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Cigs making my lungs bleed

Hey there! I need some help here. I am 23 years old and I am ashamed
to admit it but I have been smoking ciggarettes since I was about 13. I
was never one of those people who smoked because it was cool (in fact
none of my freinds smoked and they would make fun of me for it heh)
but rather I've always smoked to releive stress...which sadly my life has
a lot of. Anyway! I am getting older and I am tired of smoking so much, I
wish I could just smoke when I drink or something...but I'm not sure I
can do that since I smoke regularly now....

Have any of you quit smoking? How did you do it? What worked for you?

Have any of you gone from smoking full time down to just
socialy or once in a while? How did you do it?

I have heard lots of different things from lots of different people,
but I figured the internet would provide even that much more
variety to the advice......

thank you all for your time and comments Very Happy
Well 13 believe it or not is the average age where kids begin to smoke I believe. Very sad. I can't really help you but all I can do is pray for you Sad . I had a friend from my old school was started smoking when he was 11 Sad . Haven't heard anything of him for a while too. Crying or Very sad
Plenty of kids in my area smoke, some as young as 10, in the streets. I don't smoke, nor do I plan to at any point in my life, or drink either.

It is so easy for them to just tip you over the edge, you feel miserable, you you start them up, and although you feel better about yourself, they slowly destroy the world around you, until you end up worse off than you were when you started. Sad

Try to stop as soon as you can, get patches, or gum, or something, and see a doctor! Not wanting to freak you out; but if your lungs are bleeding, it could mean lung burns, clogged tubes, bronchitis, or even something far more serious. I am not a doc, but I know enough to know that internal organs bleeding is not good...

Good luck mate.
Hey, I'm am never gonna smoke
Step into a Smoking Free World!

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I don't know if this thing is going to help you but I heard of them on Yahoo homepage and they said they are good.
Thanks for the info.

I think im going to stop smoking from now on Sad
A friend of me just quitted smoking at once. And it worked. And when you decide to stop tell your friends to put out every cigarrete you smoke after dat in your face when they see you smoking. Maybe gum chewing will also work.
hmm, there are alot of things on the market like patches, gum, etc, but I'd see a doctor as they will have the best advice for the matter.
Look at it like this: you'll be saving alot of money when you quit Laughing
Good luck which ever way you choose to quit Laughing
Japokskee wrote:
Thanks for the info.

I think im going to stop smoking from now on Sad

please let us know how that got on for you Smile

KS, you said u started smoking because of stress, therefore dont u think that the problem to your smoking habbits? Perhaps once you have sorted out your stress issues with your lifestlye, then it will make quiting smoke alot easier.

Althought, dont think that just quiting everything you do every day so that you can life a stress free life at home doing nothing, this wont work because you still need to be active. So try not to stop doing things, but try doing more.. Might sound silly but seriously, How about going swimming in the evening or going to the gym in the morning? Anything that will take our mind off it in a smoke free environment.

Smoking is most definately not helping you anymore, there are sure signs of that. They dont just put 'Smoking Kills' on packets for the hell of it.

In my opinion, the patch and other products on the market for smokers are useless, all they do is just sit there on ur arm to remind you that ur quiting smoking i recon. You can fight this on your own.. but not forgetting your friends and your doctor to help you. Try finding something healthy to replace cigs.
I should have added that my lungs are not ACTUALY bleeding....
I just meant to emphasize how sick of the dang things I am....

I am a healthy active person and it really hasn't effected my lung
capacity as of YET, but I know as I get older the damage will become ir-
repairable and I'd like to stop now rather than later....

I wish it was as easy as 'eliminating stress', but really it's just the little
things, on a slow day if I feel anxious I'll smoke more or on a busy day
when I feel worn out I'll smoke more.....If I'm drinking I definately smoke
more...but I'm not willing to give that up....

I wish I could say my main drive to quit comes from health issues, sad
but true fact is A: they are expensive and B: a pain in the arse to go get all the time.


thank you all for the input - feel free to keep it coming!

for all of you who don't smoke (especialy the youngins') kudos to
you! Very Happy and keep that up! 'cause once you start it is hard to stop.

thanx again peoples Very Happy
I started smoking at age eight, and it's basically been the same thing with me. I smoke not with friends, but by myself to relieve stress.

In the past year, I have cut down on my cigarette use a LOT. I now do it very occasionally, and honestly, what helped me was:

1) thinking of my loved ones. they didn't tell me to stop, but they were inspiration, because i don't want to die young or in such a terrible way and cause them grief.

2) thinking of how much money i spend on cigarettes. i saved all the money i'd spend buying packs and bought myself an iPod, and some new video games I'd been wanting.

3) gum.
cigarrettes are a very terrible thing; best wishes for all you smokers out there on the frihost forums! i know quitting is hard. as the chinese say, 'jia you!' - means something like 'you can do it! good luck!'
Yea, let us know if you manage to give up and how.

Good Luck.
I have smoked off and on for a few years. I actually just had my first cigy yesterday after a 2 month break. When i stop, i go on a backpacking trip for a few days with out smokes. Its a good way to go if your addicted bad. When you get back the hard part is over. If you want to "only smoke when your drinking" or something like that it gets tricky. I've found if you smoke you you break the wall and just start smoking again all the time. I smoke pretty often but i never buy smokes. Its because I'm more concerned about giving big tobacco money then the health aspect. This tactic just forces you to solely be a social smoker. Well, thats my advice. Good luck with quiting. It really is the healthy choice.
could try aversion therapy, everytime you want a fag, geta mate or someone close to hit you.
I've seen some really young people smoking on the streets, usually with a mate.
13 is a really young age to start smoking but I have seen kids on the streets who are much younger than that and they are smoking in groups. I started smoking at the age of 16 (I'm 21 right now) and I have regretted what I have done. I think that smoking is really bad but I cannot quit at all. I try to quit and do not smoke for a few days but then I start again. I do not know how to stop smoking. I even quit for about 11 months and then I started again. I do not know what to do. I want to quit but I am not able to.
A fragment of the cig might suddenly be thrust into the air with amazing force, that liberated particle then has the possibility of being impaled in the retina of a nearby friend... so dont smoke, for your friends sake
i dont smoke.... nor do i ever plan to.. though 2 times in my life.. a few friends dared me to take a puff and not get hooked... so i made a liar out of them the first time Wink then the second time was with a cigar and the same sort of thing.... they taste gross and theyre a waste of time.

Though here are some if my ways of getting rid of stress:
-Do some programming in VB.NET
-Listen to my favorite music
-Deep Breaths and count to 10
-Talk to a friend about your day.
I don't smoke either but both of my parents do. My mom smokes sigarets n' my dad smokes cigars..
It's normal to have smoking people around you but if you wanna stop you visit a pharmacy or a doc or smthing. You can buy nicotine plasters and that kinda things but, I personally think, that if you really wanna stop smoking, it's no probleme. You just gotta have some courage and selfrespect.

How are you getting on KS ? I havent seen you on the forum in a while. I'd love to know how your doing. Still hanging on in there or have u given up? Sad

your lungs are bleeding? many cigarettes do you smoke/day?
Like Hammy Said.

KS, you said u started smoking because of stress, therefore dont u think that the problem to your smoking habbits? Perhaps once you have sorted out your stress issues with your lifestlye, then it will make quiting smoke alot easier.

You've identified the problem, all you need to do is to sought that out. Giving up smoking in my opinion is a waste of time when you are stressed, as it just compounds the original problem. My grandfather has smoked all his life until now, and he's still kicking and in good health for his age. Stress is and unhappiness is the bigger killer.

Anyways, good luck with whatever you choose to do Twisted Evil
I know my dad smoked when he was in his 20s.

One of the things that helped him quit, was actually to start training judo Very Happy

Good luck in the quitting Smile
I CAN DO ANYTHING attitude helps to quit smoking.
i quit after smoking for a yr. now i feel healthy.

have to have a strong determination power. Mind over matter trick helps a lot.
or meditation might help for some people.
I have been smoking for a little over 20 years now, I have quit 3 times. All times have been pretty sucessful for a period of time. The longest being 9 months. But, each and every time I went back there were very stressful and painful moments going on in my life at the time.

I have also tried the precription pills and gum as well, they don't work nearly as good as the patch. Used the patch as required for a month and a half and it took all the craving away while I was on it. I would recommend it to anyone if and inly if you are serious about quiting. If you are gonna just half as it then don't bother. You must be into it.

If you decide to quit I wish you the best of luck, and stay strong....
I am happy to hear that you want to quit. The best way to quit is a COLD TURKEY stop. Needing to smoke is all in your head (sorry but true). If you feel the need to smoke, take a long walk, breathing deeply to relax or head for the gym. Best of luck to you!
Added incentive: I just lost a friend this month to lung cancer caused by his smoking. The last six months of his life were extremely painful, not only for him, but his wife and two kids.
Well I started when I was 18 and I have stopped now for almost 10 years. My suggestion is cold turkey and I know here in Canada and I would expect it in the states that the Cancer Society have actual support groups to help you out. I know it was a great help to call someone when I really felt like a cigarette and they would help me talk myself out of it. Good Luck
Hmm, everyone knows that smoking is a bad thing, but still I havn't heard of some that defended the side of smoking, or those who are not planning to stop smoking. Personally, I swore to myself I'll never smoke- but in my opinion all addictions work they same way I guess. Oftenly doing an activity will cause your subconscious mind to think that activity is enjoyable, and there is an urge to do it again.

Maybe I don't smoke, but I would like to share to you how I avoided the addiction of video game playing and caffeine - since I started college, I told myself this is my close future I'm dealing with so I always think that I can't start playing games even though there's a free time.. and caffeine, yeah, you just can't drink coffee everyday, don't make it a habit or it'll be your addiction. Therefore, I don't drink coffee unless I need to, to avoid sleeping.

So, addiction starts when you do something again and again, but it can be stopped when you leave the habit for a long period of time. This works for all kinds of addiction including smoking, though leaving the habit requires a bit of willpower. So, keep telling yourself you could have a dinner or it's your health you're playing with when you're trying to buy cigarettes or trying to take another puff.
Zug Zug
Grandma's recipe for quitting smoking:

Take up a new hobby, something that you like.

Carry around peanuts or some other form of healthy food-and whenever you get the craving for a ciggarett just eat a piece of dried fruit or trailmix.

Also wear a rubber band on your wrist-a thick one-and whenever you get a craving pull that back as hard as you can and let go-she said it helped her a lot.

Do not keep any extra money/lighters/matches/anything that can light a cig up in your home/car/purse/whatever.

She said it worked for her and she smoked from age of 10 to 58.

Also I was addicted to video games....a certain game called World of Warcraft. I used my grandmas recipe for quitting the game. It may sound silly to you but to me World of Warcraft was my life- I ditched school/work for it, my whole life revolved around raiding schedules and guild events. Ugh, I have been clean for two months now and I can't believe how much money I spent-15.00 a month for two years and seven months-that's about 465 dollars. So grandmas recipe does work.
I've just never been able to understand how stress can be so bad it causes people to do bad things, like smoke and drink. Maybe I've just never been a stressful person, or maybe I've never really had that much stress, but it just seems like no matter how much stress there is, there's always a healthy alternative to relieving the stress. Listening to music, going for a walk, playing a video game, watching a favorite movie or TV show, chatting on the Internet, talking with friends about it, and most of all - going to the source of the stress and attempting to get rid of it. Smoking and drinking are just temporary reliefs, and are unhealthy in the long run. Maybe I'm just not a sensitive person, I dunno - but it just doesn't seem like ANYTHING in this world can be stressful enough for someone to go and, essentially, kill themselves.

I bet that if you quit smoking, you'd have one less thing to worry about, and that would lift some of your stress. The whole point of this world is that everyone gets a chance, so even if you think you've missed it, or haven't had it yet, it's always worth it to seek out a new one.
I've never smoked, but I'm sure there's a lot more to quitting than simply "doing it". I'm also sure that taking up a new hobby and stuff like that will help, but I believe that support from other people will really make the biggest difference.
I understand what some people are saying about quitting cold turkey and then taking up a new hobby. But for some of us, as sad as it is, I just don't have the time to take up a new hobby. I know just another excuse, but I work almost 17 to 18 hrs a day, and one of the jobs is very high stress and I am in a rut at it. What I mean is that my job is very much the same routine and to deviate from it would make my days even longer to complete the assigned work.

One of these days I will make a serious go at it, but for right now it's not in the cards. Yeah I know I am weak minded..... Crying or Very sad
Most people can't controll themselves with smoking. There are two ways to stop. The first, to quit all together. The other one is slow down. You say you would wish you only smoke when you are drinking. I started when i was 15, and now ten years later i still smoke, but very rarely.
My tip to slow down with smoking is like this. Smoking is a psychological habit. Try to teach yourself not to smoke in every NEW situation in your life. For instance: you have a new job. do not smoke during breaks. you move to a differnet home; stop smoke there.
It really worked. It takes some time though, but i taught myself only to smoke when i am having a drink in a club (only with people who smoke as well). And i start reducing my smoking at the age of 23 as well. I smoked a pack a day. now i smoke about two packs a month and i am still reducing my sigaret consumption.

You are still young, so a lot of things will change in your current situation, wich makes it a perfect method to smoke way less then you do right now. And at the end you will turn older and your visits to a club will be less and less as well. beeing strong is the key.

Whatever method you will choose, i wish you good luck!
I don't smoke so I don't know what relief or advantage people get from there but I have no plan to try it. I have friends who smoke and tried to quit but then, they started doing it again. My dad started smoking since he was young and we kept telling him to stop but he won't listen to us. But he has gone low with it unlike before.

So, maybe, if you can't quit at once, try slowing it down like what thejam said. I pray for your success~ ^^
Yeah, i too started to smoke when i was only 13 or 14 just because i thought its cool Until now but now for last few months i started to have pain in heart. It was like something piercing my heart with needle. Everytime it happend and everytime i promised myself that i wont smoke but kept forgetting. Then now one month ago i just said to me that i wont smoke again and till now i havent smoke! Nowdays i feel more energatic and good. I sometime
I stop smoking 5 years ago. But it was really difficult for me. At first, I had failed several times. But my wife really wanted me to stop smoking.
I don't smoke so i won't pretend like I know the best way to stop it's vicious cycle. The only thing I can think of is make up your mind that you want to quit and make it a priority, make it clear to friends and family that this is your goal and ask them for help in assistance when you are feeling weak, and lastly pick up some new hobbies that will occupy your time (non-stressful ones) so you will have less time to even think about smoking.

Lastly as some kind of deterrent, I have a short story.... one of my good friend's lifelong goals was to do a lot of recreational scuba diving and eventually scuba across the entire world. About a year ago his lung formed a small hole from smoking (he's quit since then), but he will never be able to scuba dive due to this. It's pretty sad that it happened, but these are the mistakes we make and learn by.
I personaly never smoked however i have been around smokers. I do encourage alot of smokers to quit smoking, even though it may be rude.
My brother's smoked for quite a while now, worst part is, that he's got a disease that just makes it all worse. If i recall right he stopped for a while, but after some stress he's been starting again as well.
To be honest i'm pretty worried about his health, he already smokes up to 10 cigs a dayand drinks himself drunk every week. and with the disease i can't imagine how he'll be like in 5 years Confused
I know someone that quit smoking -- what really helped her was gum. Also she used a neat tequnique:
She got a big calendar for her wall, and every day that she diddnt smoke, she crossed out the day in a big red marker. pretty soon, the line of red x's builds up, and you dont want to break it. It helped her a lot.
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