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secure your pc

yes... AVG is nice but i think you could better make a combination... of AVG antivirus and Sygate firewall..

the sygate virewall can stop every treath when you keep it up to date..
so you can use avg for scanning for downloaded files and see if there are infected .. end use sygate for preventing getting unasked information and files..

webroot spy sweeper is good also Laughing Wink

check it out link : .....

only its a trial Crying or Very sad ....

and when you have biGtime proble you should use hitman pro this tool is a combination of several spy sweepers and anti - virus tools.....

in hitman there are : webrroot spy sweeper / ad - aware / schredder .. and lots more Wink very nice check it out when you have bigtime trouble ....
Most anti-virus programs have wi-fi protection

Symnatec is the best one,it doesn't skip files.

Ad-aware is best used but windows spyware beta is *better*
Ad-aware is best used but windows spyware beta is *better*

All sypware removers suck no matter which one.
Ad-aware is no different, It cannot stop all spywares from installing or can remove all spywares and new spywares are always knocking on the door.

Best way is to make your pc secure (eg. change browser, strong active x setting, url blocking, block known spyware sites etc etc) so no spywares can be installed, whats the points in letting it get in then go hunt it. How about eating posion and then going to best dr to cure it. I have many public pcs here, all sorts of clients use it and I hardly ever get a spyware.
Webroot:Best Spyware Cleaner :Agreed
AVG:Best AV:Disagreed.Misses as much as 50% viri.Totally useless.KAV is the best
the best for protection (i use it and i did the last format very long ago)


a. norton 2004 (alot better then the new one) for viruses

b. ad-aware for spyware

c.Spy Sweeper for the programs that you never installed and some spy that the ad-aware cant' find
I use Kaspersky Antivirus + spybot. There are really goods. Wink
antivirus: NOD 32

Firewall:zonealarm pro

Spyware: spybot

this is all i have and i have no problems
I would recommend Norton Antivirus for your anti-virus needs. However, recently when i got a virus i was not able to restore back, maybe it's because its not just straight foward. You don't just put in backup disc and thats it there are a ton of steps that you have to do. I had to goto library and research all the steps i had to take. So if anyone can recommend something as good as NAV in scanning but better in restoring that would be great. Also i have read EVERYwhere that Microsoft Antispyware is the best, after running certain tests it detected somewhere around 90% of adware/spyware where others only detected upto 60%
I tried almost all best antivirus and antispyware in the market and I have some suggestions.
1. Firewall: Zone Alarm sercurity suit. Not Norton or McAfee. Norton make your PC slow. Zone Alarm monitor all your internet activity including which program use which components of windows to access internet. It block almost all access of PC (in myuni LAN) to my PC. Zone alarm sercurity suit also includes an anitispyware program to stop spyware to alter your registry.

2. Best antispyware are ad-aware pro and Microsft antispyware. Beside, we have eTrust pest pabtrol but that program can kill the innocent software and its speed is so slow.
Hmmm... I have already seen a topic like this Very Happy

Anti Virus : AVG AntiVirus. (good and free)
If you do NOT thrust free anti virus programs (which is not correct, because tests have proven that they are as good as the ones you have to pay for) Try NOD32... it doesn't use a lot of system resources, (Norton or Kaspersky do) and it detects just about everything... again PROVEN! It is able to detect unknown virus plagues through heuristic analysis, all other scanners do the same thing but NOD32 was the number 1 in the independent tests.

Anti Spyware: I want to tell you something about the little HitmanPro hype that's going around in the Netherlands and spreading out to other countries.
I do NOT recommend using HitmanPro... some n00bs (sorry for that word) think it's the new revelation in anti-spyware technology, but it isn't...
Through Auto-it scripting it just downloads and launches a lot of other anti-spywareprograms and automatically removes all the threats.

There is a START and a STOP button.... easy you might think, but very over-simplified. You do not know what things are being deleted. (you get a report at the end, but then it is already to late to undo some things).
The program also adds its own "protective shield", but it causes a lot of troubles. Recently, NOD32 is being added to the hitmanPro program. HitmanPro is trying to become THE solution for the n00b computer user.

I know all this stuff because I am a crew member of the site where the official support board of HitmanPro is. Mark Loman, the developer of HitmanPro and moderator at this board is being flooded by error reporting from angry people... NOT really it...

And he is getting all the "spyware removing"-honour, but it isn't his program that did the removing part... and I didn't think he asked permission to all the programs which are in his program...
If he continues spreading his program... he will probably be prosecuted...

Firewall: Sygate Pro of course :p

James Smile
I use Nod32 (mailscanner) and a well configured router to secure my pc. Nod32 is rather unknown. Although it uses very low resources, I have never get a virus or worm since I use it (for about 1 year now).
Furthermore it's my opinion that a software firewall does not contribute to an increasing of security of a computer!

greetings, gwax
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