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Who watched the Concert for Diana?

Who watched this? It was broadcast to at least 500 million people, and there must be at least two people here who has watched it! (I am the first)

Rod Stewart was amazing! He got the whole stadium singing Sailing! But I don't think Ricky Jervais was very funny, he was going to announce Elton John's second performance. They should have gotten somebody who is more of a stand-up comedian, like Peter Kay! It wasn't made better by the fact that he had no material and Elton John was 10mins late.
My SO and I were sitting near the back. Great view - but could have done with some binoculars! We'll remember that if we ever go to Wembley again.

We'll also remember to take spare tops for our bottles of water. Wink

Where we were the sound quality wasn't very good. Far too much base most of the time. It was noticeably better with the older acts, though, so I'm assuming that they had their own (better) sound engineers.

I also wasn't impressed by the layout of the stadium. As the sun came round the glare was from the wrong direction. Maybe it would have been better with the stage at the other end? Still - after a week or two of solid rain we're lucky to have had a dry, sunny day!

The crowds seemed very well controlled - quite impressive, really, for such a big venue. We left a little early to be sure of getting on a train to where we were staying (out of town) and managed to get onto the platform without having to queue.

Food/drink prices were a little high but nowhere near what I'd expected.

In general - a good day out, but it'll have to be a really special event to make me consider going to Wembley again.
I watched some of it.

Not my style of bands playing though - a shame,

- Achene
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