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GTO Anime or GTO Live?

What would your preference be?
GTO Anime Version
 0%  [ 0 ]
GTO Live Version
 100%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 3

:: Great Teacher Onizuka ::

What would you choose? For me, I would like the Live one because the cast really expressed their feelings just like in the Anime version...

By the way GTO Anime also rock! Smile
I would say Live as well. While the anime is nicely animated, the believability of the drama was spot on.

The live action was well thought out, too bad it was a short series. I would of liked it to continue on for at least one more season. =)
Hi there,

Still hasn't cast my vote because i have never seen the live action. I have seen the anime and I must say it is one of my all time favorites. I am going to try to watch some live action episodes as soon as i finish my exams and afterwards i'll post what i think.

Stay Cool.
I like the live action better. It is sweet and succinct where the animation had quite a few episodes that were bare and hollow and added little to the plot. However, the anime had a better wrap-up to the the story than the live action. The special and movie that went along with the live action did a poor, poor job with wrapping up the series. I felt the live action picked wonderful actors to fit the role, especially Onizuka with his brand of toughness and caring. The students that they focused on are more realistic, especially with their problems and behaviors.

Plus, I was not a big fan of the artwork and animation style of the anime despite a good plot.
I can't really remember if I have watched the anime. XD I think I haven't finished it yet. But I really really love the Live Action.
GTO Lve Action is so much better than the anime. I think I made a mistake by watching the Live Action version first. GTO Live Action had an all-star cast so it really standed out.
I haven't watch much of the Live Action, but I loved the anime! The best, the most orginal story ever! So many plot turns, that I can't count them! I think to this day, that GTO is indeed THE BEST anime ever made! Without an objection Smile .
GTO is one of the best live action i've ever seen... it started with anime and the live action is very realistic and it is almost like the anime one... i've already seen all the episodes and the special series and as well as the movie... though the movie is not as good as the series of course coz they have to shorten the story on the movie, it still gives a great impression to the viewers especially the lessons it portrays...
How many seasons of the Live action GTO are there? and episodes total?

I've watched the anime and read some of the manga and I liked them very much. I have heard that the liv action was well made, but I never really made a serious effort to get my hands on it.

To hear that so many people praise the live action one and compare it to the anime *which is great) makes me pique my interest.
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