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VERY URGENT! Please Help Me!

Alright. Please someone help me! And also please excuse my spell and grammer, but I can't really see anything on my screen. My computer is messing up. It's either the graphics card or my monitor or something. Here's the whole thing:
- To start off... I was about to play battlefield 2 but before I did I put my Game Accelerator 6.6 on because my hardware isn't that good so I needed a little boost. And I started up BF2 and was playing a little, when some green flicker things (just like the one in my screenshot except green) came on the screen. This has happened a couple of times before and I'm not exactly sure what I did but I think the game just quit or something and the flickers where left on my screen. I manually closed the computer because I thought it would fix itself. Apperently I was wrong. It didn't and what you see bellow is what happened.

I turned my computer back on and I got a bunch of weird static looking stuff and flickering stuff. Sorry for my description but I really don't know what to describe them as. It seemed pretty weird. Right after that a blue looking screen with a bunch of writing came on for a little under 2 seconds so I can't see it and then it restarts for some reason and it does the same as the first except when it started up the computer the screen has a bunch of weird flickers or something (same as last time) on it but then it goes to a screen that has the options of of using it on safe mode and a bunch of other options but on this screen there are color flicker things and stuff that looks like non moving static and 5 different letters would be in a colum running up the screen. I would pick one of the safe mode options. And it would bring me to my desktop. The resolution though would be reset back to 800 x 600 and it would all be in windows classic mode (not to mention a lot of flicker things). And there would be no icons in the task bar. I did try to restart my computer more times but nothing was fixed. Anyways I do all the same things to get back to my messed up desktop screen. I thought, maybe a worm or virus or trojan? (I'm still not sure, but it might be). But then I thought that it might be my graphics card. So I went into the control panel (all in classic mode), system, hardware, device manger, display adapters, and uninstalled my NVIDIA video card and my graphics accelerator and it said it needed to restart to work so then I do and oddly enough, it doesn't go to the safe mode menu thing and it goes to the login menu, but it all still had the static and flicker stuff. I click on my name and log in. It brings me to my desktop in windows XP mode and I can see all the tasks in my task bar. Everything seemed to be working except I still have these pink and sometimes green flickers. I went back to try to reinstall my graphics card, I put my disk in to reinstall the graphics card and I got to the setup and it was installing and then it got halfway when my zonealarm ask for the permission of the program that was trying to access something. I thought it was the disk (it might have been, I couldn't see it.) needing to restart for the card to work. I clicked Allow and then my computer made the noise that it usually makes saying it's going to restart. And it seemed like it was half way through the restart (where the screen goes black and then it should turn back on again) but then it just stayed on the black screen for 5 minutes or so and I just manually shut it down thinking it didn't work. When I turned in back on it did the same thing as the beginning (turn on with flickers and static, had to open in safe mode, and the resolution was 800x600 and in windows classic mode). And I uninstalled the card again and came onto Frihost community to ask for some assistance.

The screenshot-

Other Things About it:
- A video controller (vga compatible) hardware install notifaction thing came on a couple of times and I allowed it to download but it could not find the right stuff on my computer it needed to download.

- Whenever I resize, scroll, or move a window the pink flicker things spread in a much bigger portion all around the window.
screenshot of this-

If a video is needed for anyone to figure out what it is, I might be able to make one with my camera (can take 2 minute video clips) and host it on youtube, but it will take a while on my other very very crappy computer. Please help me!
Your screen looks terrible!! All I can say is if you're using a monitor (not LCD screen). I had the same problem with a monitor a long time ago when LCDs weren't common yet. But it wasn't as bad as what is happening to you, only the screen constantly moving away from the sides, and the screen to change into a one colour. That was because of the monitor itself so replacing it solves the problem.

Most likely your problem is with the hardware. Can you tell us the graphics card you're using.
Start by slowing down you video card performance to zero, in the video properties panel, go to advanced settings, and acceleration, if that works fine, it might be a video memory issue.

If not:

Unistall your game booster, uninstall your video card device driver, then reinstall your device driver, and directx to the lastest version of each one mentioned.

If not:

Your video card might have a hardware failure. That's more complicated, give us feedback about this.

Best regards.... RG
It's physical damage for sure. I think it's related to memory system as ronald said (probably it's something wrong with memory semiconductors powering, could be one or more capacitors broken , I can't see it so i can't expertise.
How do I get to my video card settings?

And my video card is a EVGA 128-P2-N368-TX GeForce 6600GT 128MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card or something like that. And also, I said before, I unistalled my graphics card and all the flickery things are still there but I can do anything I can normally do on a computer.
I ment the display settings, I'm sorry, I don't speak good english...

anyway... have you tried to install you video card in another pc??? and, mmmm I don't know if I'm wrong, but if you have pci express capabilities then your computer must be a little recent.

Maybe the last tryout, is installing your video card in some friend's pc, check out how does it works, and then throw it or keep it my friend.

I'm sorry 4 been so cold, but that's the way it is some times.
Well I can't really try it on another computer right now. But what if I do a whole systems clear? Just wipe out everything on my computer. Could that maybe fix the problem? Confused

And if it can fix it, can someone give me a step by step guide or something on how to do it?
Something similar to this happened to me and the problem was my graphic card. Try to open your computer and put the cables connected to your graphic card to the place they was when you bhought your computer (I don't know the exact place but it's easy to find).

Also, when the problem happened, did you smell a melt plastic odor?
I doubt reinstalling your operating system could fix this, because that wouldn't fix a hardware problem. More than likely your graphics card has gone crazy, but it could be a problem with just one resolution. (stranger things have happened to me.) Can you reset your video card settings to their defaults? Or change the resolution to something really safe like 1024x768? If none of those really seem to help it, you may want to check and see if your video card is plugged in all the way. As the previous poster pointed out, you may have burned up your video card (I've done that too) and if so you'll have to replace it (obviously). Best of luck with this though!
It's your VGA alright, seen this before. Either VRAM or the core. Do you still have warranty on the card, since it's recent? If yes then don't mess around yourself.
I'm almost certain this is a failure in your graphics card. Maybe your graphics card overheated and is a bit broken now. I hope you can succeed in fixing it, but with a broken component on the graphics card you cant really do much about it. You can try to take the graphics card out of your computer and then move to a local computer store. They should be able to test it quite easily, and they should do it for free in most cases. WHen it is clear that it's a hardware failure you should consider buying a new graphics card. Fortunately a card with performance equal to your old care shouldnt be too expensive anymore.
Good luck with the whole problem
I think u fried ur graphics card... This happened with me also, luckily it was within warranty... If u still usin that software try uninstallin and c wat happens, if it dosent wrk then i fear u blew up the gpu
first u uninstall your accelerator software... then try.. if it continue the same screen.. try to change RAM and Graphics Card.. it will solve your problem. sure...
There is a high possibility that it's a hardware problem. Might be a faulty graphics card. Anyway, just wanna clarify something, does this pink pixels (image corruption) occur when you just start up your computer (e.g. during the BIOS POST check up)? Or, does it only occur when your PC is booted into Windows? Also, please check your VGA cable (the cable that connects your graphics card to your monitor). Sometimes, a defective VGA cable could result in this problem as well.
If the VGA cable were broken, would the artifacts show on a screenshot? I don't think so.
Arnie wrote:
If the VGA cable were broken, would the artifacts show on a screenshot? I don't think so.

Yeah the screenshot shows that this has nothing to do with the monitor or VGA cable, so most likely the video card if simply removing the accelerator software doesn't fix it.
If that accelerator program you use overclocks the video card (it probably does), then theres the slight chance it overheated and burnt. You can know if the damage is permanent by 2 ways.

One would be uninstaling the accelerator program. It should then reset your video card to the original clock speeds, and if the card is not broken you will not have problems anymore.

The other way is a bit more complicated, but is what i would do. If you take off your graphics card and install it in another computer, if the problems still happens, then you need to buy a new graphics card for yourself. If they dont then its just a software on your computer thats still overclocking it and making those weird things apear.

Please note that, as stated above, if the problem was your monitor or the graphics cord the artifacts wouldn't be on the screenshot - it is your graphics card.
Wow, nice screenshots.
Well, it is probably Video card or Monitor. I recommend you to get a Monitor and video card from friend so you can check out, what is causing that problem.
Wait... did we fail to rule out the monitor or did you just fail to read the entire topic?
Game Accelerator appears to be the problem. I would recommend uninstalling it and go from there. I'm not familiar with the software, but it may have corrupted some drivers, settings, or even hardware...
Okay, these people are right. Some are a little, technical. Some people, said to take the computer apart. How will someone maybe not even knowing what there doing, know how to take a computer apart? No offense, but.

Your saying, that you were playing a game, and it started flickering green lines. Now, all we see are pink lines going across the screen.

Problem is, your Video Card or Graphics Card, needs to ne updated. I suggest, maybe updating ALL your drivers, especailly, your graphics and video card. But, that may not be the problem. It sounds like you need a new monitor, lcd, or new graphics card. Like some people said, TRY, im saying try, to find someone with a monitor that you can use for a little while, to test if it the monitor, or your graphics card. If everything else is working fine, it has to be your cards, or monitor. Like I said, try getting a monitor to test if it your monitor, or if it is the graphics card.
Feel free to contact me. If you still have this problem, can you PLEASE give me more details, and I will look further in this issue.

I hope that gave you a little advice.
Wish the best for you.
appears to be gpu issue; but is just my guess. i would consider to try different gpu if you have any extra around...
I think it is most probably a hardware problem, something wrong wif ur video card. The blue screen was probably the BSOD of Windows, maybe signifying something was wrong wif ur device, and usually aft tt it will restart.
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