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The Terminator 4

I don't know much about it but since I am interested, I searched a few sites to find out what really is happening.
Terminator 4 was announced in 2005 and it is expected to be released in 2009 Shocked .
About Arnold Schwarzenegger, now the Governor of California, is rumored to appear in an acting drive by.
Edward Furlong, who acted as John Connor in The Terminator 2 is acting as the same character in The Terminator 4.
What do you think about it? Is it going to be better than The Terminator 3?
As a Terminator fan, i'd have to say that, whilst T3 was disappointing... I actually enjoyed the film somewhat. The acting was poor, the script was corny, and quite poor, the plot was simple...and poor, but I enjoyed seeing Arnold back in the saddle, and I did like the addition of a female Terminator... and I am a fan of Kristina Loken.

That being said, T4 is going to be, in my opinion, even "worse" than T3.

I'll be one of the first to watch it though, even if I have to sneek into an advanced screening.

Highly anticipated film, that should be set in the immediate future, showing the great nuclear war, involving new Terminators, as well as old ones...and even the rubber faced ones that Reece refers to in T1.

My guess for how good this movie will be : 2/5, but expect it to be a successful pile of ...
What I am sure of is that Schwarzenegger will not play a major role in the movie if it is really happening.
Terminator three was pretty crappy.

Termintor II on the other hand was amazing. Let's hope we'll be pleasantly surprised that T4 will be great.
i do hope it meets the standards of todays movie, with all high tech gadgets at all.
Terminator 3 was kind really hard to get into but by the way it ended,i feeling there will be more machnes to fight this time.
i look forward to seeing it.
in my opinion its hard to make a terminator movie worse then T3, however if this is true i really look forward to it because the end of T3 left open a lot of questions to me.
I don't think that Arnold will act on this movie if it is implimented!! Let him handle California!! as he said!!
Very unlikely,, has he acted in any movies since coming into office?
First of all T4 is a typical franchise trying to make more money off the name. This is just for money and not for fame so I would expect a big flop from this one.

T3 was horrible and if they were going to pull this off in any way the would forget Arnold and try to develop a new story line.

I will not waste my time with this one
I m not a big fan of the serie, I think they should have stopped at 2 to be honest, like everyone here it seem, 3 was way naff!
The way I see it they can keep on doing Terminator movies all they want, they just do it for the money anyway. Big budgeted blockbuster movies that all do is attract movie goers. They come in theaters, watch go home and forget about it.
Yea, I agree with you friend. At most will remember that for a week and forgets. If the movie was a flop, then will say "Oh it wasted 3 hours and a little money. Thats all.
I love all the terminator movies for their sheer ridiculousness... I hope there will be more, they are so great!
Okey, But is that everything that needed for a nice movie??? Lets think.......
I think I'd see it. While Terminator 2 was really good at the time, I saw it again recently and a lot of it is pretty bad, I mean John Conner is just plain annoying in that movie and the effects are pretty bad.
Technology is progressing through its levels of generations and in that case, its just natural to feel like that. But one thing is to be considered. Usually it happens that the second and third parts of films of a series are pretty bad (seriously!!!). But Terminator 2 was nice enough, to make us think about seeing the third, Terminator 3. So let the fans of Terminator series to wait for the fourth one...
Dont want to watch T4. Terminator series should have ended with T2. The best of them all.
terminator is friggin awesome. I can't wait till the movies is out.
Probably even more special effects, and an even worse script.. well sounds good doesn't it?!?
The first Terminator is still the best. With limited effect capability of that time, JC (James Cameron) make do with good stotyline. Terminator 2 bringing revolution morphing effect to the big screen. It was as awesome as Bullet time to The Matrix.

T3 is a pass. Hopefully T4 will not make same mistake as T3. It's not baddest killer robot that make the story but it is a human-machine love-hate relationship that make first Terminator a classic.
They should have really stopped at T2 but who knows maybe they can bring back fame to the franchise.. otherwise it will be just another big budget hollywood summer event with nothing about it other than special effects.
There is a potential difference in Cameron, "the Director" and Cameron, "the executive Producer". Thats what happened for T3.

T3 was pretty crap movie, compared to the iconic status T2 has achieved. Hope T4 won't be having same fate, considering the fact that both Arnold and Cameron are currently not associated with the project.
So there have been some rumours claiming the reboot is about to happen. I personally don't need it at all.

The thing about t4 (or maybe even t3) is that they look more like pieces of a long story, like graphic novel series, not like something that should've been brought to the big screen.
T3 was an interesting movie, and I kind of liked it, but I don't deny that it felt like it missed something.

T4 looked like it had potential, but I'm a bit disappointed by the reviews that it has received.

Here's hoping that something emerges in the near future that revives the Terminator franchise successfully.
Perhaps Terminator is one of those few series where the second part is better than the first. However it broke that in T3( worse in my opinion). Perhaps T4 will be worst. The only incentive may be to see Arnold on screen again.
T4 is already out, it's Terminator Salvation (2009). But I read, they're going to reboot it all. The only question is what for?
I dont like Terminator 4, such as Terminator 1 and 3. I only like Terminaror 2.
Well, in the end, T2 is a classic. But it was never considered without any sequels. The issue lies in those sequels made - there's not too much, only two and the success was not too big. I don't think the series should reboot and start again with the remake of the first film, it should kick off where T2 ended.
Terminators series (1&2) were good action movies, at least 100 times better than new action series like "Die Hard" , "Transformers" , ...

Terminator 5 is on the way but i don't feel that it gonna be something good.
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