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Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

alive hunter
Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare will be releasinf soon....

video seem great ....eagerly waiting....anybody knows the exact release date....
and will it be released for PC...

Release Date: N/A
Platforms: Ps3, XBOX 360.
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Infinity Ward
Genres: First-Person, Shooter
Platforms: PS 3, Xbox 360.... but no pc?

why they do this? I thought, Call of Duty 4 will be released on pc also?

I never have played Call of Duty 3, because it was never released on this platform...
were can i download that game?
Call of Duty 4 will be on PC, and it will be garbage on the consoles.

In fact, it will probably be garbage on PC just because they're making console versions. I can't think of a good FPS that was released on consoles at the same time.
It'll be on PC too, yeah.

There isn't any demo that you can dl now but I think they won't taking so much time to make one... w8 'n' see Very Happy

But you can see the video here ! (french website, sorry)

I'm really looking forward to play it Very Happy
oh i cant wait for it! ill search an illegal version Wink

could you play this in the internet too?
Hey, Garrys Mod is better than call of duty.
pz7thebest wrote:
oh i cant wait for it! ill search an illegal version Wink

could you play this in the internet too?

Yeah, of course. But if you tell about the demo... I don't think you'll can... Else, everybody 's going to dl the demo and to ruin Activision ^^

( Sorry for my english... I speak better french Very Happy)
I've already pre-ordered 3 x cod4 for PC for me and my friends , they'll send my copy on 9th october ,so it should be at my place in Poland on 10th. price 79,90 PLN = 30 $ for each copy, free shipping
I play CoD1, CoD1:UO and CoD2 on multiplayer and I don't like the ideea with ''modern warfare''. I saw a little of the game from a demo at my friend's house and it has the same mechanics as CoD2. Nothing new only better graphics. I hate modern warfare games besides Battlefield.
cod4 looks great, i will definetely try it out. I have a friend who is a big cod fan and he will definetely be buying it so I will probably test it out at his house first Smile
There Was a timed Beta demo release recently on the Xbox360. Not sure how Osmodius can say that it will be garbage on the consoles. It was superb, played very well with excellent graphics. This is going to be a great seller on the Xbox360. The demo release was a great taster for the 360 owners. The only thing that put me off was the mentality of some players, which leaves a lot to be desired, but that'sa different story.

I think it's release is 9th November 07.
MYP415 wrote:
cod4 looks great, i will definetely try it out. I have a friend who is a big cod fan and he will definetely be buying it so I will probably test it out at his house first Smile

My to, it really looks great.
I am now a Battlefield 2 player.
i palyed the the call of duty 1 and call of duty 2 and i really liked them but i didnt play the multiplayer mode..........

this time i am palnning to play more multiplayer
You have to read up on the history of the Call of Duty, CoD 3 was console only and was prodused by a different game company. The same guys that did CoD 2 will be doing CoD 4. The demo for the PC is great. It think they changed it so that all the different platforms will come out at the same time mid Nov. Check for details. I got it preordered and play to have some fun with it. It does look just like many of the other FPS out right now, but has a more war/action feel to it, and promises to have some great game play, like manning a C130 Gunships cannons! All is all I can't wait for the game, and don't worry the game is build for the PC not consoles so the PC verson will play fine, look great, and be fun.
COOD4 IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love cod2.
And now with cod4 !!!!!!!!

Hi there,

Awesome game, I play them since the very first one.
I just can't understand the connection consoles+fps...whatever
FPS is played on a PC. With headset and a decent keyboard and mouse lol Razz

Stay Cool !!
I played the demo and I must admit that it is really awesome. So much action, yet it's not too chaotic, that You don't know what's happening arround You. I thought that this part of CoD will suck because it shows modern warfare, but apparently it proved me wrong. It is as fun as CoD 1 or 2, maybe even is more fun ;]
Can't wait for the full version to come out.
I tried the demo and liked it also. In some ways it felt just like all the other CoD games, but with a modern setting and in others it felt different somehow. Maybe the spiffy new graphics, or the fact that (as said above) you sometimes don't know what's going on around you when it gets chaotic. All the other CoD games were so set on rails that there was never any doubt where you should go, or what you should do... and while this is the same, it's sometimes so hectic that it's easy to get a bit confused as to where you're supposed to head off to next. Not sure that's a good thing or not but I enjoyed the demo just the same. I just wish I had a faster computer to give me a bit more in the frame rate department, but I'm working on that. Smile
so.. that's why I never find COD 3 on the pc game shop... lol...
If it's released in PC too.. I'll buy it no mater what... at least for killing some time ^^ (That's what happened on my old CoD2)
I've heard nothing but good things about this game, but I doubt it will come out for the Mac.
I just bought it, i will play it today if I have time and return with opinions.
The whole leveling up for unlocks kind of thing I'vve always been interested in. That's why Battlefield 2142 still appeals to me about a year and a half after it's release.
Yay! That's hubby xmas pressie taked care of Very Happy
lol you should have watch the game's trailer. It is definitely awesome, well i bet it is as good as crysis and we get to fight like in war although it is present setting. It is a lot like INSURGENCY Mod.
The singleplayer is the best singleplayer I have ever played, its just truly awesome (but short).
multiplayer is the only reason to buy it.

It rocks, and you can get to level 55 in like 2 minutes!!! All the unlocks are awesome. Atm I'm using m16 with acog and stoping power, double tap, and deep penetration... it pwns.
It seems that the game is very good Razz I want to buy it but can it run on vista?? If it can i will buy it tommorow Razz
now this game is awsome, i havent played a game like it. i was a bit worried about this one because of how bad call of duty 3 was, but this is the real deal of a game. fantastic multiplayer, nearly ranked up all the way then gonna do prestige. andyone got to prestige mode yet?
I like very much CoD and later releases has much better engine and everything. I will try CoD4 if it runs on linux via wine or, what is even better, on native. I'm going to try its demo on some day Wink
awesome game.. played the single player and the story line really had me in a different world lol. Havent had time to finish it yet though but hopefully weekend i'll get a chance to play some more.
Man I love this game. Call Of Duty just gets better and better. The developers have changed the style
of the fourth game in the Call Of Duty series. The previous games were World War 2 related but this one like its title says is about modern warfare.
The best thing I like about this game is its engine. It runs smooth on even a mid range PC.
I played it on medium/high settings with these specs:
Pentium 4 3.0 GHz 2MB cache 800 MHz FSB
512x2 MB RAM
XFX Geforce 6800 GS XXX Edition

Play the game, you'll like it!
Call of Duty 4 is the best game for 360 right now HANDS DOWN. It blows halo 3 right out of the water. The graphics, the gameplay, everything is done so well that this game raises the bar for every future first person shooter to come. One thing that just absolutely impressed the bejezes out of me was when I was hiding behind a stack of bricks as a grenade went off on the other side & the force of the grenade shifted out some of the bricks from the top of the stack! And it wasnt scripted! Way cool.

It's about freaking time COD went modern. World war II is SO overdone and theres absolutely nothing more that can be done with it. The weapons are boring, it's just been beaten to death. I want more of this. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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