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Windows Mail, or Microsoft Office Outlook

MS Windows Mail Vrs. Microsoft Office Outlook
Microsoft Office Outlook
 75%  [ 3 ]
Microsoft Windows Mail (Win Vista BE)
 25%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4

hello guys, I got a new pc, and I have to migrate my e-mails and all that stuff to the new one, wich is better option for you?:

Microsoft Windows Mail

Microsoft Office Outlook
I wish I could give you an opinion, but sadly I have no clue how to use email software, because I always use webmail. Sorry.

edit~ Oh, there was a cool email program that I was using on my friends computer once, but it's not on the list of yours.
neither, use Gmail! Rolling Eyes
Mozilla Thunderbird is undoubtedly the best email client out there. But if I'm choosing from those two, Microsoft Windows Mail is better - it's newer and has a more pleasing and cleaner GUI.
For webmail, use Gmail. If I had pop3 email, use Incredimail if at all possible (It's awesome!).

But I guess out of those two, you should use Microsoft Office Outlook.
I prefer to use webmail, e.g. GMail... i dun realli like downloading personal emails to my computer.
orcaz wrote:
I prefer to use webmail, e.g. GMail... i dun realli like downloading personal emails to my computer.

So you'd rather store on a server somewhere else in the world than on your own machine, where you can back it up and keep it safe?

I use Outlook 2003 at home, and Outlook 2007 at work. I also use Thunderbird to check my POP3 mail at work. Never used Vista so couldn't comment on Windows Mail. I assume it's better than Outlook Express?
I think that most people don't bother to back up their emails! and on that basis I think that they (the emails) would be much more 'safe' on some remote severs that host one of the biggest sites it the world than on a laptop or old desktop.

And the best advantage of hosted email is that you can access it anywhere on any computer easily.
I also use gmail for all my e-mail, works perfectly. But if i had to choose between those two i would definately go for windows mail. Microsoft Office Outlook contains a lot of things you will never use, windows mail is just like outlook express, its simple and efficient.
Mozilla Thunderbird is better, so i should go for thunderbird if it was possible for me.
I would highly recommend using neither of the programs you suggest. For Windows, I would recommend Mozilla Thunderbird.

i don't advise you to use windows mail beacause it is not so reliable
outloock is better than another one and easy
VOted for outlook! Laughing
Thunderbird? I'd rather use stone tablets for email Laughing I as well as many other people here prefer webmail. I don't have to worry about my email when I change ISP's, between my gmail and hotmail accts I have almost 5G of storage space, I've never lost a single email from either service, with gmail I can still download to outlook or windows mail if I need to (but I never do), and you can check it from almost any computer.

Some people worry about the reliability of webmail, but I can tell you that I've had more computer crashes than either hotmail or gmail has.
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