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PS2 Poker

My b/f baught this Poker game recently, and I'm ashamed to admit
it but I've gotten kinda addicted to it! Unfortunately I keep losing all
my "money"- but if nothing else it's taught me that I should never ever
ever play for real money -lol-

anyhow, just wondering if any of you play poker games?

and if you got any tips for me? Wink
Just don't ever be predictable. Keep your decisions as random as possible while still playing smart.
yeah i play some poker, but not on a console. nothing worse than playing poker against AI. the best poker experience outside of a casino would be one of the many poker clients out there. for example Full Tilt Poker.Net. Thousands play a day with both play and real money options. Not only do you get your practice but you are practicing against real people.

So my best tip would be to download one of the clients and play there.
When it comes to online poker, I like Pokerstars... the interface is real easy to navigate through and theyve got a few different pokers besides holdem.

As for strategies... when it comes to AI, its all about playing with the odds... I never really go out on a limb unless im really short stacked or the odds are with me... You dont think too hard about it, but just look at whats on the table and think about how many ways you can lose.
I enjoy playing poker in real life much better because it is easier to fool people in person. However with online or AI it is alot more about the odds. Its hard to fool a person online and even harder to fool a computer.
Playing against an AI means you're having to rely on the strenght of your hand rather than your ability to bluff and/or read your opponents.

The only advice I can give you when playing comp controlled opponents is to learn the statistics involved, what the odds of you drawing a winning hand are, how many possible winning hands you have etc

It's a completely different game, and tbh it involves to much number crunching for me to completely enjoy. But they are useful skills to learn, and if you ever play table top poker the ability to calculate those odds give you a huge advantage over people who have never bothered to.
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