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Deconstructing the Security and Prosperity Partnership

The past two decades have seen the continuous economic and political integration of North and Central America. The cumulative effort of Liberal and Conservative, governments allied with big business and other private interests has led to an initiative titled the Security and Prosperity Partnership. This trilateral initiative has a title that ought to raise multiple questions such as, who will be made prosperous and secure by this partnership?

Its quite the long article but there is a lot to know about whats going on. Here is the most disturbing part to me.

"The SPP, or NAFTA-plus, has serious credibility issues with respect to the North American Competitiveness Council. The council members are CEOs from each of the three countries. Membership on the Council (NACC) was determined by Stephen Harper who appointed the Canadian component, same with Bush, who appointed the American companies, and Vicente Fox, when he was in power. These members are asked by the executive branch to give independent advice to the Presidents and Prime minister with respect to the SPP working groups initiatives. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stated it best: “The three governments established the NACC to collect guidance from the private sector. Members were charged with helping the governments focus their efforts by applying a cost-benefit analysis to the ideas on the table in order to “prioritize the priorities.” “
Of the U.S. companies represented on the NACC, four are on Global Exchange’s 2005 list of worst corporate evildoers: Chevron, for its human rights and environmental abuses in Burma, Nigeria and Ecuador; Ford, for emitting more greenhouse gases than any of the other Big Six automakers; Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest military contractor, and for its vice-president’s role in drafting Republican foreign policy; finally Wal-Mart, the second biggest corporation in the world, for its record of forced overtime, sex discrimination, child labor and relentless union-busting."
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