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Anyone seen the Made In China danger list?

This is an amazing list of recalls and dangerous, shoddy products
coming out of China.

Here's one month as an example:

January 2007

Toxic Overalls: Samarra Brothers recalled Chinese-manufactured
children's two-piece overall sets because the coatings on the snaps in
the overalls and shirt contain excessive amounts of lead, posing a
serious risk of lead poisoning and adverse health effects to young

Fire Hazard Heaters: Family Dollar Stores recalled 35,000 oscillating
ceramic heaters that were found to overheat and smoke, which could
pose a fire hazard to consumers.
Bad Wiring In Fans: Holmes Group recalled about 300,000
Chinese-manufactured oscillating tower fans that were found to have
bad wiring that creates a fire hazard.

Dangerous Candles: Sally Foster recalled over 46,000 sets of imported
Tea Lights candles after it was reported that the candles have a
clear, plastic shell that can melt or ignite, posing a fire or burn
hazard to consumers.

Dryers With Electrocution Hazard: Metropolis Beauty recalled about
18,000 Travel'N Baby Mini Hair Dryers, which were not equipped with an
immersion protection plug to prevent electrocution if the hair dryer
falls into water. Electric shock protection devices are required by
industry standards for all electric hand-held hair dryers.

Improperly Wired/Flammable Lamps: Hong Ten Trading recalled about
4,000 electric oil lamps that had power cords that were not correctly
secured and had no strain relief on their switch housing. The switch
housing was also not flame-retardant, which poses a fire hazard.

Scary stuff. I wonder if the same holds true for American products?
The World is Yours
That's a shame!! I counted 53 products from january till now!!! All that I have to say is why are the products targeted at our pets and children? Why target our weak loved one's?? Any companies found guilty of intentionally releasing these products should be charged with the highest crimes against humanity!!!!
There's nothing to suggest items are deliberately made dangerous simply because they're for American pets or American children. It is likely, though, that products for pets or children are not being given the attention to proper design that they deserve.

What I do find odd is that this list is targeted at China. Why China specifically?

Does anyone have an equivalent list for shoddy goods designed and made in the US and subsequently recalled? Or the UK, India, Pakistan? Israel? Is anyone compiling such information, or is China being unfairly scape-goated?
The World is Yours
Does anyone have an equivalent list for shoddy goods designed and made in the US and subsequently recalled? Or the UK, India, Pakistan? Israel? Is anyone compiling such information, or is China being unfairly scape-goated?

That is a very good point. My rebuttal would be that, if any other country or company for that matter, has been found responsible for killing hundreds of pets by, distributing contaminated food, I am pretty sure that we would be ponting fingers at them also!!

Now, it may very well be true that, if we were to check as extensively, any other countries exports then we just may come up with a list just as long if not longer. The thing about China is that they are no longer below the radar like everyone else is, and now any mistake they make will be made to look like an intentional act of sabotage or whatever.

I apologize for my grammar and punctuation, I have never been good at it!
While I can't argue with the need to remove shoddy/dangerous goods from the marketplace I do wonder just what the real motivation is for those who are trying to initiate what may seem to be - or even turn out to be - a lynching for the Chinese manufacturers.


[Note: Most products on recall lists we checked were American companies’ products manufactured in China, but we have chosen to mention only the incidents that seem most likely connected to problems on the Chinese side, such as dangerous/faulty materials being used in production.]

My emphasis in bold.

What about the incidents related to American companies shipping manufacturing to a country that can and will use cheap and/or slave labour - and inferior materials - to produce low cost goods.

As with most other things - you get what you pay for.

IMHO, these American companies are as responsible - if not more so - for ordering cheap supplies and failing to ensure that those supplies meet any US health and safety standards. They should be named and shamed at the very least.
The World is Yours
but we have chosen to mention only the incidents that seem most likely connected to problems on the Chinese side,

That's another very good point, another point that this statement is making is, that we aren't looking at the product faults coming from the American side.

IMHO, these American companies are as responsible - if not more so - for ordering cheap supplies and failing to ensure that those supplies meet any US health and safety standards. They should be named and shamed at the very least.

While I can't fully agree here, because I think that we are ensuring that (atleast China now anyway) products meet the standards otherwise we wouldn't have such a list. This does bring up the question though: How did these products make it in the first place? I believe partially the answer is related to this excerpt from one of the most famous cases on the list, the dog food recall:

The two companies illegally added melamine to wheat gluten and rice protein, the government said, in a bid to meet the contractual requirement for the amount of protein in the products.

So, it sounds like they are dressing up products to fraudulently pass health and safety standards. Although I am not one to believe everything that I read, so this could be our (America's) excuse for how the products made it passed the inspections.
I think the reality, in this, is that nothing is 'black and white'. It's all shades of grey. The source of the problem, however, is not the Chinese manufacturers - it is the buyers who expect almost everything but pay almost nothing.

Many of the problems will be down to American companies importing cheap goods to sell as cheap goods, or importing cheap goods to knowingly pass off as expensive ones.

Some will be down to American companies being conned by their Chinese suppliers.

Whichever it is - it is the duty of those on the import side of the operation to ensure that the goods they import meet the standards of the country the goods are being imported into. No-one else's.

If anything, the knowledge of China's unfortunate export history should have made the buyers far more cautious and far more rigorous in their quality assurance than they might have been with a more trusted source of supply.

The fact that the Chinese have stuck their heads over the parapet is no reason for those who have been let down to blow the Chinese' collective heads off - without first determining precisely whose head should be blown off.
The World is Yours
I agree completely and have no rebuttal to that post. I started off completely against China, and now I don't trust anyone!! Anyways, congrats and thanks for good discussion Wink .
is this really a reliable information or just another scam to drop down a country's status?..hurm..I'm not boycotting a country for some people who backstab their own country..shame on them
I think not only China but alse other country will produce some bad quality products.

Why China is focused as a bad representative?

I think the reason is China made so many quantity products in low value. We shouldn't only pay attention to the number but to the percentage of bad quality products who's made. Even GM recalls cars.

In fact most of Chinese-manufactured products is under the supervision of international companys. We can hardly to say these international companys have no responsibility.

An interesting thing I notice is China is fight back to American.recently news is "China rejects U.S. powdered milk imports as being too toxic for Chinese children", "China has returned 272 heart pacemakers imported from the United States after they failed quality inspections".

I think take trade as trade will make benefit to both side of trade, while one side want to politicalize this problem, it will be more complex to both side.
It's a vital world marketing war between the two biggest countries of the world! I think this is only first scene and the next will coming soon.
i think the aquaskipper should be recalled for being the dumbest looking thing in the world. Seriously why would u want to bounce up and down like u were ridding a .....(u know what)
Something happens continue.

A senior executive of Mattel, the world's largest toymaker, apologized on Friday for damaging China's reputation after the company's recent massive recalls of made-in-China toys, admitting that most of the items were defective because of design instead of manufacturing flaws.

check for details.
You really need to understand that whatever China produces, it is for a USA/EU corporations. These corporations are equally to blame for tightening the screws so tightly and being so greedy that the local China company has to do these types of scams to pull a decent profit.
Stop blaming China for all of the world's problems. These problems exist because of USA wanting more and more at less and less prices. Did you know that USA has 5% of world's population but consumes 25% of world's resources? Did you know that the amount of waste in USA is far higher than what the entire EU generates?
I only hope that the new carbon trading policies will some how put all of us on even ground - it will punish people/countries who consume a lot and waste a lot.
that s funny.. china is so evil right..
Inspite of funny,that is serious matter.I agree that people go for chinese goods because of they are cheap and durable.China these days has monopoly over market of poor or developping countries.
There chinese goods are taken immeditely without looking at their material.I had heard and read about toxic plastic materials that is manufactured cheaply and easily is being used for toys.That is really dangerous for health of children.So before taking any item see that it is non toxic and has some stamp of quality.
i am in China. i am sorry to hear there are so many short talk of China. to be fair, i believe the products any company in any country make has both advantages and disadvantages. since China open its door to the world, more and more non-China companies began to focus on the low cost of labour in China. so the profits the non-China make is increasing. after complete the production, the polution in China is increasing. if the non-China companies leaves a bit more profit to chinese manufacture, the quality will hundred percent be improved in a short time.
why is it that so many companies in the so-called "west" are now outsourcing to china for manufacture. or indeed relocating their own manufacuring there and closing the ones at home?
it used to be india, pakistan, the phillipines et all....
because the labor cost there is low which makes for a more competetive product at home - because price is a deciding factor in the consumers purchsing choice.

it does amaze me that the people actually responsible - the so called "manufacturers" or importers or whatever, which should be implementing their own strict quality controls, are the ones who usually shout the loudest about shoddy products from china.
yet they are the ones who are reaping the profits?

commercial hypocrisy?
i wonder

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