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trojan horse virus & shut down problem

Hellow i am using windows xp . my system is having torjan horse virus i am using AVG virus scanner but its not removing how can i remove it from my system.. by the way my system is creating a message of shut down in 60 seconds and its decreacing to 0 and shut down and restarting my system how can i overcome this can any one help me pls
I don't know how to fix your virus, but to stop the shutdown

1. Right click on the desktop, go down to new > shortcut.

2. Type (without the quotes) "shutdown -a" into the box

3. Hit next, and then finished

4. Double click on your icon.

Download Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) to your Desktop. Note: You must be logged onto an account with administrator privileges.

  1. Close all applications and windows.
  2. Double-click on dss.exe to run it, and follow the prompts.
  3. When the scan is complete, two text files will open - main.txt <- this one will be maximized and extra.txt <-this one will be minimized. In case you are wondering, these two files can be found in <driveletter>:\Deckard\System Scanner\ where <driveletter> is your system's drive letter.
  4. Please upload main.txt and extra.txt and post the url here so that they can be analysed.
I think you may have Sasser on your computer. I know it eats an entire proceessor, but I think that's your infection.

Good luck and rembener, update before you scan. And get NOD32 scan with it.
You probably have Sasser. You have to update your Windows and after that, you will become immune to that virus. I also recommend you to install good antivirus program, which is definitely Eset NOD32 or Kaspersky.

I also have one good trick for you. When you get a message for windows shutdown, go to start -> run -> and write: shutdown -h |that will remove annoying message so you can continue using Windows without reseting it.
Everyone who is telling him/her to install an anti-vir of their own PERSONAL favorite choice, please stop. AVG works beautify. and there is no need to change. Here is what you need to do: log into the administrator account in safe-mode, to do this, shut down the computer and hit F8 repeatedly until you get a message asking how you want to start windows, select "safe-mode" and hit enter. After you log in, you will NOT be prompted that the computer is restarting.

Now, launch your web browser, and download a program called "AutoRuns" ( It doesn't require an install, so just run it after you extract it. Now, wait for it to populate the list, and go through the Winlogon area, and the Winboot area (names may differ), anything certified my Microsoft can be ignored, anything else is under question. there is an option to hide MS certified objects also. Look in there for anything thats suspect and right click it and use the optioin that allows you to google search it. Anything that returns as a virus, must go. You will remove the auto-shutdown feature like this. Keep an eye on the files you mark for deletion, and remember their paths. Using this method you can go to the file and use AVG to remove it (still in safe-mode).

Hope this helped.
KHO wrote:
Everyone who is telling him/her to install an anti-vir of their own PERSONAL favorite choice, please stop.

I'm not fancy any specially AV's but for sure I recommend KAV/NOD32 before AVAST. But yet again, this is from a rat-programmer perspective.

shutdown -a
if it's Sasser you should be able to change the "restart computer automatically in RPC. Eventhough I just think it's somebody messing with you, like your neighbour or somebody who sent you a file over msn.. but ye.
It looks like it is a sasser worm. if you meet up with the shutdown popup again, go to start-->run-->type in "shutdown -a", it shud stop the shutdown. u can then proceed to remove the virus using various AVs.
Are you able to put your computer in sleep mod?
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