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Acoustic VS Electric

I have always LOVED the acoustic sound a lot more than the electric but when I was with my friends at Guitar Center yesterday when I picked up an Ibanez RGT6EXFX and hooked it up to an amp and I was just like, "Whoa..... this is awesome!!!"

I had to literally tell myself, "Wait, I know you can afford an electric but just wait and see if you're still going to want this later"

I probably won't go back to the same exact guitar and something a bit cheaper but yeah, it's just so different playing an electric. Not only is the sound different but how it feels playing.

Anyway... my question for all guitar players/admirers in here at FriHost - which type do you enjoy playing/listening to more, acoustic or electric?
I own both an electric and acoustic guitar. I enjoy playing the acoustic more because of the style of music I play on it. I play acoustic, blues and folk music which I enjoy over the other styles I play on my electric, mostly because it's easier to play without any accompaniment.

I love my electric and acoustic dearly, but given the choice of only one it would HAVE to be the acoustic.
Captain Fertile
Generally speaking I love my acoustic guitar for the warm mellow tunes like ballad type music but electric is awesome for just going all out and rocking like a mad thing plus the various sounds a single electric guitar can make is amazing before you even think about trying another type of electric for even more sounds.

Playing an acoustic is nice but once you get comfortable playing an acoustic you then go to and electric and it is such a breeze to make really great music with it.
You can't really compare the two. It's the old problem of apples and oranges. Sure, they're both fruits, but they've got a distinct taste. I have an acoustic at home that I love to play, but I've been wanting an electric for the other range of the music spectrum. If you do decide to get one for learning purposes, I suggest the acoustic, but that's just my opinion.
I have a semi acoustic , best of both worlds to me
I've got an electric acoustic and an acoustic. Best of both worlds indeed!
I enjoy both playing and listening to electric the most.
I only have an acoustic and I love the way it sounds even without any accompaniment. I want an electric too because it has such a different sound and most of the music I listen to has electric guitar. They are very difficult to compare because the sounds are so different. I'd defiantly have to learn how to play electric better to make a fair comparison.
The Mitchell
i have acoustics, electrics. theres no comparing. depends on what your playing and writing i guess all are ace fun
I have owned a few of both, and I definitely prefer my electric guitars. there is a much wider range of sounds and if I want to change anything (lower the action, intonation etc. I just have to adjust a couple of screws instead of having to destring it and file down the bridge.
i mainly play electric (especially as my main style is hard rock/metal), however I do love the sound of an acoustic. I find most of the stuff I write is better suited for acoustic.
I only play electric. I've played on some acoustic guitars but they always seem to have a really high action and it feels awkward and bulky to play, though I'm sure there are some really nice acoustic guitars, I like the feel and sound of electric better.
I own an acoustic guitar, and I agree that it is a good starting instrument because it helps you build finger muscles easier. As a matter of preference between acoustic or electric, I'd say I like the acoustic sound better. Don't get me wrong, I still like the harsh sound of power chords on a distorted guitar, but I like the acoustic sounds better.
If you mean electric with no effects.. acoustic is definitely a nicer sound. When playing though, I don't like the bulkiness or the increased string tension.. I pretty much never touch my acoustic, unless I want to play a song in standard tuning without tuning the E string on my electric back up to E.
Thats a pretty strange comparison.
I would play acoustic stuff on an acoustic and everything else on an electric?

it depends on what kind of music you like to play.

- Achene
Seems like many prefer the acoustic sign however I think it's best to say that people tend to enjoy playing on the electric if more... fun? I understand though - the acoustic and electric are simply two very differently sounding instruments and it's really quite difficult to say which one is "better". They've got their differences and advantages.

I am looking into acquiring an solid body electric soon - so I will be able to contribute to this thread better - until then, it is great to see other guitarists sharing their opinion Very Happy
Its a piezo pickup, and yes, it does quite a good job. Most of the "aftermarket" ones strap on below the bridge. You can also get ones that are already built into the bridge. Parker has put these kinds of pickups into their guitars for a while, and some basses (especially high-end custom shop ones) come with these too - you can blend the acoustic and magnetic sounds for an interesting mix.

I prefer acoustic when I'm playing completely alone, but when I'm with a band? Electric all the way.
Acoustic for me. I like the portability and mobility of the acoustic as opposed to electric. With an electric guitar, you pretty much need an amplifier in order to play it (with distortion and stuff as well), though you COULD play it without an amp - it just wouldn't be very loud. You can lug an acoustic anywhere.
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