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Free Quality Video Conversion Software

I would like to know what is used most as a free video conversion software because I have videos that run on DivX or XVid, and I may make music videos. The problem is, I use Windows Movie Maker, and for some reason, when I put the AVI videos in the Imported Media section and I play it, it always comes out upside down. The sound is fine and everything.

I used to use SC Video Converter to make AVI videos into WMV videos, but there was another software that came with it called Pando. This is very annoying because it always asks me to do something with it and a pop-up of it came up all the time when my computer turned on, which was also annoying. I removed it about a week ago. Today I tried to covert a video today from AVI to WMV, it didn't work because it said Pando wasn't installed. So now I need to find a new video converter.

Please post a free video converter that does not ask to be paid for on program startup, works with Windows Vista, will convert AVI to WMV (the more conversions, the better), does not install any other programs on installation, does not need these programs to run that are not that known, and that works the best with you if you use it. I may give you a donation if I get any results I like.

Video Conversion Software I may be considering:

The World is Yours
I'm not sure about Vista but is a good windows conversion program. You could check the list at for a bunch of software.
Winavi video converter, it does everything I need it to do, plus Xilisoft video converter works well too
where to find winavio converter
look for Total Video Converter.
You should try virtualdub

irtualDub is an open source video capture and linear processing tool for Microsoft Windows. It is written by Avery Lee, and is licensed under the GPL.

VirtualDub has many advanced features, is able to use plugins to add different video processing techniques, and can process *.avi files, if the required video and audio codecs are installed.

Here's the link.
dbhai wrote:
where to find winavio converter

Here is a link to the site....check it out it does quite a bit....

oops forgot to post it.....
you should try super converter , it is the best converter which convert items without adding any new errors to them.
xram wrote:
look for Total Video Converter.

i agree with this one. look for total vidwo converter. it converts almost everything.
I just got the new dvd fab platinum, and it is hands down the best program I have used so far (trust me i've used alot). It will convert dvd into almost anything, copy, ipod psp etc etc... you have to pay but this is one program I would definately think is worth the price
If you just needs convert avi to wmv, then you could take a look Windows Media Encoder at ms.
It is a file downloadabe from ms web site.
i used windows media encoder for conversions to .wmv and .wma. Also there are many things you can do including video and audio compressions(qualities), bitrates, frame rates, key frame intervals, video sizes(u can crop and resize while encoding) etc... You can also capture videos from your desktop or audios that is playing at that instant.
There is also a small file editor that you can cut your videos and audios(wmv and wma).
you can download it from here.
Virtual Dub is a good free converter.Install KLite mega codec in conjugation with Virtual Dub to convert almost any video format to the other one.
Does anyone else have this problem....I currently us Catalyst Media Center to capture video from my tv, but when I install the klite codec it will not allow me to capture the video anymore....Have to keep un-installing the klite pack....and re-install the cmc
Chris24 wrote:
Does anyone else have this problem....I currently us Catalyst Media Center to capture video from my tv, but when I install the klite codec it will not allow me to capture the video anymore....Have to keep un-installing the klite pack....and re-install the cmc

You can try with some alternative codec packs like xp codec pack or codec pack all in one. Klite has lots of programs integrated with it like media player classic, quicktime alternative, real player alternative etc.One of them seems conflicting with your application.Use any one of the following links-

XP Codec Pack

Codec Pack all in one
Thanks buk, will try the xp pack and see what that brings. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem as well and what they did to correct it. If your suggestion works I will post witht he happy news.
SUPER by eRightSoft seems to be a free good converter. You can get it from here:
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