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Zend Optimiser

What i understand is that it optimizes PHP code, but dont know "for what it optimises"!

I visited its site but didnt understand anything. Can someone help in simple language(avoid tachnical language because its my start . its my first say to learning php, so, cant understand anything technical
let say you wrote php application and want to sell it, you can just give away the php script. but then your customer will have the source code. they can customized it, or worst, distribute it.

another option for you you is to use Zend Guard to distribute your php application. it will encode your php so that people cannot see the source code. in order to run php encoded with Zend Guard, you will need Zend Optimizer. it's free decoder for Zend Guard so that your customer don't have to pay extra for your application.

the term optimizer might be misleading. they did claim that their platform (Zend Platform) "optimize the responsiveness and processing efficiency of robust, high traffic PHP-based sites"

then again, it's the matter of good programming habit.
WOW thats the great idea. Means Zend Guard is to Encrypt the PHP source code and then Zend Optimizer is to be installed to Decrypt the Encrypted code to make it possible for server to run the code!!!. Rolling Eyes
That's like closing down Open source !!

Crying or Very sad
Agent ME
I wouldn't ever run such a closed source program on a webserver - for all I know, the creators put a backdoor in it to use to download the server files or passwords.
Agent ME wrote:
I wouldn't ever run such a closed source program on a webserver - for all I know, the creators put a backdoor in it to use to download the server files or passwords.

What? can you explain?
Like somebody in Harry Potter said

"Never trust anything whose brains you can't see or figure out" - or words to that effect. This was the meaning conveyed anyway.

So, if they encrypt the source so that you can't see how it works, they can put any kind of spyware code and we wouldn't know the difference.

Like for example Windows - How do we know that Microsoft is not going through your emails and cookies right now ? It keeps asking you to connect to the internet to "update security" and you never know what it actually does ... Evil or Very Mad
there are plenty of php Obfuscaters out there. They just rename your variables and functions. They also take out all the white space. Pretty much it makes it still readable for the compiler but not very readable for a human. Works good if you worked hard on something and don't want others to steal it.

However you can run into problems when you use php variables within html code. however, alittle marking up and everything is fine.
the page @ Zend does claim that it enhances the performance of apps, but i doubt the extent. Basically, if you do something like use shorter variable names, don't use excessive typecasting [php has to track all that changes, and it could use some memory and processing power], there is no whitespace at all.. and the like... there would be an obvious and a marginal increase in the performance. That's just what I think.

If well.. the increase in performance is substantial, but still you want to do things the FOSS way, you can distribute both versions of ur code.. those encoded by Zend Guard and well.. readable php files.
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