours
HAHAHa, that's great man. That's more than I expected actually Very Happy . How would you like your link on my site to look, any specific page you want to be on? If not then I will put you under useful sites Cool . Thank you for participating, and for the awesome spot. Let me know how you would like to have your side of the exchange to work Very Happy .

EDIT: Also, gonna put you under website reviews.
Link exchanges and all that sort of thing are new to me. I'm just happy to be starting to add something useful to GSIS!

I'll be sorting out decent artwork, hopefully, fairly soon - it really is that early in GSIS' life so far. For the moment I'm toying with this as the basis for a banner:

and this as the basis for a logo:

What I offer is, basically, contact details (whether it's WWW or real world) for good quality service providers - anything from construction/home maintenance workers to people doing hobby-jobs (e.g. people who want to walk their neighbours dogs, do a leaflet drop, whatever - as long as it's legal, decent and honest). Fundamentally I want to help people start and build goodwill for their businesses by helping them to find new customers.

Where necessary I'll be vetting service providers (check with their local trading standards, have them complete a questionnaire covering insurance, financial stability, qualifications etc).

In addition customers will be able to post reviews (moderated) so I'll have some feedback about the performance of service providers and be able to drop them if there's a pattern or series of problems.

I'm trying to make sure it's self-supporting via sales through an online shop (and other services I can offer myself such as hot-foil printing etc). I'm not sure I can actually achieve that, though, so there are back-up plans for fee structures.

Hope that helps!
i like to give and where can u add ours
The World is Yours
which would you like to do, link exchange or post exchange?
link exchange to my webpage
The World is Yours
I'm sorry I couldn't translate your site. I am mostly interested in computing related sites.
then you can visit my new site not completed very soon it will be complete
The World is Yours
Yes, I would definitely be interested in trading links with that site when there is some content on it!

EDIT: I will also give links for tutorial submissions. Links to any site.
so you can send me your link name and url so that i will add today itself in my homepage

Tips & Tricks (Windows, XP, 2000, 98, Networking)
The World is Yours
Ok, the link name: The World is Yours - Your Open-Source Resource

and the url is:
can i know where you add my webpage link i will add your link in my homepage
The World is Yours
Actually, since my site is mostly for Linux user's, I was gonna direct most XP user's your way! So, I will put you an my "useful links" page located at: and also, on my FAQ page under this question: "I see all kinds of subjects on Linux, is there anything here for Windows users?"

I will add a link to your site on that page also, if you do 3 quality posts on my forum in any category you want.
i will try my best....
The World is Yours
The posting is only for the link on the FAQ page which I think will bring you just as many visitor's as on the useful sites page, which is the link exchange.
ok thanks i wil try
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