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Interner Explorer Aborts!!

Please Help,

Whenever I place the address of any site just after the complete site is loadecthe explorer gives an abort message and the loades website dissapears as if there was no internet connectin at all.I si a problem in my connectivity or should i re-install explorer?

ManoSmriti wrote:
re-install explorer?

Do you have internet explorer 6? Well, it is a lot better than the other ones. This might help you. Go to tools ---> Internet Options and check your homepage and all that stuff. If you are good at explorer, then advanced might help you.
You can also reset your web settings and see what happens.
I beleive this can be either because of

1. Virus

2. Memory Problem.

Update us on how you solved the problem

check for following:

1. Flash plugin installed correctly or not

if plugin not installed correctly, websites with flash content may generate errors.

2. Javascript and Activex controls in custom level panel of security tab in internet options

some sites may use java and activex controls for functionality and disabling them will give generally script errors. just checkout wether they r activated or not.

3. check popup or adblockers

some adblocker and popup blockers eat away too much of memory causing ie to crash.

if not any of above, just reinstall IE6 or update with SP1.

post here the results.
Try using any other browser

If the same problem persists, search ur pc for any viruses or spyware

If still u r experiencing the same problem, than repair ur Internet Explorer or get security patches and update to the new one

you can also check in the connexion tab in the tool -->options of I.E.

check if you have something in it..... if you have an ethernet modem you shouldn't have anythingin it and the never connect shoul be checked and in grey....

you can also try to open a msdos window (window button + R and type CMD)

once you got the window try to ping a website ( for ewample ping )

if you have no answer or something like "couldn't find the host" remake your connexion...

hope that help.

PS.: let us know if you got it back... and how Smile

PPS: try Firefox :p
S3nd K3ys
gonzo wrote:
ManoSmriti wrote:
re-install explorer?


That's easy... format c: /y

well. you can do something.. if you are holding an original copy of window xp os disc. Repair your os and it will work again. Btw.. its not recommended to use internet explorer nowadays. USe mozilla firefox which is more secure.
It sounds to me like your computer has a worm.

What are the Symptoms of the Sasser worm?

You'll see a screen similar to the one below when you are infected, this will countdown to zero and literally shut down the system completely. The warning will state "This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM". The message will state that the system process lsass.exe terminated unexpectedly.

The message may be prefaced by another message:

You can disable this shutdown by following the steps below during the countdown

Click on Start, Run
Type in CMD and press ENTER
Type in the following command and press Enter

This will terminate the shutdown, however in most cases the system may be to unstable to try to recover and may need to be rebooted anyway.

for more symptoms and solutions to the worm go to

good luck!! Wink
Try using Windows Explorer to get to a website, as Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are basically the same thing. Just open up My Computer, type in the address in the addressbar, and hit enter.

Well, the only way you can reinstall Explorer is by reformatting your computer. If you mean reloading explorer, tap Control + Alt + Delete, click the 'New Task...' button, type in 'explorer', hit enter, and wait a few seconds while it reloads your desktop.

Hope that helps.

- Mike.
Maybe is something to do with the Registry. If something like that stuffs up you might as well format and reinstall windows.

It might also be a worm, so have a firewall and a antivirus software installed. i found that TrendMicro PC-Cillin Internet Security works great. It's got everything all in one package.

then, get another Browser like Mozilla Firefox.

The very best thing you could do is get firefox. You don't have to deal with half the headaches of ie. Also it has a million more features with what is built in, plus all the free plugins you can download. Take a look.

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