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Jakarta Stinks

From the Jakarta Post 02/07/07


Jakarta sets up special office to stop enviro crimes

Adianto P. Simamora, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The Jakarta administration has announced it will set up a one-stop office to protect the city from further environmental degradation.

The new office is designed to streamline the process of dealing with environmental crimes, allowing it to follow up cases without having to go through the City Police or the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office.

"Crimes against the environment in Jakarta will be settled at the office," said Dana Kartakusuma, a special staffer for technology and sustainable development at the ministry.

The new office will be in the City Environment Management Board (BPLHD) building.

The administration signed a memorandum of understanding on the cooperative enforcement of environmental crime laws with the City Police, the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office and the State Ministry for the Environment last Tuesday.

Dana said police and the prosecutor's office would assign specialized staff to the office.

"If the BPLHD finds environmental criminals, they just need to call the assigned officers from the two institutions to come to the office," he said.

He said the city's new one-stop office would be equal to a similar service set up earlier between the ministry, the National Police and Attorney General's Office.

The administration has long complained that a lack of power and stifling bureaucracy at the City Police and the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office has hampered the enforcement of environmental protection laws.

The city's civil servant investigators (PPNS) do not currently have the power to arrest those suspected of environmental crimes or conduct full body searches.

There are currently around 50 ministry-certified civilian investigators in the capital tasked with dealing with the issue.

The head of the BPLHD's pollution control unit, Ridwan Panjaitan, said the new office's first focus would be on air pollution control.

His comments were in reference to the 2005 bylaw that banned cigarette smoking in public places, introduced compulsory emissions tests for private cars and legislated the mandatory use of compressed natural gas in public transport.

On paper, those found breaking the law could face up to six months in jail or a Rp 50 million fine.

However, lax enforcement has meant the bylaw has had little effect on the city's air quality.

Indonesia's answer to everything, another government department.

Of course they would never think of actually cleaning up the disgusting stinking mess that is Jakarta.

I will post some photos here in the near future so you can see how bad it is.
I can't imagine it being any worse than Mombasa Kenya.

The city is on Java's northern coast. The rivers and streams run, mainly, from south to north. They're really not much more than open sewers.

You can figure out out how far north/south you are in the city buy the strength of the smell of the sewage.
You obviously are speaking from experience of the aromatic delights of Jakarta GSIS.

Do you or have you ever lived here?
paul_indo wrote:
You obviously are speaking from experience of the aromatic delights of Jakarta GSIS.

Do you or have you ever lived here?

Yep. Worked on a software contract with Telkomsel for 15 months.

I joke about it, but I really liked the place. I think "organised chaos" sums it up reasonably well. Smile
Organised chaos with the emphasis on the chaos.

Jakarta is a dump but it's worth putting up with it for the times you can get out into the country.

I enjoy traveling and have a Landrover so I can go anywhere there is a track or beach to drive on.
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