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Harvest Moon

Other than the N64 one, which I know everyone loves, I'm wondering if anyone here has played the snes one, or the gameboy/ds/gamecube ones. Even the playstation ones.

I like Mystical Melody and Save the Homeland the best, personally. I got Another Wonderful Life, but the marriage choices are horrible.
What do you think?
I have played the gamecube one a little bit myself, but the one im playing right now (and is by far in my opnion the best one yet) is the one on the psp called " Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon" this is the first harvest moon to take place in the future... its really good!
Rolling Eyes I have never heard/saw those games. I haven't have those consoles either...very old ones...
I used to like the harvest moon series.. few years ago i played the psone harvest moon: back to nature (how old is that!). Anyway i don't have time to play already, plus my psone spoilt few years ago.

Anyway if i had a psp. i would get the psp one. Harvest Moon gives lots of fun despite being overwhelmingly simple Laughing
I have played, the snes one, the n64, the playstation, and now, i am playing the series for the psp, Harvest moon:Innocent life, to telling the true what i really like of harvest moon was the Naturally that is used to have, but now The game features a new art style that steps away from the traditional style of the previous Harvest Moon games. The lead character of the game is a robot that is created to look and act like a human being. You play the role of a robot who is trying to save a barren volcanic island from futuristic "autofarming".
take a look
I have only played the Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the visual boy advance on my computer. I did cheat a little by following the walkthrough and saving constantly so that if any events happened and I did not get the best outcome for that event, I would load back right to the place where I had left off. Useful to some extend. Embarassed
I have played the one for SNES it was really fun. The only problem was the that there was not enough areas and such. I mean really.. only four main places.. forest, ranch, town, and cross road..
ah.. harvest moon...
bring back memories ^^

I remember that i played harvest moon : Back to nature (PS) till year 10 when I'm at junior high school ^_^
and sometimes I still plays Harvest Moon : ??? ( I forgot, but it's on GBA advance) using emulator ^^
I've played the one for the Gamecube (A Wonderful Life) and the one for GBA (Frinds of Mineral Town, I think...)
I played it for SNES mainly and I was really impressed that it doesn't get boring. I mean, you have four areas and everyday nothing really special happens - but every day there is fun: festivals, managing your time, chillin', hanging around with your girlfriend... I think Harvest Moon for SNES is really great, I don't know the other games of the series, played the GBA-version and the N64-Version shortly, though.
I love a lot of harvest moon games. The one for the 64 is probably my favorite though. The graphical style and the music is all amazing. Brings back a lot of memories. I always get bored and stop playing before your father comes though, and I feel like I have to start a new file when I play again.

I've played the one of the gameboy color ones and one for the PS2. They were both fun for about a week or two, then it gets a bit tidious and I'm not the type of has the patience for doing something like that. Eventually I stop playing and never finish the game.
I was addicted to the Super Nintendo version of Harvest Moon, and I though it was pretty awesome. But now it just seems too complicated when I try the newer versions because there's so many new things (such as getting a wife and kid, etc), but when it was simple it was pretty addictive. Makes me wish I had a farm, though I'm sure that farming isn't nearly as easy as it looks ingame.
I have played HM64 on Nintento64 Emulator a while, and I had HM on my PSX and played it a while too bu for longer time ... this game isn't for me ... it's like Sims or Second Life Smile I prefeer RPG and RTS but I don't have time to play nowdays ...
My favorite harvest is the playstation version (HARVEST MOON BACK TO NATURE).
Harvest Moon for the SNES is still #1 in my heart, then the playstation version.

Innocent Life, A Futuristic Harvest Moon for the PSP isn't as bad as you think, its worth a play.

The new Harvest Moon for the DS with the whole traditional RPG hack and slash element added to it, kinda seems iffy to me.
I'm playing Harvest Moon Boy and Girl for PSP right now. I think it's the exact same (or very similar to) as the Gameboy one... I think Friends of Mineral Town or something.
Has anyone played Rune Factory? It's by the same company that does Harvest Moon, right? And it's still the basic concept as the Harvest Moon games from what I've heard.
Rune factory isnt out yet, itll be out on the 14th. It looks amazing.


Harvest Moon comes to the DS with some new and unique additions to the series. This time around you will be able to have a monster help you out, each with their own abilities. You will learn new skills and get new tools as your skills increase. You will even be able to trade items with Wi-Fi

My little game info I gave for it at
Pimpin' the site, huh?

So what, you fight the monsters or something? In order to get them to work for you?
pimpn the site? o.0

anyway, im not sure if you have to attack them or what, (I had 17 other DS games to find info on and some DB work to do) so I cant look to much into each one, but I did find that to be a unique bit of info.


befriend wandering monsters to help with your farm each with their own special abilities upgrade your skills as you use and create hundreds of items and tools

looks like your a junior frihoster now...that has never goten up to 45 points >>
I've actually played most of the games in the series.

It's a series of games that make you wanna go back and play it for a bit once in a while, and yet sorta gets boring once you've been at it continuously for a while. Not to mention, the ones later on, even though they had different titles, they all just started to feel like they are the same with different characters.

My most recent one being the one for DS. I was quite disappointed with it. Not only did it not really put the touch screen, the thing that is what the DS is all about, to use, they didn't even bother to come up with a new cast >_<. The controls were also so awkward that I couldn't keep at it.

Then I tried to check out the Japanese version of the female version for the DS. I was gravely disappointed by the bachelors in that game that the player's character can get together with. All but the "special" one looked either in their late 40s, or were just...ugly. >< Ah, just thinking about it is making me sad.

Anyhow, I can't wait to try the Rune Factory, I got it but haven't gotten around to it yet. I did start playing the Japanese version a while back but didn't get very far before I was distracted by something else.
I played the Gameboy Advance Version of this game. Btw anyone know it it has an ending or does it go on and on until you give up. Never really got too far while playing this game.
I have played the SNES one. I didn't know that Harvest Moon existed for other divices than SNES and gameboy. anyway. It's a cool game that have influensed me I think. I havn't played it that much and I have thoughts of begining to play it through on the PC (emulator). I know this game was the inspiration to a huge game(not a computer, in paper Very Happy) I did. anyway I was a kid at that time. It's not perfect but a good game it is and will always be!
I played it on VBA (Visual Boy Advance). I liked it a lots. My character married and have a son. THat's fun ahahaha. Now i'm try with SIM/.
Ooh, Harvest Moon! I'm a relatively new fan to the game series; I have only played the GameCube version of "A Wonderful Life," as well as the DS game. I didn't like "A Wonderful Life" as much as the DS version, but I was relieved that the characters were similar. I believe I stopped playing AWL after I got married to Celia; Nami was being stubborn, and when I proposed to Celia, that's when her affection went up. I wanted to get "Another Wonderful Life," but when I heard about the ending, my desire to play it kinda stopped. XD

As for the DS game, I think I'm in year seven? I've got my kid, married Nami (yay), and I'm somewhat swimming in gold. I haven't played it in a while, though; I got bored of leveling up my turnips.

I played a little of the GBA game "Friends of Mineral Town" in Japanese, and it looked pretty fun. However, I could not get used to the controls since I was playing it on my computer.

I'm somewhat disappointed at the company that localizes Harvest Moon games for North America, though; it makes me want to try and get a job at Natsume and help them out. While I don't strive to accomplish all the difficult tasks in my DS game, knowing that amount of bugs that are there leaves me feeling a little uneasy.
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