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iPhone is finally here

the iPhone is finally here.this is what i was waiting for so long and finally out in the open with major improvements like the screen is now glass instead of plastic and also with major security fixes and software updates.truly sensational.
Glass? That's nice actually. I hope it's reinforced Razz
Seriously though, I still prefer Nokia's N95.
Sure, the design is sleek and everything, but the technical features are more important for me.
Its sad, no iphone for canada before 2008 (or never maybe). I would like to have one but I think they don't want to introduce them in canada.
Canada appears among one of the worst country in the cellular field.
ahh the newest craze in mobile phone technology. Looks nice so far, cant wait to play around with one so i can get a feel for it. Pity I wont be getting one anytime too soon though because i jus purchased a motorola a1200.
I've been playing around with my new iPhone for about a week now, and I gotta say that I love it. I was really worried about the EDGE network when I first fired it up because it was pretty much unusable, but I guess there were a lot of performance issues that weekend due to mass activations. Since then its be alright. EDGE isn't blazing fast, but its useable for the things I need when I'm mobile.
Steve Jobs isn't very happy - he's coming out with iPhone 2 that is supposed to leave customers wondering how they could settle for such "primitive" technology that is iPhone 1.
i was going to buy one off ebay, but i don't have enough money, and i wasn't sure if i could get it working in australia, and it still prob. wouldn't be worth it. Instead i ordered an ipod video
It Looks nice, but is it worth it for the price? heard you have to sign for a 2-year contract with AT&T for service when you get it
IMHO, it is too costly!

And there are cell phones with a cheaper price and better features which don't tie you to a service provider.

Check this humorous comparison with the Nokia E70:

Warning: The above page involves a bit of strong language! Don't tell me you weren't forewarned.

Coming back to the iPhone, I think it has succeeded mainly due to the ability of the Apple marketing guys to whip up a frenzy and create an air of expectation around the product. Rather than giving credit to the tech guys at Apple (I believe they aren't doing any major thing innovation wise, just collecting a gamut of things and putting them in one product), I think more credit should be given to the product appearance designers and the marketing people.. The market has received the product well and as expected, Apple's stock prices have shot up...
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