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Text Based Games

Do you think text based games are good ideas or bad? Im asking because I was thinking of making one for Dragonball Z because it was one of the best animes ever, its gone (barly on TV anymore) or atleast where I live and if u ever played a text based game before its really a good twist to the fight stlye ones (not the ones with hoes >.>)
I still play one now and again, I'll play through a classic one on NES, or one that I come across that I didn't even know existed..

I wrote a think about text-based gaming on NES on my website, cause it's old and awesome and not a lotta people have played these games.
yea i just think it would be cool becasue u can go ssj when u reach powerlevel 'x' or u can supress ur powerlevel so other players think u are weak, or in the middle of a fight if ur powerlevel is able to go 10 fold the oppents max powerlevel u can blow em away (instead of what other games would call running away) an soo on trying to make 12 races all with an equal amount of transformations (like 6 each i think)
I don't know what think about that... Nowadays people rather prefer games with graphic... 3D graphic. There are some old-school gamers who like text-based games.

Text-based games are only popular as Web Browser Based games(for example. Ogame or Travina).

Of course you can try to make this game and if it was good I would enjoy Very Happy
yea bealvie it or not theres more then 4 million people who play online browser based games (usally in php) thats not including MUD games.. Razz
It depends on is it browser based (online) game, which is good idea or downloadable text game, which I don't like at all Crying or Very sad
oh its online wanna have like 100,000 players at one point about 1,000 players on at once is my goal Smile
I think some are good. I used to like playing Alien Adoption Agency... that one was one of the first ever made and used to be extremely popular, but I quit, along with many others because the game began turning in a direction that I didn't really like. But 6-7 years ago it was the best game ever. I still play Marcoland and Lost Realm occasionally. And I've made a couple myself which I don't have anymore, but I'm working on a new one now. I just have to finish up the clans, and clan wars, and fix the battle system (a few of my equations are off a little).
But it's terrible games.
I don't like it.
Let's play another game.
I never thought I'd see a thread on this topic! I'm quite amused. Text-based games rely on the creativity of the gamer. You don't have the game showing you what a goblin or an elf looks like, but because these games allow you to create your own environment, you get to experience the game YOU want to play. Text isn't for everyone though and it takes a while to get used to. I do think, however, that text environments, especially MU*'s, generate tighter bonds within the community. You get to know your fellow players much better than if you played a game with graphics.

With that said, if you're curious, the game I used to play is called Materia Magica. It's a hack 'n slash MUD.

i played long time ago but then there was a restart so everybody must be playing all from the begin and thats @#@#$@#$*(@$!@%*^$@#!

so i quite.. i played over 6 months of my life.. and it was a waste of time

the mmorpg's are to addicted for my that i cant stop even i dont like it anymore. i want to get to the next level over and over again
ive too played text based games which were quite fun actually but now there seems to be very little of those... what a pity, and if you make one, i will be very glad to play it.
I've written a few text-based games in C because they require so much less effort to create than graphically involved games... They're not really that useful, but definitely they carry a nostalgic touch. Good text-based games will still have an audience, but I doubt anyone still has the patience for poorly made ones.
I wouldn't play any text-based game now. Maybe 3-4 years ago I would play one. I was playing this one called Ninja Wars or Samurai Wars something like that which was alright.
Hmm.. let me think..

Oh, yes i have played text based games ..

It's a dutch game..
I have a text based RPG im planning on hosting here if i get approved for an account, maybe some of you guys might like to have a look if gets launched.

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