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I've just moved to Japan for the summer (I hail from Canada), and I got to tell you it's culture shock extreme! Never been on the receiving end of the language barrier before, and I got to tell you it's not my favourite thing.

I mean, most menus are have pictures, but grocery shopping?! They have a billion products we don't have, and the ones we have in common are difficult to buy because I can't read any of the labels!

It's great in the way that I get to experience new and exciting things, true enough, but at the same time this is going to take some getting used to.

Of course, I've only been here three days so far, so I'm sure most of this will work itself out as I get more familiarity with the country.

Anyone have any advice of interesting things I should try while I'm over here? Or anyone been here before?
I've never been to Japan..but I would glad to be there..or honestly speaking I would like to continue my studies at Japan..well I think the problem with the language is just a small problem that time to time U can adapt it is unique lots of Japanese shows/movies/animes to get the feeling to be the real Japanese..
Wow! seems exciting. And it also seems like its really cramped in japan. Thats what i learn from watching Fast and the Furious tokyo Drift. So are you a exchange student or something like that over the summer or what? Do tell more! Cool
It would be an interesant place to go!
Japan is really a great country.
I like Japanese cartoon and movie very much.
But the best in Japan, I think it's its winter.
I'm here for business, performing in Tokyo Disney!

In the last few weeks I've learned a bunch more japanese (mostly random words) so I figure I must sound like a caveman when I talk (milk where?) but at least I'm getting by. I've made a few Japanese/English friends and that's EXTREMELY helpful (thanks for the tip) and I've just got the internet connected in my room, so now I'm able to google like a maniac!
you gotta go to the gucci store in tokyo, the one with the cafe which has a cocoa gucci logo on its cappuccino!
they really should have waxing service for gucci pubes! lol
This is one of countries I want to visit , it's so unique , I was in United Kingdom 2 times and I must say there is nothing special to see , bad weather and food. Also I would like to go to one of Scandinavia coutries: Finland first Smile
I wouldn't mind visiting there at all. It is a beautiful place with a rather diverse, open culture. Not to mention the cuisine! I would die for some authentic rice cakes. Embarassed
Mmm, Japan...
I always dreamed about Japan, and living there.
Im going 2 study Japanese, and then go 2 JP, make band there, start work, get married, and lead a happy life. Well, its a plan though.
My time in Japan is almost over now, and it's gone by WAY too quickly. I get by much more easily now, especially now that I have a couple Japanese friends that speak excellent English! No better way to learn a language than with someone who is moderately good in yours, and excellent in theirs.
Thats pretty awesome you got to go there on a business trip. I was just there about 2 months ago, and I loved it, even though it was only for two weeks. I was glad I got a rail pass. With it, I traveled at least 2500 miles via shinkansen and what not. I was a little upset when I only spent a day in Tokyo. The majority of my trip was spent in Takasaki, Gunma and Sendai, Miyagi. I remember passing through a station that was nearby Tokyo Disney, I think it was on my way back from Suidobashi (Tokyo dome city). Hope you had fun during your stay. Btw, I hated the humidity over there, I had never sweat so much in my life!
Might sound like a stupid question, but is Japan a backpacker friendly countries ?? Embarassed
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