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Wow...and E3 pretty much starts tonight! (tho the doors open tomorrow) mircorsoft has JUST started there first preview as i type this msg, (with a very nice live band ^_~) so I figured Id have one nice thread, were we can post all the great updates from E3 as the happen.. and petter more just walked on stage XD... ill edit the post with more information has this goes on!

I will try to keep this thread updated as they speak, add the new items, however, i wont be able to do the sony one (which is the one i want to sEEEEEEEE errrr) anyway, ill have the rest! Please, do not say anything about typos, im writing this as they talk, and i watch soo.. bah.. I STILL CANT BELIEVE IM NOT GANA SEE SONY! anyway..

News is in italics
Games are in bold

Looks like the first game up for the show is

Rock Band.
Rock band seems to be the "new" guitar hero. Theres 4 people one stage, one on drums, one on guitar, another on bass, and another singing.. looks like an interesting game. horrible singing... and it seems Petter paused the game in middle of the demo..and didnt know how to unpause it xD

Next game is now

Mass Effect
Seems to just show an intro, nothing much, went right to information on microsoft and 360 sells.

He says it will be out THIS November, He says Xbox360 has sold more games than both consols combined,
Talks about how GTA4+madden+Halo 3 together will make up of 1/3 of total games sold this holiday. (so he thinks)

The talk is over, and is now showing clips of a lot of games coming out for the 360, im not going into them all, as there are a LOT of the,. some look amazing.. almost makes me want a 360 (almost..).

Jeff bell, VP of marketing is now on the stage.

Scene it
said to be new, built from the ground up, only for 360 game, it comes with a new built controller. (cuts to commercial as he talks about the controller.. bah)


Just an intro with some music, nothing big.

HD sport games from EA games will run twice as fast, and it will start with nnca football

They have Reggi bush come on stage to place Madden 2008

Madden 2008
They are playing it, but sport games are lame (dont hurt me) if you care to here what happens as they play this, go do a search on google, im sure youll find it.

Xbox live has 7 millon people, this means a new member every 8 seconds. they plan to have 10 million by easter. The biggest part seems to be Xbox live arcade, it has had over 45 million downloads. You will have over a 100 new games to download

Now showing some new games for the arcade (one seems to be bomberman!!!) GOLDEN AXE!!! .. sonic..and many many many more!!

OMG WOW go figure GOLDEN AXE AND SONIC can be downloaded TONIGHT (if you have never heard of golden axe, trust me.. .GO GET IT)

500 hours of HD movies on Xbox live. Xbox 360 is leading the way of digital media. over 125 million on downloaded content. New interneamnt is...Disney! they are puting their hits on xbox live!

Canada and Europe will have this now as well.

August 24th, Europe gets the elite xbox 360

Now brings out head of mircost game studios VP, SHane KIM

just talking about racing games, if you care about this, go google it like the sports.

Has 2 people come to show Project gotham racing 4
Now has bikes. (commercial)

Gears of War
Headed towrds windows, with new content, and game editor, and other secrets. new levels and ...ect
Lead designer comes on stage (Cliff W)

He is showing us this on windows.


call of duty 4
Shows some gameplay

2 new people on stage (one is jason west, lead of the game)

here we get to see more of this game... WOW does it look amazing, I know ill be getting this one for the ps3 ^_~ (did i say this game looks amazing?)

Splinter cell

Only coming to Xbox 360 this time

We find out that both trailers were actully footage CAUGHT from the 360.. they are now showing them on the big screen, nothing big....
360 will have gta4 only content xtras

Virtual fighter 5
Will have online play on 360

Devil May cry 4
On 360

ON 360! this looks.. HOLY CRAP!!!
july 25th for full trailer

Assains creed
Showing some new levels, LOOKS AMAZING! wow.. you can go anywhere, if you run tino the crowed ot fast, you can nok off the pots on the hand.. THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!! OMG THE BATTLE IS AMAZING!! 4 weapons to pick, and this music sounds GREAT! OMG the chasing.. is amazing, if you get to close, he throws the crowed at you.. this is just amazing... on second thought, i might be getting a 360.. this game is GREAT!!!!!!

~this November

Some random text on screen ... looks ..weird so far..
wait this isnnt halo 3... XD or.. maybe it is... this is... so different looking (im no halo fan so i really woulndt know)

HALO 3 SPECIAL EDITION, has halo 3 accessories

And thats it, as petter says "the best holiday lineup in game history" (not sure i agree with this) but some very nice games to say the least.

and there you go, Microsoft's kick off.

WAIT, as he walks off he says "lets make sure we finish the fight"
Looks like some halo 3... YEP is halo 3 gameplay!!! single player!!
this looks amazing... a lot better than the other 2 in my opinion, and the music is cool. (HAHAHAHA a commercial goes off right in the middle of it ) BAH

THere you go, Ill cover nintendo for you tomorrow, (maybe) but.. sony.. i wont be here for *tear*. Leave your thoughts, or information i left out (which isnt much if any)

Nintendo E3 Conference
It has now started

Opens with a talking Nintendo cartoon type thing xD
also along with a lot of clips of news and such that were talking about the wii

Opens with reggi Fils-anime

Growth in us is 45%, Europe is 42% japan is 114%
3rd of all systems (nintendo systems) are being bought by women


it takes the to remotes, and puts them into a gun
Games such as a new resident evil and some old acade will be using this right awat, and medal of honor, is built to use the wii zapper.
this will come with the wii, or you can buy it for 19.99

SOUL caliber is coming out for WII

It seems to be a more action game, rather than a fighter

.. and thats all i can do for now, unless there is somehing else big


MArio kart for wii will be online!
The E3 is way smaller than the previous years but there are still some great things. I follow the news of the E3 a lot and I like the Halo3 trailer ver much
woohoo, go nintendo, its making its comeback,
I wasn't a big fan of any of the conferences. I really didn't know what to expect. I was just excited cause previous e3s came with so many awesome announcements. Things got watered down and I guess everything else went with it.
Well the reason E3 isn't as big this year is because they've closed the doors to the general public and made it more of an industry and news-generating conference. G4 has pretty much most of the exclusives and I'm loving it.
Wii Fit is one bad idea! What does nintendo want? Gaming is for fun and not to excerise or sweat! Who buy a game console when you don't play games with it?
Yjaxygames wrote:
Wii Fit is one bad idea! What does nintendo want? Gaming is for fun and not to excerise or sweat! Who buy a game console when you don't play games with it?

Wii fit is a GREAT idea, do you know why the wii is doing so good? because its going after new gamers, wii fit isnt just for fitness, its for having fun. The people that are new gamers and that are playing because of games like wii sports and such, will love this game. they are going after casule gamers, which is what is really selling now, arnt you watching anything on E3??
Yjaxygames wrote:
Wii Fit is one bad idea! What does nintendo want? Gaming is for fun and not to excerise or sweat! Who buy a game console when you don't play games with it?

Dance Dance Revolution... comes to mind... Guitar Hero... that's a 50/50 kinda thing... But DDR is like a Wii Fit, but upgraded.
E3 looks great so far, some highlights for me are StarCraft 2 and COD 4. They both look super sweet, and I'm really looking forward to them. StarCraft 2 goes without saying. COD4 will be out this fall, and I can't wait to hop in the AC130 Gunship and do some major distuction. What you guys like so far?
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