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Copa America 2007

Who will win Copa America
 20%  [ 1 ]
 60%  [ 3 ]
 20%  [ 1 ]
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Total Votes : 5

Hey people Copa America has reached its finals, theres only 4 teams remaining now, which team do you think will win?

Semifinals are:
Brasil - Uruguay
Argentina - Mexico

I think as weve seen the tournament the less favorite is Uruguay but its a top team.
The favorite i think is Argentina cuz has all its best players playing the cup.
But all the others have shown being top teams they all destroyed their opponents in Quarterfinals. (Brasil 6 -1 Chile, Uruguay 4 - 1 Venezuela, Mexico 6 - 0 Paraguay, Argentina 4-0 Peru.)

Semifinals will be top games and not only America will be seeing em, many ppl in Europe and Asia will see them too.
The way Argentina playing, they are simply unstoppable !!!
Hmmm... i think, Brasil or Argentina or Mexico can win the cup, but not Uruguay.
Brazil are going to win the cup! They'll face old rivals Argentina in the final, I think!
Six members of the Chile national side have been banned for 20 games by the Chilean FA as a result of serious incidents that took place after the team's Copa America victory over Mexico.

And Chile boss Nelson Acosta has resigned after being held responsible for allowing the players to go out to the bar where the events reportedly took place on 4th July.

Whats all that about??
Brazil booked their place in the Copa America final after a dramatic penalty shoot-out victory over Uruguay.

The two sides played out a 2-2 draw, and with extra time not being used, they went straight to penalties.

Diego Lugano missed the crucial kick for Uruguay - who had earlier spurned the chance to win the shoot-out when Pablo Garcia missed.

Brazil had gone ahead in the game after just 12 minutes when Maicon pounced on a rebound to fire past Fabian Carini.

The match was then interrupted by a power shortage, but after 13 minutes the players were back on and Brazil almost doubled their lead through Julio Baptista - but his free-kick flew just wide.

Uruguay then turned up the pressure and grabbed a deserved equaliser on 36 minutes when Diego Forlan found the back of the net after an error from Doni in the Brazilian goal.

However, Brazil restored their advantage before the break when Baptista fired home after getting on the end of Gilbert Silva's free-kick.

The game was then sent to penalties thanks to Sebastian Abreu, who headed home from close-range with 20 minutes left.

Into the shoot-out and the first miss came from Diego Forlan - but that miss was soon levelled out when Afonso's effort was saved.

At 4-4, Fernando missed for Brazil but, with the chance to win it for Uruguay, Pablo Garcia did the same.

Gilberto then converted, but Lugano could not match the feat as Brazil booked their place in the final where they will meet either Mexico or Argentina.
Well I am hoping that Mexico will win - it would be a change if they won, rather than one of the traditional 'powerhouses' of South America, Argentina or Brazil. If I'm going with my heart it's Mexico.

But, if I go with my head it has to be Argentina. They have, as always, a great youth team, and I've voted for them to go on and win the tournament.
Well, as usual, old rivals Brazil and Argentina to meet for this one. I'll be supporting Brazil in this one!
The entire world is delighted by Messi's goal in Semifinal against Mexico, after that kind of goals theres nothing a team can do to say im better than my opponent, Argentina has showed being the best team of the cup and also that its for big challenges.
It really would be a surprise if they dont defeat Brazil in the tournament final.
With the really impresive form of the Argetina team i don't see any team taking the trouphy from them.
From the start of the tournament they've played better than any other team in the Copa-America, but yes Football is not Maths.When it do comes down to the field on the day of the play you need luck, team work, a good high spirit and a never give up atitude,i do know one thing for sure,
Yes, indeed, it will be quite interesting, brutal and with many cards .....

Yet, I think that Brazil are capable of defeating Argentina.......
Well it was Brazil that won the Copa America 2007, beating Argentina 3-0. Something of a shock, in my opinion. Congratulations to their coach Dunga, though - I think he's done brilliantly.
That was unbelivable, battled from start to finish and seemed to have the tatics spot on, almost as good as messi's goal in the semi - how good was that finish!!
I told you so! Brazil were just too good!

Dani Alves and Vagner Love were absolutely outstanding. And, by the way, Roberto Ayala scored an awesome goal! What an amazing finish! Wink

Anyways I'm happy coz Brazil did it and what a way to defeat their rivals : 3-0.

But, in the Copa America standings, they've still got a long way to go:
Argentina and Uruguay have won the competition 14 times.
Brazil have won it just 8 times.
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