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Cannot access secure sites

I have problems accessing secure sites. If the url is https:// I am getting page no found from any browser. I tried both mozilla firefox and internet explorer. I can go to non secure sites with no problems. When I ping the secure site, without putting https, I get good results. If anyone knows the solution to this, please post a reply. Thank you.
Need a bit more info about this situation. What operating system are you running? XP? Vista? something else?

Do you have a firewall running? XP and Vista definitely have one enabled usually by default and they're easy to misconfigure by accidentally hitting "deny" when the dialogue pops up.

The reason that I ask about the firewall first is because secure sites are browsed to on a different port than normal http, so that port may be blocked.
Corey is right about needing to know more information as it could be related to something you've pushed in each browser accidently, something on your network router/modem, or something like a firewall build into your system. Just in case, you may, however, want to try resetting Firefox's cookies, history, etc. by clicking tools, and going down to Clear Private Data. Then check every box and push and click Clear Private Data Now. A word of caution though, this will erase everything, just like it says.
Most of the time when you are unable to view secure sites only, it is a problem with a dll file needed becoming unregistered. It can be security settings as already mentioned as well, or god forbid that you use Norton!

This should work for IE, no idea about FF as I do not, and will not use it.

Type this address into your browseror just click on it:
You will be prompted to download a file, save it to your drive, open it up in notepad and read the contents so you can see that the code is not malicious. (it's just a .bat file) Once you are satisfied that the code is fne, double click the .bat file to run it.

This should resolve your issue by re-registering the dll files required by IE to view secure sites.

If that does not work, try this link:
This will rereg the rest of the IE dll files.

If neither of these work, you might want to click Help>About Internet Explorer
and make sure that your version number is correct and the Cipher Strength is 128 and not 0
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