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Nes Computer

Anyone here heard of a nes computer? I was thinking of making one ( it is pretty much a computer built inside a nes) and was wondering if anyone else had made one? and what parts did you use?

this is what I was thinking of buying:
Jetway J7F2 2.0GHz C7 Mini-ITX Motherboard 200$
1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 DIMM Memory Kit (1GB) 41$
Dvd-cd rom drive from my old laptop 0$
hard drive from my old lap top 0$
picoPSU-120 Power Kit 55$
a few fans ?$
Y-cable for audio to tv 5$
S-video cable ?$
mouse and keyboard 15$?

I just hope everything fits and is compatible. ( I havn't bought the stuff yet still saving up)

BTW my first time making a computer so I barely know anything
Good idea, i'll wait for photos of your NES-like computer
If this is the first time you're making a computer, I suggest you either get some experienced help, start practicing on old dumpster computers, or first build a regular new pc. Fitting all the stuff in a custom case is a lot of work, and it's a lot less frustrating when you are experienced with computer components in general.
You might find this a difficult project, as you said you were new to building computers. Like the above posters said, you should probably start out with a normal atx sized computer to practice. If you don't have the money for that, try disassembling and then reassembling an old computer you have. Even that doesn't cover some of the icky parts of building computers however. But there's gotta be a first for anything you do, may as well be a NES sized computer. Good luck.
Well I actually took a few of my own computers apart but this is the first time I'm putting a computer together with parts I bought and such.
Good luck and if you're going for a fancy design, post us some pictures!
Thats a neat idea, I had thought about doing that for some time, but decided that I probably wouldn't use it much since I already have 5 computers running in my room currently. However, I revisit the idea occasionally and I may one day, yet, build it. I can't wait to see pics of how it turns out. Please be sure to let us know of any problems you have during the build or any notes that might help us build our own, I would be curious to see how difficult you find it to be.
I think I have enough money to buy everything now, I'll order the parts soon and show you how it turns out Wink . The only problem so far is that I need a something to cut the plastic so I can fit motherboard.
Dremel is going to be your best bet for cutting through that plastic. I recommend getting some cutting wheels that have the carbon re-enforcing fibers in it though because the other ones that are just made of hard packed sand fall apart very quickly. You will probably also want a grinding bit to sand down edges as well as a drill bit to make holes for connectors and cutting out areas that are to small or oddly shaped for the cutting wheel to do. (you sort of drill through and then just sort of grind away with the drill's weird but it works)

Let us know if you need any help with fitting stuff in, I have an idea of the CD drive in case you have any problems (little thing that opens and closes the little hatch when you open and close the cd bay door, kind of neat). Good luck though man this sounds like a fun project.
that is awesome! some company shouild be smart and create computer cases out of old school video game consoles and sell it! better yet, create a custom service where people can choose and pick what they want to do and order it!
I finally got the motherboard, power, and the ram! It took awhile to get the motherboard because it took a few days for the check to clear. and after looking at my old laptop I find that I need to get a new hard drive and a new cd/dvd drive since its not compatible Confused . Which gives me time to find a dremel and figure out a way to fit everything and it all looks like they have plenty of room I just have to look up some stuff on mounting and placing stuff.
The drives are compatible, you just need to find a laptop HDD IDE to desktop IDE adapter for the hard drive and another for the CD drive (it is a different interface). I did a micro-mod once, with all laptop drives. It's fun, but not too viable as a real system...
Yea I found that out Smile

this is what i have so far (cell phone pic srry)

All I need is 2 fans (I was at radio shack; 15$ for a fan! ... I think not, that one fan you see was on sale for 5$ ,sadly.. the only one)

I decided to use my external cd/dvd burner to use a drive, and I bought a 500 gb seagate hard drive at circuit city (120$; only showed 475gb when I partioned it) which I screwed to the back left corner of the case and placed my motherboard on top of it. Too bad it isn't sata... and not a laptop hard drive (since its not a laptop hard drive it blows the idea of adding a cd-drive outta here)
* I found that this would better suit me but if your planning on getting a cd drive I found you can epoxy it on top and the hard drive next to it.

Then I ran into another problem, how will I nail down the motherboard.. I cut a slit in the top left stub and slid it under it. In addition, I removed to the stub to the right and I screwed it to the bottom of the case at the bottom right of the motherboard.

When I'm completely finished I'll give you pics and steps of everything I did and links to software.

I'm also gonna paint it ^^, I also have plenty of space to the right of the case... maybe I can fit the hard drive diagonally and then place the cd drive... but I already cut up the back and don't want to go through that again.

I just remembered I have no idea of how to attach the power switch to those metal sticks (lol) I'm assuming there is some kind of connector thing somewhere I can buy.
500GB if you assume 1GB = 1000MB but in fact 1GB = 1024MB. It's a trick manufacturers use to make their drives seem bigger.
Shocked I can not believe they would do that! .. just after they earned my trust back.. (jk)

well I figured out I could use a old IDE cable to connect the power/reset/LED to the motherboard and I'm going to try that now.

ps. just bought 2 fans at cheap guys computers (3.99; take that radio shack)
Studio Madcrow
This is cool, but not a REAL NES computer... Throughout the 90s, a bunch of Chinese companies built actually computers around (cloned) NES hardware that was then stuffed in the bottom of a keyboard sort of like a C64 or something...
So I finally got it up and running, last problem is that when I bought a 2 ghz motherboard I expected it to be 2 ghz -.- not 1.2... so I'm going to try to over clock it since 1.2 is definitely to low for me.

-(after some time): I looked at the bios and it seems to be already at max multiplier (12) and I can only get it to boot when I set buss speed to around 110 (100 default), for now I'm going to sleep, this is bummer.
Looks like fun, keep it up.

I havent heard anyone mention an NES PC in a while.

I made one about 2 years ago. Took about a week to make it all clean and neat and not running hot, but it was worth it.

Good Luck with yours. Hope it turns out well for you.
Well Since I'm mostly done, I thought I might share with everybody how I did it
Looks pretty awesome. I don't have the patience for something like that but good job.
Don't take this really negative, but it looks really sloppy.

Like. I am glad that its coming along good. But if it is ok, I'd like to offer a few pointers.

The top Fan hole is really badly cut. I suggest drawing it out evenly, cutting it out with a dremel, and then adding a nice fan grill on the top. As it is, it is AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

The Open bottom should be replaced with a new fitted piece of plastic, or aluminum. It should not be open with just a bag. If something happens to poke bottom, it can go through easy and ruin the whole mobo.

For HDD, you should (next time, in future) go with a laptop drive and use an adapter. They make SATA laptop drives which work well, and you could fit 2 along the bottom of the case. They come in 250 GB now. This would have also left room for a standard CD/DVD burner/drive, or a laptop one (much smaller).

Thats it for now. I am actually gonna make a new one soon. I'll post my progress.
Well, I just miss a picture of the whole thing closed up?
Yea it is very sloppy lol. I like the fan on top it gives it a futuristic ghetto look. Anyways thanks for the pointers.

edit: here is the completed computer

mmm oreos
Nice one..

all hard works paid off..
it seem nice.. just try to clean things up..

and follow DARKaKIra's suggestion if ever there's a next time planning of making one again.. lolz..

anyway nice work.. liked it..
Not bad at all as far as I can see. Too bad the power led isn't working, that's not so hard to make since most motherboards have power led connections themselves?
Yea, the led was a real tight connection every time I got it to work and put it together it would come out, I've probably tried like 6 times then stopped for the safety of those around me.
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