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A photo seiries entitled 'Golden Mist' Which is the best?

Which of the first three was the best?
The first one, the one with tinkered with settings.
 0%  [ 0 ]
The second one, the one with a car.
 100%  [ 8 ]
The third, the one taken with normal settings.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 8

I've been at it again.
Unfortunately, none of these first three captured quite what I wanted, but perhaps they are still good.
Could you perhaps tell me, which one is the better?

Tinkered with settings:

Tinkered with settings with a car:

Normal settings:

No poll on these, they were quite obvious as to which was the best:

Gagnar The Unruly
I like things about the 1st one and 2nd one, but I voted for #2. I like the color balance and contrast best in the first shot, but I think the car is cool and I like the composition of the 2nd one better. It's nice to have the sun sort of on the right, and the road stretching to the left. It's a lot more interesting that way than having everything in the middle more.

You've increased the contrast and adjusted the levels so that the darks are darker, and I thnk you've also strengthened the colors a bit. I think that's the right thing to do for the vibe you seem to be going for, and you might even be able to take it a bit farther. Particularly, in the ones with the trees I think you'll get a dreamier, more mysterious vibe if the you adjust the levels so that the darks are stronger and somewhat uniform.

The thing I think a lot of people have trouble with for any kind of art, is going far enough with things like contrast. Particularly people tend to make drawings uniformly gray, but the eye likes to see the pop and sizzle that contrast provides, even if it seems a bit less realistic at first. It usually winds up making things look more realistic, because our brains filter in a lot of contrast and depth that cameras miss -- and I think our imaginations take over a bit in real life.
Yea, the second one is more in focus and the unfogged area has a much more defined edge.
for me is the normal one is the best.
I think #1 and #3 are slightly overblurred. The car in #2 also helps a lot to prevent that.
#2 is the best as it is clear and the second best is #1

I like the ones we can't vote on alot Very Happy
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