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Problem with Windows Vista Drivers upgade.

Well I'm working on upgrading to Vista. My system should run great being only 5 months old, and I'm using Vista Home Premium. The problem I'm runnning into is none of my drivers will install, or if I do get them install they just uninstall after a little bit. The main problem with this being my Sata Raid drivers will not install under Home Pre, but did using the one month trial of Ultimate, they did. Is Raid not supported in Home Edition of Vista? And any ideas how to get my drivers working in Vista?

I'm running a Conroe based system. With the eVGA 680i MoBo, and the Nvida GeForce 7900GT.
Let me start by saying that I have never (ever) heard of drivers uninstalling themselves. Vista Home Premium should work with SATA RAID. Have you made sure that you are using Vista drivers and not ones written for XP? You should also make sure that you have the correct x-bit drivers. Most systems are still 32-bit but 64-bit systems are out there.

You can also check the event logs to see if Windows reports any useful information there. Good luck.
Are you installing drivers off a CD? If so go download the drivers for the official site of the device you are using. Some of them have Vista drivers that will make the device work in vista. I know that Nvidia has Vista Drivers so you can start there if thats giving you issues. (Vista nvidia driver is bad so just get it from their site)
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Every computer savvy person I have talked to so far has referred to a change from XP to Vista as a downgrade. It seems problems like this are quite common, and compatibility issues run rampant. I perosnally am going to wait for these things to get sorted before I look at the OS
I have checked the Offical site that the 7900GT should be support with 32bit Windows Vista.
This is a list of product support:

So, take a copy of this new WHQL cerified graphics driver to see if it is work from here:

Also, check the system applet of the control panel to see if it is enabled the driver signing option.
It is used to confirm that only signed driver were installed in the system for ensure stabitiy.

Good Luck.
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