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Live Free or Die Hard

One of the biggest hits DIE HARD part again striking the Hollywood box-office.

Bruce Willis, his action in this was great and to be seen by every upcooming hero and should learn a lot from his way of action.

If you're a fan of the Die Hard movies, this movie will blow you away. It is excellently done and easily the best action movie thus far this year.

I rate this movie as 8.4
Rate yourself and talk about this Great movie.........!
I posted between 8 and 9 as well. I did post a little review about it on my website below, cause I did have a few quirks about the movie.

But I really did have fun watching it, and I could easily agree that its going to be the action movie of the year... if not because its great, just because nothing really that epic is supposed to come out otherwise.
I saw it on opening night. It was great. Being a Die Hard fan it was good to see the good old wise cracking, smart a$$ John McClane that we all fell in love with back in the Nakatomi Plaza. "Just a fly in the ointment, Hans". I really feel that Die Hards 2 and 3 got away from that true persona. The action in this one was non stop, a little over top at times, but non stop. I do not know if this will be the best action movie of the year with 5 months, but it is by far the best one this year to date. I give it an 8.7. I would have given it higher but there were a few scenes that made you say "Yeah right"
I rate this movie as 8.5
Die Hard 4 is the best action movie i ever seen.. someone agree?? it was so ful of action all the time and those 2 hours went so fast. they did a great job on that movie!!=) any comments??
Die Hard 4 is the best action movie i ever seen.. someone agree?? it was so ful of action all the time and those 2 hours went so fast. they did a great job on that movie!!=) any comments??

Its a great action movie and that too for Bruce willis, at 40+ years of age; its a fantastic movie.

All stunts are impressive.
ya, this would be a great move...
i just finished watching the movie with my friends...
The actions scenes are fantastic and Bruce would be the hero who saves the country Cool
Some things did not make any sense. But if we ignore that, it was an entertaining action movie. And Bruce Willis had a great comeback!
I loved this movie. It's not the best of the Die Hard series, but it's certainly not the worst. At times, as other people have said, it seemed a little outlandish, but I suppose that's what Die Hard is all about!

I also believe that Bruce Willis did an amazing job! His comeback to his token action franchise was much better than Arnold's come back in T3. And we'll have to wait and see about Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones Movie.
sii nice
Good Film...worst Die Hard film out of the four. Still rate it 8/10.
I havn't seen the movie yet, hasn't arrived at the local movie theatre, and I don't have time to travell to nearest big city to see it.

I only hope that it will be better than okay, I will hate it if I get dissapointed with that one, not that the first three movies was the best movies I have seen but I hope it will be okay, on the same level as the first three. Hope that Bruce has the same energy he uses in movies (he is getting older)
I really enjoyed it and I was pleasantly surprised. Usually sequel wear thin after a while but this one doesnt, i recommend it to all.
8 - 8.5. The movie was surprisingly great. I love the Die Hard movies , with the first being one of my favorites all time. There was a little bit of cheesiness that I did not like and a few over the top moments but over all I really enjoyed it
Live Free and Die Hard returns Bruce Willis to the acclaimed role of John McClane, your perfect action hero. It's the same old John McClane, and it is absolutely terrific to see him back on the big screen.

The rest of the movie is as you'd expect. While Live Free or Die Hard takes things to the extreme, the concept isn't that far from what is really possible, and the movie takes advantage of it all the way, to show that 1980's action hero John McClane can still duke it out in a day and age where computers rule. The plot has its holes, but Live Free or Die Hard moves along at a good enough pace that you really don't have time to sit and ponder them. Despite the intricacy of the concept, the plot is still relatively basic (John McClane vs. terrorists), yet the movie doesn't make you feel dumber for watching it.

There are a few slightly slow parts as the movie devolves into technospeak (and it seems like when some revelation about the plot comes forward, three different scenes are devoted to explaining it in different ways) and some of the scene transitions seemed rushed for no apparent reasons, but Live Free or Die Hard, as you might expect, is a fairly fast-paced film that doesn't resort to action to fill in plot holes but certainly doesn't spend too long getting to the next round of explosions.

As for the acting and screenplay, it's off and on. As with most action films you don't need an Oscar-winning screenplay, but there are a few parts where Die Hard could have benefited from some fleshed-out dialogue.

Oh, and if you were worried that the franchise had lost its sense of humor based on the rather serious movie trailers, don't be! Live Free or Die Hard has just as many jokes as its predecessors, and they all work.

Live Free or Die Hard is not a perfect movie, and it's too early to rank it among the other films in the franchise (though I probably would put it below Vengeance and #1), but it is a fun and exciting action movie, a rare treat these days. Skeptics should give in and go watch this film, because you're guaranteed to have a blast. People were cheering at the end.
I enjoyed Live Free and Die Hard very well. Thats enough for me to rate the movie 9.5 out of 10 among pure action flicks. Its good to end it here, or if Bruce Willis want to be the Amithabh Bachan of Hollywood, then he can continue the actions with some powerful youngster together to go for Die Hard 5!!
I liked it a lot! I was lucky and saw it with only myself and my dad in the theater, so we were shouting and cheering all the time like dorks Very Happy I've only seen one other Die Hard (the one with Samuel Jackson) so I didn't know the backstory to anything (not like there was much to get). I'd give it a 8/10.
I gave the movie an 8.5. The start of the movie was ok becuase they had to get the BS out of the way but once the action started it was pretty good to the end.
I enjoyed this one. but personally i liked the firsst one better when he chucked the gy right off the building.
I thought it was excellent. 8 - High by IMDB standards lol
Great action movie once again but I still think the earlier films were a bit better. Bruce Willis isn't modern and it shows in this film and I find it funny but I still think it wasn't such a great mix. I actually watched this movie on the way back home from Washington DC over the pacific ocean in a aeroplane which made it more interesting!
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