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Extremist drama in Pakistan

What do you think are the reasons of extremism in Islam?
Lack of education and poverty
 100%  [ 1 ]
Muslim extremists are Extremists by birth
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 1

Last night there was a very funny situation in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, in which the extremist leader of controversial Lal Masjid(Red Mosque) tried to escape wearing a BURQA amongst a group of burqa clad girls. He was caught by a female police officer.
This is the same person who had been holding up against the government forces for months inside the fortified mosque with the help of hundreds of his brainwashed students. He had brainwashed his students into giving up their lives for their mis-guided cause. In Pakistan, he is viewed as a coward who tried to escape from the trouble he created while asking his students to stay and fight till death.
The government of Pakistan was extremely cautious and decided to launch an operation only when a vast majority of people demanded a use of force.
One thing is clear from the whole episode, that there are only a handful of extremists in Islam who are the real troublemakers, the rest are only the brainwashed followers who are attracted towards extremism because of ignorance and poverty.
I agree with your point ( ibay ). poverty and lack of education are few of the main causes of extremism. In Pakistan Most parents do not afford to send their children to good schools ( teaching an approved slybus ). Madrisas are a free alternative for poor parents with free education and free boarding.
most of the Madrisas are teaching the true meaning of Islam teaching peace and harmony, but few of the Madrisas teach their own versions and use those children for their own extremist / political purposes.

The Islamabad drama: in my understanding its more a political drama in a Islamic extremism dress. With the current political situation of Pakistan, I think it is another try to destabilize the government.
Good News! The main extremist cleric was killed in the final operation of the Pak Army, the army did a commendable job by securing all of the hostages first who were being used as shields. It was a difficult task for soldiers to protect hostages while continuing to shoot at terrorists. In this situation a lot of hostages were expected to die so it was miraculous that none of them were harmed.
Pakistan is supporting terrorists so ity is quite likely to face this kind of things in its own country.NOw Pakistan should not support terrorists i suppose.
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