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Looking for a good mobile media device

Basically I want to listen to music, so I need quality sounds - that's the first priority. I also want it to play video (full films would be sweet!), so a screen is needed.

I was looking at Frontier Labs L1 20GB - will cost me ~311$.

Looking for something similar. And I don't want an iPod (unless it's really the best - and I doubt that).
iPod really isn't the best at all. Creative has several good players. Both their Creative Zen Vision: M and Creative Zen Vision: W are excellent mp3 players.

Specs are as follows for sound:

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Up to 96dB
Harmonic Distortion Output: <0.1%
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

which just pwns iPods.

For the Zen Vision: W:

Capacity: 30GB / 60GB
Dimensions: 134mm x 75mm x 22mm
Weight: 276g (with battery)
Battery Life: Audio playback > 13hrs
Video playback > 4.5hrs
Video Playback Formats: AVI, WMV9, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4-SP, MJPEG, DivX 4.x/ 5.x, XviD-SP
Audio Playback Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV
Photo Formats Supported: JPEG
Battery: Removable and rechargable Li-Ion battery

For the Zen Vision: M:

Capacity: 30GB / 60GB hard drive
Size: 104 x 62 x 18.6mm
Weight: 163g
LCD: 2.5" TFT LCD at 320 x 240 Color Display 262,144 colors

Photos: Tens of thousands of Photos
Audio Battery Life: Up to 18 hrs playtime (MP3, 128kbps, 4mins/ song)
Video Battery Life: Up to 6 hrs video playtime1
Supported Audio formats: MP3, WMA (inc MS PD DRM), WAV
Support Video formats: DivX™ 4 & 5, XviD2, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG4-SP, WMV9, Motion-JPEG
FM Radio: 32 preset stations
EQ settings: 8 presets and 5 band custom EQ

I have the Vision: M and while it's thick compared to the iPod, the battery life, screen quality, and audio quality make this a far better media player. I own a lot of creative products, so I'm a bit of a fanboy I must admit.

I was actually thinking about getting the L1, since it did have excellent audio quality, but in the end the creative is a better deal for me at least.
163 is quite heavy, isn't it? o.O
I need something very mobile. A device which I can put in my pocket while running, for example.
I will check that device though. Battery life time seems to be good, compared to other players.

EDIT: after checking, this device looks quite good Smile
I'm still worried about the size. Isn't it too big?
If you're going to use it for running, vision is a nono for sure. I've tried, and it's just too much bulk to be carrying. For jogging I'm now using my samsung sync phone w/ a pair of bluetooth headphones so it's fine for me. I suggest you get a non-harddrive mp3 player anyway for running. Harddrives aren't designed to be shaken around on a jog daily. But I really strongly recommend the vision:M or W if you're going to get a high-capacity mp3 player.
Bah :(

Well, any other recommendations for a lighter media player?
Sansa's e200 series are very excellent. Gorgeous screen quality, not sure about audio quality, but I've heard good things. Comes up to 8gb and maybe even 16??? Flash based.
Oh well, flash based players can't hold a lot of stuff, but I guess they are more stable with shock.

I've check Sandisk Sansa's E200 devices... they all look good Smile Storage space isn't big, but oh well... what can you do.
What about Creative Zen V plus ?
I heard the Zen V has not very intuitive buttons. But like every other creative mp3 player, excellent sound quality and screen.
I will look more into it. So far I'm locked on Sandisk Sansa e280 (8GB) Smile

EDIT: Creative ZEN V Plus is way too small for my large fingers haha

Any other recommendations ?
By the way, a pretty small mp3 player that's harddrive based is the toshiba gigabeat. It probably has one of them most user-intuitive menu systems ever created. Also has good sound quality and a gorgeous screen. It's got 30/60gb versions and comes in white/black.
Can't find it unfortunately Sad
Yeah, I would also like to recommend the Toshiba Gigabeat S.

Here are some links to it:

Cnet Review

It's an overall great player. I've been planning on buying it for some time now, but never got around to it. The sound quality is superb, one of the best I've heard. It has a 2.4" QVGA display. You can buy the 30 GB version of the player for around $250. It's a great value and a wonderful player.

Also, if you don't go for this one, the Sandisk Sansa e280 is a great choice. As a flash player, you can't go wrong with it. There are a few other models that may appeal to you in the field of flash based players. An example is the iRiver Clix. I don't know how good it will be for running, but it's really intuitive, offers up to 8 GB of storage, and many features other players leave out.
iRiver... What about iRiver X20 ?
iRiver Clix is simply annoying Razz

Gigabeat looks awesome, especially the black 60GB version!
Unfortunately, I can't find a single store which sells it here in Israel Sad
Does amazon ship internationally? I know I've seen the gigabeat on amazon, as well as I read that the Clix is a rip off. iRiver x20 was given a good review at pockettables and this is what they said in the end:

The iriver X20 won't appeal to everyone, though. For starters, it's big and chunky compared to the nano, Zen V Plus, and Sansa e200 series. It's also got that dust-magnet of a control wheel, arguably cheap toy-like look, limited photo functions (no slideshow or wallpaper functions), no OTG playlist creation, and no games.


Seems like a good mp3 player. By the way, the Gigabeat doesn't have as good sound quality compared to the creative mp3 players. It's definitely better than the iPod but not outstandingly so.
It also depends on the headphones, because most of the time I'll use good sony headphones, which are far better than some bundle earplugs Razz
iRiver x20 isn't for me then. :P

About Amazon, ebay, etc: I can't buy from those online stores. Don't ask why, I simply can't.

One question about the gigabeat: will running, hiking etc damage this device somehow?
My friend has one. The screen scratches fairly easily, as does the back casing. However, the hard drive has jog-protection I believe.
THis probably isnt what you want, but i would say....get a psp =)-

It has music, and video. You can buy memory cards so you can switch them out as well, then, if you simple buy one on ebay with a custom firmware on it, not only will you have your music, and videos you want, you have games, psp games, ps1 games, snes games.... ect...

only thing is.. the biggest memory card that i know of that works for the psp is an 8 gig
PSP's too big. It's larger than a Creative Vision: W. Which is already pretty big.
asianwannabe999 wrote:
PSP's too big. It's larger than a Creative Vision: W. Which is already pretty big.

ohwell, it fits perfectly into my pocket,

and theres always the psp 2 (the slim version) but no date for that yet =(
OK, there are 2 choices left for me:

Meizu M6 8GB vs. Cowon iAudio D2 4GB + 8GB flash card (12GB)

I want to buy one tomorrow, so please help me here guys...
Well, I really can't comment on the Meizu M6 as I've never read about it or have any experience. However, the Cowon iAudio D2 is a great player. I don't know if the touch interface may appeal to you or not, but for me, it's fine. It's a bit heavy, but it's not an issue for most. The sound quality is great. It has a lot of features including video playback. So, overall, it's a great choice.
I guess I will buy Cowon D2. I've been in the store this morning, and used both of the devices.
Lol, I liked D2 from the first time I got my hands on it (touchscreen is very comfortable), and when the seller showed me the M6, it suddenly deleted all the demo videos on it - software crash Razz
He showed me a second M6, and I have to say, that compared to the D2, video quality simply sucks (colour and FPS wise).

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll go for the D2 Smile
Check out Archos players, they are some of the best IMO and they have a 100GB version Very Happy. They also have the ability to connect to a TV to play video through there acting as a portable movie player for, say, if you went to your friends house and wanted to watch a movie but it was in digital form not on a disk..
TheGeek, did you the previous posts? I said I need a very mobile player...
Those 100GB hard disk based players are good, but if I try running with one of those players, my pants will probably fall off.
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