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I'm making my own custom forum software for my website and I was wondering is it okay if there is no user system and anyone can post all they have to do is enter their name?

Please give me your thoughts on this.

:O That could be troublesome. Mainly with people pretending to be other people.
Members like to register their username and be the only one allowed to use that name. It's also required for detailed stats management, helpful in banning, required for PM's etc. I personally would add one!
At first writing your own script for your forum can be very hard. And if anyone can post and users will not need to register then your forum will be filled with spam. Spam bots will come to advertise all types of sites and will post in your forums faster than you can delete it. I have a phpbb installed and at one time I allowed anonymous users to post and you should have seen the spam that I got. It was uncontrollable. Then I disabled this and only registered users could post but still the spam did not stop and I had to install anti-spam mods.

You could allow only registered members to post on your forums or you could include some type of verification methods for the posts to appear like email verification or admin verification to approve the posts.
I dont think tht it will b tht good an idea 2 let users post without reg.

infact u should do email varification by sending them an activation link before u actually let thjem post stuff...

and ya incase u still dont want 2 have registered users then ask ppl to fill in an image varification before letting them post any url's in their post... does it to avoid spams bots from advertising on it....

but still i think u should ask users to register....

keep the reg. form short incase u dont wanna bug them 2 much.......
my first forum script was like that, but then i quickly added registering in because it's much more powerful... with registering you can add in other features like banning, private messaging, chat rooms, and many other things... i would personally add in a registering feature but it's really up to you.
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