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Anyone understand japanese..

Well, I am taking up a Japanese language lesson.. it would be good if I could japanese friends so I could converse with them in japanese to enhance my skills. I really love to learn japanese. And I enjoy every class meeting we do.. THINGS i LEARN:

Ohayo gonzaimasu ... good morning
Oyasuminasai --- good night
Mata ne -- see you
Sayounara -- good bye (farewell)
Konbanwa -- good evening
Watashiwa Charresu desu -- I am charles
Ogenki desu ka? - Are you fine.
Genki desu - I am fine
Hai --- yes
Iie --- No
domoarigatou gonzaimasu --- thank you
Konnichiwa -- hi/hello
Warui -- bad
Yoi -- good
Tsumetai -- cold to the touch
samoi -- feel cold
akarai -- red
kurui -- dark
kuroi -- black
kurai -- light
kitanai -- dirty
watakushi -- I,me
Anata -- you
densha -- electric train
fukuro -- bag

and more more more....
I am a Japanese major, although I am far from fluent yet. I personally believe that it really takes spending some time in the country the language is spoken in to really learn it, so that's why I am going to spend a year or so in Japan after I graduate.

Anyhow, just a note, there were some mistakes with the phrases you posted in your post.
First of all, it's not "ohayo gonzaimasu," but rather, "ohayou gozaimasu." Note the long vowel at the end of ohayou, and it's gozaimasu, the distal form of gozaru, not gonzaimasu (which is not a word). It's the same problem in "domo arigatou gonzaimasu," it should also be gozaimasu in that case as well.

Also, although not really a mistake, "Yoi" is the old version of "ii," which is not used much anymore except in the direct perfective and direct negative versions (yokatta, yokunai). So, it would sound so weird of you said "yoi desu" instead of "ii desu."

A few other mistakes: the cold as in surrounding temperature is "samui" not "samoi;" red is "akai" instead of "akarai," (the only word that looks remotely similar to what you typed and has something to do with red is "akakunai," direct negative of the adjectival form of red); and lastly, "kurui" means disorder/confusion, whereas "kurai" is actually dark/gloomy, not light.
I was kindda lose my head in typing those things.. gomenasai..
But i am trying my best to learn the language. According to our sensei, if we want to learn this language we must practice Japanese Language and write Japanese CHaracters on a sheet of paper in 10 minutes...

I am really enjoying our classes..

Gambatte kudasai.

Arigatou gozaimasu...

Mata ne..
Nihongo wo hanasu koto ga sukoshi dekimasu..

knight_frost wrote:
But i am trying my best to learn the language.

Gambatte~! ^_^
I am just a Japanese beginner. It seems interesting!!
I'm half-japanese...and sorta fluent? Haha, I guess more traditionally, but I don't know my slang. ちょださいね!

I guess what I could tell you is, play the pokemon games red/green (red/blue in english) in japanese. The GBC games use only hiragana/katakana, so it really helps when you can read EVERYTHING (no kanji!)

Then when you get better, play the GBA/DS games, which have increasingly harder kanji(because the games support better graphics)

A little unorthodox, but it's nice to study by playing a gameboy game! Smile
I agree completely with tpdreams, it's much more enjoyable learning a language with games (and music, movies, etc.). In this case japanese. I play Pokémon (ポケットモンスター - poketto monsutaa) also, but the Green version, that exists only in japanese. As I play, I note down the words I don't know and look them in dictionary. It's a really good method to learn.

皆頑張ってね。 minna ganbatte ne.
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