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DirectX3D study?

I will have to start a project that use DirectX3D,so I have to learn DirectX3D.I want to study DirectX3D as quickly as possible.
So please give me some advice or some good website to learn it well,thanks very much everybody.
I use Visual C++ to program ,is it the best one in 3d graphic process?
Well, the best advice i can give you to start is that there's no such thing as DirectX3D.

There is DirectX, which is a collection of technologies that includes 2D and 3D graphics, sound, networking, etc.

There is Direct3D, which is/used to be the DirectX 3D graphics API.

Then there is DirectX Graphics or DirectGraphics, which may or may not completely eliminate the distinction between Direct3D and DirectDraw in future versions... currently it's just a catch-all name for the two.

Of course, last i heard, everything i've just told you is already on the way towards obsolescence.

At any rate, at least now you have good search terms for Google.

And it doesn't matter what compiler you use, be it VC++ or otherwise. They're all equally good. Even if one generates substantially faster code than others - which isn't really true - it won't make a difference to you. Your code will probably be stalled by the graphics bus, not the CPU.
Yes, I am sorry .there is no DirectX3d,There is Direct3D.
Thank you very much for advice.I have found some good forums about 3D programming.I will still use VC++ as my compiler because it is faster than Java and c#.
You should absolutely pick up a book about the subject. I strongly recommend Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct X 9.0c by Franck Luna.
If you can't afford it, go to CodeSampler and download the samples and see if you can learn from that.
About VC++, I would recommend using it instead of any other, because D3D is owned by Microsoft, and so is the SDK, so for me it would be easier to set it up (I use VC++ myself for D3D coding).
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