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Text-to-speech applications

Does anyone have suggestions for what text-to-speech program to use? I would like to find something that is easy to install and use on Windows XP systems. I found ReadPlease, which is a free version of a proprietary package. I was hoping I could find a smaller, simpler program for beginning users, since the basic ability is already built in to xp.

I would also like to know about any open-source projects in this area, or learn how to add text-to-speech ability to my own programs. I will eventually want to get the ability working on my ubuntu system also.
I use dragon naturally speaking for most speech/text necessities. I'm sure it has the text to speech ability.
asianwannabe999 wrote:
I use dragon naturally speaking for most speech/text necessities. I'm sure it has the text to speech ability.

Yes, I've heard that Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the best. I might try it out sometime if they have a trial version. For now, I plan to use ReadPlease, which is free, but is also a teaser for their Plus version.

If anyone has experience with others, I would like more alternatives. I am especially interested in finding an open-source / cross-platform solution.
I didn't see any program like this :/
Could you pass me one?
@Sonlight-I am not sure whether the software you are asking for is voice recognition software or text to speech software.Text to speech softwares (such as speech parrot)are used to read out the text you have typed in word or any other editor. The software to convert your voice into text is a voce recognition software.If you just want to read your text, then please skip the further sections.MS office 2003 onwards itself has that capability with the help of MS agent.

Now coming to the second part--Since there are various accents of english
over the world, the accuracy of the VRS softwares are far from perfection.You should have either perfect american or british accent to work with it in a modarate way.Also your microphone quality must be very good to avoid further complecacy.If it was so easy as they claim to be, all the PA s in all offices would have been jobless by now and shorthand would have been history.But that didn't happen.Another problem with it is that it cannot identify the same phonetical words (eg-they and day).So you should be careful about that.Your system must have sufficient ram(say 1 gb)to have a faster response.

Now for the positive side is that, if you are quite habituated with it (every such software has a learning session before you actualy start working)
you can also control your entire operation such as shut down, opening-closing windows applications etc with it as additional benefit.So give it a try.
I have used several VRS including dragon naturaly speak, IBM via voice, Philips and some others for quite a long time. For indian accent ,I have found Philips as the best one in terms of recognition and ease to use.You can give it a try.Write here if you have any further confusion.
bukaida, my interest at the moment is text-to-speech only. As well as MS office, I found out that the Adobe pdf reader has text-to-speech built in. I may consider making pdf's of the files I want spoken, and use that.

I am interested in the speech-to-text problem also, but only as a matter of general interest. Thanks for your comments.
what ever program i get for it...... non of them work that great. i say hello it typed yellow.
Ah I'm playin' alot with Microsoft Sam, it's an inbuilt text-to-speech program in the windows series. You can find him in the control panel->sound.

But maybe he doesn't meet your requirements I don't know. Try him out.
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